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CeremonyMay 1st, 2015

I’m asked to participate in a ceremony. There’s a large black jacket that an army jacket that has really short sleeves and they’ve asked me to unzip them and put it on. I’m supposed to represent the west. I recall that I know a perfect west song but I can’t recall what it is. I keep thinking of the letter “k” and the Wakinyan. I decide to go to the bathroom. It’s dark and I pull out my cell phone and I’m looking for the song to listen to it. The person who used the bathroom previous to me didn’t flush.

Ice Cream LandMay 1st, 2015

I’m in a different country and I come across an ice cream parlor. I go in and it’s a completely different world. There’s a park and I’m walking along and come across a beautiful rock with different colours of red and green, very pale. There are crystals in the rock and I discover a yellow bird that reminds me of Tweety. It’s so precious as it actually smiles at me. I reach down and try to pose it so I can take a picture and I realize that there are fountains in the background that I want to time into the picture. One of the pictures, there’s actually a wave that goes by. I start to walk around some more and notice at one point there were jumps made in the dirt for bicycles but the city has come in and put in structures and chains to stop kids from jumping. It’s a shame that this has happened and the more I look around, I discover that the person responsible has created an office here. I walk into the office and it’s really ornate. It seems to be mostly Chinese artistry, but there are a lot of elephant motifs and a lot of red and gold. I walk out of the office and head over the ice cream parlor area. I have to climb down to it on some really strange stair constructions and I’m mostly just jumping down about 3-4 feet at a time, and holding onto ledges. I get into the parlor and sit down with Andy. I ask her what she wants to get. She wants ice cream, something with chocolate in it, but she also wants chocolate condors as a topping. I get up and place the order. I ask if that have chocolate condors but they don’t. The young man is offering something else.

Mansion, FestivalApril 22nd, 2015

I’m in an enormous mansion. It’s beautiful but old. Much of needs to be updated, but people are working at resurrecting its glory. There’s a group of people there that are busy organizing something. I’m looking for a place to go off and read, peacefully. I find a door to an outdoor patio. There are old tables with yellow glass set up in a dining configuration and there’s a bar nearby that’s serving drinks. I’m amazed that all this exists in this old mansion which is really someone’s home, possibly mine, but it’s also a very social gathering place. There’s a man who’s obviously been caretaking here for a long time. He walks up because there’s an ashtray full of tobacco and he complains that it’s not empty. There’s a thought of renting the bar for an event.

I’m in a town that’s having a sort of festival going on. There are really colorful braided strands of fabric hanging from a building and they’re a message that I want to read but they’re braided so intricately and then bound together that I need to unravel them to read them. I’m given a smaller grouping of the braids and I’m trying to unwind a small group and realize it isn’t really the group I want to read, but it’s all such a mess. I also want to maintain the integrity of some of the groupings because visually, they’re beautiful. I’m with a couple of other people and we want to navigate back to the place where the biggest strands are. I’m in a wheelchair and I’m holding the small group in one hand which makes it difficult to navigate the wheelchair by myself. We’re crossing a street at a light and we come up to the corner and I get the first glance at why I’m in the wheelchair. I have a brace on my left knee. It doesn’t look permanent. I realize we’re somewhat lost but do get to see some of the theatrics of the fair as there’re jugglers where we are. I start looking at some sort of navigation device to access our location in relation to where we want to go.

Thoughts: The mansion could be the BT group and the Expo coming up. The festival and braided strands could the the recent stuff going on with the IBA that I don’t know about.

Shaman CircleApril 21st, 2015

I’m walking down a hallway where there are pictures and I start channeling a spirit. It happens really quickly. I walk into a coffee and refreshments room in a dining hall where I run into a few other people from the group I’m with. I explain that I started channeling a spirit of a woman. There are about 5 people there and we’re all running over the stories that we know about the previous inhabitance of this location and I’m able to figure out which woman it is. It’s not a main woman but rather someone on the periphery of the occupying family of the location. We talk for a while, and then the groups forms and goes off to work, leaving me behind, which feels a little abandoning. A larger portion of the total group comes in and starts to form more working groups and I don’t really know these people well. One of them comes up to me. He’s a big black guy, much taller than me, and puts his arm around me. He asks what group I’m working with. I tell him I don’t have one. A few of the other people are indirectly comments how the others that were here a minute ago are rather segregating. I’m invited to leave with the black guy and some others to form a working group. He owns a van and we pile in and head down the road. It’s dark out, and as we’re driving, we see some guy wearing nothing but a pile of leaves around his waste coming down the road and acting really strange. I saw him before and wondered what he was doing. It’s obvious that the group doesn’t want him going to the dining hall so the van drives up very slowly and bumps into him and knocks him over. The driver makes a big loops indicating to another vehicle what’s going on. We come up to the guy again who’s still laying on the group doing his strange wiggle thing. We then drive on.

I’m with the group again but this time there’s a woman who’s put on some boots the cause her to hover above the ground and fly in a spiral, head toward the center, as these charged boots swing her leg out in 3 big arcs. It doesn’t last all that long but she’s loving it. I don’t know if I’ve missed the request for being able to do this or what the qualifications are. I’m about the same size and age as the woman, and I’m wondering how I can have ankle boots to put on and try this. It looks really exciting. I go and sit down with her to talk to her.

Swimming PoolApril 20th, 2015

I was watching some people in a large, beautiful Beverly Hills style mansion. One guy reminded me of Jonah Hill. He was saying that he had created a new character but that it needed to actually kill people. He called it Count Igor. His partner thought it was a bit silly. I saw how the guy had created many characters before and it had made him a lot of money. I follow them along the property and we come to a swimming pool that goes up and down like a river. I has lanes you can swim in but it will also created a rapid flow that you can swim against. All along the edge are sunning decks of different shapes and sizes. In the center is a restaurant seating area where you can be served food at tables by a wait staff.

Had to enter the house in some other way cos passages were blocked.

Tab, Happy BirthdayApril 19th, 2015

I’m in a large restaurant or club and I’m standing near the cash register. I realize that they have my table’s check and they’re totaling it, then they step away so I walk up and look at it. When the cashier and manager return, I tell them that this is my check and I’ll take care of it right here. They tell me this is the first time this has ever happened.

I’m with a big group of people are we’re singing “Happy Birthday” in 4 part harmony. I’m trying to sing lower than I possible can. Karen is there and she thinks she’s leading it, but when we get to the end of the song, an electronic version starts up and a bunch of people start a synchronized dance. She looks at me and says she had no idea that anybody else was really in control.

Office Work, SunDanceApril 15th, 2015

I’m in my office which is a large space and there are people there. I’m trying to pull people together to work. I’m not quite sure what work means and it’s a bit vague, but Marcel and Tai are there, and a woman that’s either Constanza or Molly. I’m going to be doing something that’s either teaching or doing sessions for people and the time has come but people are still milling about and arriving.

I’m at a SunDance on some property out in the country. I’m waking up in the morning and doing work. There’s a beautiful sunrise but there’s smoke from a fire billowing on some neighboring land and I’m wondering where it’s coming from. The dance is a little different in that there are supporters like at Quest. I’m carrying some boxes into a house and this girl steps right in my path and doesn’t seem to want to move which irks me a little. I finally make it to the house and run in Jan. She asks me if I want to dance tonight. She knows I’ve been working and it’ll be a long day, and she mentions that she would ask Shane but he’s supporting LeAnn who’s already dancing and he probably won’t have the energy. I agree to dance.

Breaking the CodeApril 14th, 2015

I’m in a city that it under attack. Detail are sketchy, but I’m treading water in a bay of the city with some other people when a plain swoops in and fires upon a building. The shrapnel almost hits us and is rather scary. I realize that there’s a connection between some music I’ve heard, an old film reel, and a very old movie, and I start to analyze the three in conjunction and realize the code that the enemy is using to communicate, kind of like Turring. I realize also that this knowledge is pretty obtuse so when I tell people, I better be pretty certain. When I look at the film reel, it’s more like I’m seeing a black and white film of a metal music box type of construction. I tell someone what’s going on and get a fairly stale reception, but they realize over time that I’m right.

SF BusApril 13th, 2015

I’m riding on an SF Muni heading to a club. As we’re driving along, I’m looking for where I need to get off back I can’t tell from where I’m sitting, exactly where we are. I have this awareness that I need to be in Scorpio. I think we’re close but then the bus goes on this really long ramp and ends up pretty far from where I wanted to get off. We stop somewhere and when the person behind the bus driver gets off the bus, I take that seat and ask the driver how I can get back to the NuArt. She says that I need to take the 6 back, that’s the bus we’re on. I get off the bus and I end up sitting with a woman who’s reading something private by another woman that was on the bus. Some people on the bus had been sharing personal information to get help.

Thoughts: The club that I’m thinking about in the dream is actually Bimbo’s, but I called it NuArt (from Los Angeles). This is where Rocky Horror Picture Show plays. I think Bimbo’s is actually called something else. I have this awareness that Scorpio is in orientation to a geographical placement based on Gemini. 6 is quite possibly a degree and why I missed it, I’m not sure.

Hostage, Russian BishopApril 12th, 2015

I’m taken captive along with a young girl and woman by a group of men who are stealing things. They have us at an old warehouse. Half of the guys go off to rob something. One of the smaller guys is getting really close to the young girl and starting to rub on her and it’s making me sick. Something needs to be done. I sneak around the back of the building with the woman and I think I start knocking off the guys one by one. I find a way in the back without being noticed. I also happen to find a bunch of potato chips and I start collecting them in the bag to take back to the woman and girl because we haven’t eaten and I know we’ll need energy to escape.

I’m at a large church service in risers that go up at steep angle. I have this very old garment that’s like a book and robe all at once. It has very old cyrillic writing on it and is made out of gold thread and other colours. A Russian bishop comes into the church and he’s shaking the hand of a couple of notable people and I comment that he should shake everyone’s hand. He actually walks up the aisle, up a couple flights of pews, and comes over to me and shakes my hand and asks a question that I can’t hear. The man in front of me replies to him and he smiles and walks away. I ask what he said and the man commented that I had done a very good job of preserving the cyrillic book garment that I have.

Thoughts: I just watched Chocolat last night so the first dream has a similarity. The cyrillic garment is something that I don’t quite understand but I’m trying to preserve and understand it, and I have the blessing of someone who does understand it. It’s something profane.

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