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My BirthdayJanuary 13th, 2016

I’m dreaming it’s birthday. I’m seeing cake and fun party things but there’s a part of me that knows it isn’t really my birthday today and I’m wondering who this new me is.

The Silver BallsJanuary 11th, 2016

I’m watching three large balls on a large floor. One is larger and obviously dominating the other two smaller balls that are 1/4 the larger’s size. The larger ball is the size of medicine ball but it bulges at the top and bottom in the same way the earth bulges at the equator. I’m practicing at controlling the orbit of the smaller balls around the larger ball. I’m also controlling the larger ball’s position on the floor. The control is happening with both my mind and a dial in my right hand. It’s very challenging to try to control the orbits because if I use too much effort, I lose control. If I let go control too much, the balls swing out of orbit or hit the bigger ball. Suddenly, one of the smaller balls approaches me and I can see that there’s an eye on it like a camera lens. It stares deep into me and I deep into it. There’s a powerful acknowledgement that we’re looking each other as a rainbow like corona grows around the eye, but I realize that I’m starting to lose the connection. The ball starts to steer away as I wake up.

Spam Tunnel, Popcorn NuggetsOctober 5th, 2015

It’s like a Twilight Zone episode with Jack Kluggman. I’m watching him in this giant tunnel made of Spam. He’s walking thru it while a narrative voice is speaking. I begin to think that this may be an artery or some other tube in the human body, but why would it be made of Spam? Then, I’m standing at a counter in a little kiosk or caravan. A man is showing us that all food is made from Spam, not matter what it looks like. He has a piece of white meat, about the side of a chicken and cuts off a piece. It’s flaky and juicy and he coughs on it. Then he takes a piece and wipes it in some juices and hands it to the guy next to me for him to eat. He claims it’s all made of Spam, and no one would ever know the difference.

I’m at a childhood friend’s house. He tells me he’s going to make popcorn. I’m suddenly riding down the street on a bicycle into a lot of traffic. I realize that there’s way too much traffic in the direction that I’m going resisting my progress so I decide to turn around. I do and get out ahead of the traffic but I’m riding a different bicycle. This bike’s bars are crooked and they’re off center. I stop and make a feeble effort to fix them which doesn’t work, but it’s good enough to get back to my friend’s house. When I get there, it’s Kris’ house. I’m inside and start to tell my friend, which isn’t Kris, about the bicycle. He’s dropped the popcorn into a fryer. Rather than them being small kernels, they’re little yellow balls. I say those look like little nuggets and he’s like, “Yup.” We walk into the room where the TV is playing. There’s a show on. His mother is saying hi to me. She really likes me. I sit in the back so I don’t block her view.

Vision QuestSeptember 29th, 2015

I’m in a large house with a lot of people. I seem to be taking care of them in some way.
I’m in a car riding with a man in the back seat. We’re been driven along a rode out on the estate of the house. I’m talking about my vision quest and commenting that it was strange that it was only a day long. He comments that it doesn’t need to be long to be effective. I mention that the two large trees sang to me as we drive by them. He replies that he’s had a similar experience. I can hear the trees in the wind and it dawns on me that they’re cottonwood and I can hear them in my mind.

David Sanborn’s Shop, Restaurant, Couple, Balboa IslandSeptember 27th, 2015

I’m in a part of New York, I think. I’m tracking this man who’s “fringe society” for sure. He’s tall, skinny, but thick boned. He’s somewhat crossed-dressed. He’s looking for the old Balboa Island, at least that what I think he says. I follow him to where he thinks it is, but it’s not there anymore.

I walk into a shop and it’s David Sanborn’s music shop. It used to be another famous shop like the “Zildjian” shop or something and he took it over. He has these really interesting mechanical conveyors to get cords moved around the shop so you can plug in any guitar and listen to it. I end up going there a second time with a man that’s like a cross between Kirby and Mel. David is showing all his stuff to him while I’m away doing something else. When I arrive there, I know the man is going to be really bored by all of this and I explain to David who’s talking away that he’s wasting this ‘cos it’s going over their head.

I walk into a restaurant with Mel and we’re talking about what to order. There’s been a huge shift in the space since a law was passed and the place in empty. I say, “Do you remember what this place was like. It was packed, constantly. You never came in here and didn’t see 200 people…” or something to that effect. It truly was interesting and the place needed work. It was all white with curved counter tops. It seemed very European, possibly Italian.

I’m outside at night in a lot somewhere. I’m talking to a man about being gay. He’s latino, very friendly. I see him lying in bed with his partner who’s African American. They make a really cute couple. I drive my Prius and subtley scrape a motorhome. I see the guys partner in his underwear and wearing an apron. I think it’s cute and I tell the man who says that he doesn’t want to have that kind of relationship with other guys referring to me making a sexual advance but I tell him I wasn’t implying anything. I don’t really want to have the conversation and I really just want to leave.

Conversation with MikeJuly 23rd, 2015

I’m at some sort of street fair and Mike is sitting in the street near some people and a vendor. I walk over and say, “Hi.” I ask him if he’s going to Pilot Rock. He says that he’s not going and that… I ask him about the sweat with Michael Bueno and something says, “Matthew.” I repeat that and he says in something that sounds like Italian that he later translates as, “Hurry and wash the dishes and give dad the bone,” apparently meaning it was exceptionally good. I notice a lot of beaded work at the vendors rug that is laid on the ground. I ask if Mike will be at practice Monday night.

Astrology, Odd CoupleJune 24th, 2015

I’m looking at two charts that aren’t my original natal charts, but they either that charts of a new person I’m becoming or dates to pay attention to. They’re fortuitous and have good aspects.

I’m watching a show that’s interviewing some people in relation to a new program for television that’s like the Odd Couple except that they’re two gay men. One of the men is Tony Randall. There’s a woman who really likes Tony Randall that’s being interviewed. She’s talking about her age inferentially while indicating that she really likes Tony and wants to marry him. The other characters kid is on the show as well. The host tells the kid and the woman that the two characters are actually gay in real life. The woman is disappointed and the kid is confused. There’s an intention of the host to admit to the fib but it hasn’t happened yet.

Guy at the HouseJune 22nd, 2015

I’m talking with a guy who I’m dating. He’s a bout 5’10”, looks possibly Italian and Greek, brown hair, about 180lbs. He’s telling me that he sometimes felt lonely and went to the house next door to me when I was available. He calls the house something like a dump, but that’s not the word he’s using. A little later, I’m across from the house watching it. It’s a two story house, fairly large. It doesn’t look that bad. 4 guys come out of it, each with pretty long hair. They look like 80s L.A. rockers with bleached hair and colorful clothing and they’re very trashed. They can barely walk. It’s kind of funny.

Man on the Water, The Land SharkJune 21st, 2015

I’m out at night over the water on some sort of barge. A man with blonde hair comes up. He’s on a rail that travels perpendicular to the coastline. He tells me of beings that are taking over people’s bodies and that I’ll need to do something about them. He realizes that he can leave and starts to leave but it turns out that his body is inhabited. His body turns into golden light as someone I’m with slices his light body in half.

I’m with Marcel. We need to talk about how to get rid of the land shark. It’s living right near him but I don’t want to talk near it. It’s too dangerous. So, rather than having him unchain the gate to where he lives, for fear of the land shark being upstairs, we go around the corner to an automotive shop. I’m concerned about getting back to my grandparents house and especially parking on the street. I’m driving a hot rod that looks like something out of the 70s, and I recall the colour green of my grandfather’s Mustang.

Yellow ManJune 20th, 2015

I was with a woman and she told me that she could help me get something that would help me go deeper spiritually. We were standing outside a makeshift building that was standing with three sides. In front was a fence made from old posts, chicken wire, and whatever else was available. I sensed that what was inside this little fortress was Peruvian. The woman told me that if I could climb the fence and get me what was inside, she would help me. I climbed the fence and had just reached the ground on the inside when a yellow man came up to me. He was completely hairless and reminded me of Christian. He had giant royal blue ear plugs, a blue band across his eyes. He simply told me that I had to leave. I told that wouldn’t be a problem but I asked him if he could share with me what was there. As I reached the top of the fence, there was a platform at the top and I looked down as saw a tiny black widow spider and I told the woman about it. I then noticed a couple more black insects crawling about, then I saw a really large black widow go into a hole in the fence. The yellow man was very close to it.

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