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HomelessSeptember 11th, 2017

Last night’s dreams just seemed to be littered with images of being homeless. I recall the park that sits by the freeway that reminds me of the park next to 170 that’s been in so many of my dreams. I recall Glory being there which she’s figuratively been homeless for quite some time. No details tho.
Yesterday I got pretty wiped out from TAGA. Couldn’t really function last night. Slept for over 10 hours. Wind storm in the middle of the night. Had some other dream stuff come up with morning but forgot it. I can still feel it on the edge of my consciousness tho.

HotelSeptember 11th, 2017

I’m working with a partner and we’re watching a suspect in a hotel room, waiting for him to come out of his room so we can bust him. I’m given a clipboard that has a camera in it. I’m supposed to wait until the guy comes out and up the stairs when I photograph the guy with my my partner having a scuffle. I’m not seeing the guy come out tho. There are a number of people on the second floor and I’m checking them out to see if I recognize him. Then another guy who’s obviously proper authority asks us if everything is ok. We say yes, but it’s kind of a diverse kind of response. I’m not sure how we’re gonna get the guy.

Maybe I’m a headhunter, I don’t really know.

Mel with the Dog, The Blue SongSeptember 10th, 2017

I’m with Mel at some sort of airport. He’s working as a baggage handler out at the plane. He comes to get me from somewhere, possibly off a small private charter, and takes me over to a small office. There’s a sliding glass door with a couch. He goes in and closes the door behind him and sits down in a chair near the couch. I’m outside observing him. On the couch is a large black dog that looks like a full size schnauzer. He starts petting the dog and the dog’s showing some resistance to being touched. But I know that Mel has his way with dogs and soon the dog succumbs to being scratched and eventually Mel is putting his face up the dog. The the dog sees something outside and get agitated. I’m looking at the dog very close up and can see these ape-like skinned features on the dog’s face and I realize that the dog is intense looking.

I’m on the streets of an inner city area. It reminds me of Portland. There are lots of hippy dippy people on the streets. I’m especially looking at these really buffed out shirtless men with tats all over. They have bicycles and are wearing glasses that have one dark lens. I know that they’re hustlers or cons. It’s a little weird but they’re not paying attention to me. Nearby is a group of musician. They’re playing a blues song that I can clearly hear. It’s called, “That’s Why I Sing the Blues.” The guys singing has a really deep soulful voice and it sounds pretty cool. There’s a mic, and he’s playing guitar, and there’s a bass player.

I wake up and record the song.

Raptor and RaccoonSeptember 10th, 2017

I don’t remember this dream when I wake up. It’s triggered by seeing a dead raccoon in the road. I look up in the sky and see a large raptor, possibly a golden eagle and it’s carrying something. The bird is huge but I don’t think it’s a condor. It hovers above me and I see that it’s a raccoon dangling lifeless from its talons. It’s kind of grizzly.

This is the morning of Suzanne’s ceremony and I end up feeling like I don’t belong at the ceremony and do end up leaving early and not going in the lodge.

Freeway CrashAugust 31st, 2017

I’m driving down the freeway in a car. I’m following Mel somewhere. Close to Mel is a car that looks like a Subaru WRX that’s been customized quite a bit. The top is orange and the body is army green. There’s another car that I’m keeping my eye on because the driver is driving erratically. I looks like an old beat up Acura. It’s been lowered a bit. It’s white. It looks like the kind of car you might find in Mexico. Mel is in the #1 lane and next to him in the #2 lane is the Subaru that I’m following. The Acura is behind me. Suddenly, the Acura comes up in the #3 lane beside the Subaru and crashes into it. The Subaru does a nose dive right in front of me and I see parts of it flying off. I swerve to dodge it by going into the #1 lane and just miss it. I keep driving, kind of freaked out, wondering what to do next. Should I pull over to the center divider or over to the emergency shoulder on the right. I decide to pull into the median because if I need to help the guy, I’m going to have easier access to him from there. I find a place to pull over and have to do a bit of maneuvering to avoid some tires and stuff in the center divider. Some guys are there anxious that I’m going to hit something at such a high speed but I have it under control. I get out of the car and start running back to the crash site while trying to text 911. I’m doing a terrible job of texting and can’t get the phone to cooperate with me. I arrive at a sort of station where I find the guy who was driving the Subaru. He’s in his early 20’s, caucasian, and has bleach blond hair. He’s holding his head. I tell him that I’m going to call 911. He tries to persuade me not to. I ask him if has lost consciousness, even for a moment. He says, “Yes.” I tell him that I’m definitely calling 911.

Emotions: It’s intense but I feel I did everything correctly.
Mel and I did move all of our furniture last night. He was also being rather crabby which was getting on my nerves.

Dance Crew, Working in Music StoreAugust 30th, 2017

I’m visiting a music store that I work in the chain of. At first I was wondering if I’d be accepted with the other employees. Its a pretty hip store and most people are younger than I. The longer I stay here, the more I realize that I fit in. In fact, these people know me and respect me. I make jokes with them. I’m standing at the counter talking about making some changes and noticing all of the news paraphernalia in the store. I’m trying to piece together how to introduce something. I start joking about a young customer who comes in and asks about some music. I’m pretending to be one of the girls behind the counter and say, “You don’t want that.” They say, “What about…” I say, “You don’t want that.” Then I say something about “Echo and the Shamen” or something like that.

Emotion: This speaks to my insecurities around being with people and having any authority, as if I’ve never earned any reason to be of authority because I don’t feel like I have the right answers.

I’m looking at old videos two guys that I know who would do lots of acrobatics in music videos. I think to myself that it seems cheesy to have done things like this but I’m noticing how coordinated they are. Even tho they’re just some street kids with no real attendance to what’s going on in the world, they’re really in sync with each other and doing some pretty cool moves. I think to myself that maybe I’ve been too critical of who they are.

Emotion: This speak to my critical nature of others which is a reflection of the critical nature of myself.

Elevator, Field, Luggage ExchangeJune 23rd, 2017

I need to get up to room quickly. There are a lot of people milling about near the elevators of the large building I’m in. I quickly jump into an elevator but can’t seem to operate the buttons fast enough. I have a choice between 6 and 9. I end up at the top at a casino but it’s not what I want. I’m going to have to catch the floor I want on the way down. The buttons are like those old flash push buttons with the plastic surface and they’ve been used so much they don’t function well anymore.
Frustrated and in a hurry.

I’ve ended up in the north in a location that’s sparsely populated but there is industrial business. I’m in a large field with some other people and we’re discussing living there. I don’t see a way to make money and I’m considering what skill set I could bring to a company to get a job. The field is about an acre and there are fences around it as there are other properties that butt up against it.
I’m concerned about money and that it’s remote.
It does remind me of considering moving into Oregon.

I’m somewhere traveling and there is a lot of clothing like vests and luggage that seems to get lost. The people who control these things are giving them out for others to buy and sell. There’s a lot of this sort of trading and buying and selling going on and some of the products are really nice. I’m constantly evaluating things to determine whether I like them or not.
New and old, assessing.
Feels like life right now.

Tatanka, The GroupMay 27th, 2017

I’m at a sun dance on a mountain. There’s a lot of dirt and I don’t actually see the tree anywhere. I’m coming down from a higher elevation on the mountain toward what I think is the front gate. I get down to where I think I’m standing with the intercessor and I get on my hands on knees and become a buffalo. I’m holding this for quite some time and I feel what it’s like to be the buffalo.

I feel powerful and with purpose.
I can’t think of anything that would trigger this dream.

I’m with a group of college kids. I’ve come upon this group because they need help with the production of some event. Anthony is with me. We perform our assistance with the group and afterward the group gets together and decides to give us official titles. Anthony gets “public relations.” I think that’s perfect for him and I think he won’t live up to it. I awaken before they tell me what my title is but I think it’s going to be something to do with technology.

I wonder if I have enough time to give this group. I think that technologist would be good because I have access and communicate with a lot of people.
I’m part of UCM and I’m conducting a memorial today, so this could be a mix of the two.

The Gold, Skywriter, Office, Getting CoffeeMay 23rd, 2017

I requested the winning lottery numbers for the next Powerball.

The Gold – I’m in a small town in the old west. I have a small chest of gold coins that’s worth a boat load. There are a lot of men after it and I’ve managed to secure it with the help of one other guy. I have it on the back of a flat wagon wheeled cart being drawn by one horse. It’s nighttime and I need to get out of town with it while I can before it’s been discovered because I fear that I’ll be chased and overtake with it. I can’t carry it on a single horse because it’s way to heavy. My partner has gone back to the center of town and there’s a possibility of going there with the cart and showing everyone that I have it and it’s officially mine. If I did this, it would only be hoping that many people would try to take advantage of the situation. I do need to communicate with my partner but I don’t know how to get word to him. I decide that it’s too late and dangerous to leave town now so I speak to someone else that I trust and end up going to a homestead. There’s not much there and it’s hard to defend on my own, but at least I won’t be on the road and no one really knows where I am. When I get there, the person I trust makes it obvious that we need more people for a defense just in case. He invites in a bunch of people that are kind of the untouchables of the town. When I see them come in, it’s obvious why he would choose them because in spite of their disabilities and quirks, they all have an aire of trustworthiness.

Mixture of feelings of success, fear, distrust, anxiety
A reflection of what it would be like to win a lot of money

Skywriter – I’m outside looking up at the sky and there’s a skywriter plane making incredibly tight arcs and practically scribbling in the sky. It’s pretty amazing to watch. I go and tell someone about it to watch with me, possibly Mel, but by the time that they look up, the place seems to have lost its momentum. The streams in the sky are really cool tho. We watch the plane but it gets out of sight so we get in the car to follow it. We’re in a pretty rural place and the road are long and uninterupted by side streets. There are lots of trees and everything is green. We want to make a right at the next intersection but we get stuck behind an old man on a bicycle who doesn’t appear to want to let us get past him in the right turn lane.

Amazement and a little frustration with the old man

Office – I’m working in a new office. It’s small with maybe 6-8 people on staff. It’s pretty mellow and the work I have to do isn’t too taxing. I think it’s someone’s birthday or something because there are some loaves of very nice breads that people have made and they’re getting eaten pretty fast. I mention to my boss the dream about that skywriter. She gives me a number for someone at the main office that she would like me to tell the dream to. There’s a card on the desk with a number to call. She thinks that it’s important so that the main office has an idea of what’s going on in this satellite. She tells me that even tho I’m new, it would be a good thing. Someone mentions that they’re cleaning up and ask if anyone would like this last piece of custardy bread. I say that I would like it but someone else says that that particular piece is Becky’s. I ask Becky if she’d be willing to split it but she gives me the entire piece.

Feeling pretty neutral. I’m doing work that is pretty easy for me and I’m getting rewarded for it with bread.
The dream transfer is pretty interesting.

Getting Coffee – I’m in a cafe and I order a coffee. It’s a really long cafe and the cash register is all the way at the end. I order my coffee from the coffee counter and walk to the register to pay for it. I’m standing there when someone finally comes up to handle the transaction. She rings it up and I go to give her a credit card but I can’t find it. I’m going thru my wallet but not having any luck. I have a whole bunch of stuff out of my wallet when I acknowledge that I must’ve left it somewhere. I’m not too happy about this. I give her a different card and she swipes it but it’s rejected because she tells me that it can’t be used for the coffee. I’m getting frustrated as I dig thru my cash and hand her a twenty. I have a heap of stuff to get back into my wallet. Finally she hands me my change and I walk thru the cafe to the front door when I realize that I don’t have a lid for the coffee and I have to drive. I progress back thru the cafe looking for lids which I can’t find in any of the aisles. I’m walking briskly and there’s a guy in front of me who’s holding out his arm to hand something to someone right in front of me. I go to duck under his arm right when he decides to drop it and he spills my coffee. I’m getting more frustrated and keep walking noting that I’m now a person I don’t like very much when I’m in a hurry and frustrated.

Frustrated, in a hurry
Reminds me of having to follow Patty from church and how I turned the opposite direction at an intersection and made a u-turn just to pass her because I was frustrated, and I wondered what she thought of me for that. Being impulsive.
I should pay attention to my credit cards.

Going to AshlandMay 19th, 2017

I asked if I should go to Ashland and I also asked about going to Ayer’s Rock again.
I see a sweat lodge and there is a woman that’s going to run it. She looks like Ama. I’m unsure I want to sweat with her. She uses a word that I want to connect to but leave the a off the end.
I wake up a little frustrated that I can’t remember the word.
I was just talking about Ama last night.
Thinking about the singer’s lodge that Ken is trying to get me to come to. But someone else is running it and it’s not complete. The “A” is missing.

I’m standing outside and there’s a long line of people waiting to get somewhere. There a young woman rolling around on the ground and there’s a large bird antagonizing her. It’s like a giant rooster. She doesn’t want anyone to intervene, but I notice that she’s laying there and it’s standing over her and drooling. It pecks at her and she dodges it. I’m concerned that it’s going to peck her in the head but she seems to want to continue doing this. I notice that my friend is in line and I’m excited to see him. I think it’s Ralph, but it’s like Dale, Ralph and Jerry mixed into one person. I grab his left arm to say hi and realize that’s he’s injured his left shoulder and I’ve just pulled on it. I feel bad that I’ve done this but had no idea that he’d hurt himself. I’m very concerned. We’re then in a living room where there’s a TV and a sofa. We walk into the room and I tell him that we need to do some healing work on it. I want to set up an appt but realize that I don’t have my home, hence no calendar. I feel a bit stuck for a moment that I can’t schedule anything.
Frustrated, concerned.
Need to contact Ralph and see if he’s ok.
The rooster thing seems like an ostrich from the last Uluru dream.
I often have the healing feeling that I want to help Mel but don’t know what to do for him. This was similar.

I’m walking outside of a large apartment complex in a grass center street divider singing Summertime. I can hear the echo of it bouncing off apartment building walls and my voice is much better from the laryngitis I’ve had. I’m pretty happy.
This is an indicator that I shouldn’t go to Ashland. That my voice will be better in summer in time for the dance.

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