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Breast MilkSeptember 27th, 2016

I’m working in an office and I need to go to the bathroom. I walk thru the bathroom door but realize that I forgot that they’d converted the bathroom into another group of offices. I walk into the middle of the room and end up calling Greg on the phone and I’m talking to him about donations of breast milk if someone’s lactating to donate it to other women who are having trouble lactating for their newborns. As I’m having this conversation, I notice that Dave B. is there. He’s brought a birthday cake for one of the women in the office as a surprise. A few people gather around and start singing happy birthday to her. I can’t get the idea of getting breast milk donated out of my mind. When I wake up, it’s still very important as I’m laying there.

Chicken SongAugust 3rd, 2016

I’m in a ceremony run by a woman. She asks me to sing an elephant song. I did and I dance while I was singing. I SO wish I remembered the song. I lost it (for now). Then she asks me to sing a chicken song. In my dream memory, I know a chicken song but I can’t bring it up. I ask Chris if he knows a chicken song and he holds up a cell phone to my ear and says, “Just pretend that I’m whispering to you.” I listen to the song but it isn’t a song that I know. I’m concerned because this woman is counting on me to bring up this song. Suddenly, I realize that Chris has a small tank strapped to his back, like an oxygen tank, except it has something else in it. He puts a nasal breathing apparatus that’s connected to the tank via a hose up to my face and I start to inhale. I immediately get concerned about my ability to function if I inhale too much based on my experience with marijuana and the fact that I go “out there” pretty easily and have a hard time being functional. The anxiety of this is what wakes me up.

Jerry, Mel, and KirbyJuly 9th, 2016

I’m arriving at a restaurant/concert venue with Mel and Kirby. They go somewhere to do something and I end up at a table with Jerry. At some point Mel walks up and sees Jerry and is rather surprised to see him. I think it’s funny that I have three Aquarians together at the same time in the same place. I’m sitting in a restaurant booth toward the inside and I start painting a landscape that I’m enjoying. I would like to sit near Jerry who’s on the other side of the table but a group of people comes to sit down with us to paint. I continue putting in dots to represent the bushes that I’m painting which is coming out really well.

Formula OneJuly 5th, 2016

I’m in a formula one car on a race track. The track is ovular and has really high banks where the car practically gets sideways as I fly around the track. Sometimes there are things to dodge like pits in the ground or other cars but I’m maneuvering incredibly well. I see the speedometer go up to 115mph. I’ve never driven this fast and it’s exhilarating. I know that Kirby is up in the stands watching me.

GunJune 13th, 2016

I’m driving through a parking lot outside a liquor store in a large old car with a few people in it. There’s an African American looking man that steps in front of the car and there seems to be the possibility of hitting him so I slow down. He doesn’t appear to like the fact that I almost hit him. He pushing a shopping cart and carrying a large duffle bag. I step out of the car and offer to help him carry the bag while he pushes the cart and he concedes. We walk around the right side of the liquor store to a fence in front of a large pile of things covered with blankets. He reaches over the fence and starts digging under one of the blankets and suddenly pulls out a gun and starts firing at me. I turn and run and wake up afraid.

Interesting that I was dreaming this at about the same time as the Pulse murders in Florida.

MaxJune 1st, 2016

I’m playing with lots of little wolves. I’m teaching them to fetch and their parents are amused by the playfulness.

Then, I’m in a house with a large spiral stairwell. I’m a little nervous about being there for some reason. Everything is white with black trim. I step outside and see a large doberman that at first gets me nervous if he doesn’t recognize me so go up to him (all smiles) and say his name, Max. He’s really excited to see me. He has a large piece of rawhide in his mouth that I snatch from him and throw into the pool and he jumps in after it. A peculiar thing about the pool is that it has a black wrought iron fence that divides the pool into two sections. I notice it but can’t figure out why someone would do that to their pool, especially since it appears that it’s easy to just swim underneath it.

Come to MeMay 30th, 2016

I’m in a nice bungalow by a large pool. It has nice furnishings and feels very comfortable. I’m walking around and it’s evening time. The lights are on. I run into a woman who tells me that she’s buying the property. It came suddenly and she was surprised that her offer was accepted because it’s a really expensive property that has 12 bungalows on it. She’s nervous, but I tell her that it wouldn’t have been accepted if it wasn’t meant to be. Then, I’m hearing a drum and Lauri is there singing a sundance song and she’s singing, “Come to me.” I realize the irony of English words in a sundance song but it feels so correct at the time.

Skin on StringsApril 11th, 2016

I’m talking with a guy on the phone from my apartment. I’m living in a spacious apartment with a couple guys. It’s a bit dingy and somewhat dark. I’m enjoying talking on the phone with the guy as I’m doing something else productive and walking around the apartment. The connection isn’t that great and finally I loose the call. I know that the guy is in another apartment close by so I go over there. I walk in the door and he’s there with others having some sort of dinner get-together. We see each other and he’s pleased to see me. He’s pale complected with sandy blonde curly hair. Nice features. He’s there with a woman with short dark brown hair and another guy who has blondish red curly hair. This man has a dent in his forehead as if someone hit him with a hammer. He’s talking furiously about something and want to show us something. I look around the apartment and realize that it’s much larger than mine but the decor has many old features to show that it hasn’t been upgraded in a long time, but it’s in good condition. The man takes off his clothes and lays down and another man places either a sitar or tambour next to him and starts plucking strings. I watch as the mans skin starts to ascend from the frame of his body onto strings running over him, about 4-5 inches from his body. His skin is literally crawling onto the strings like it’s alive and reaching to become one with the strings. It also looks strange and sinewy, and the color has darkened. When they stop playing the instrument, the skin returns to its natural state. The guy seems to be somewhere between ecstasy and agony. I leave the room and discover another part of the apartment where there’s a green and black party going on. Everyone is dressed in green and black and they’re exchanging presents wrapped in green paper. I’m wondering how many different communities are living here.

The DanceMarch 22nd, 2016

I’ve helped to construct a very large framed structure made of iridescent metal polls. The shape of the structure is similar to a Mayan pyramid, half of an octahedron but flat on top, not connecting at a central point. From the centroid is a carabiner that I’ve set up. There’s another man who’s helped to create the structure and he’s looking for the place where he’s going to place his carabiner. We’ve had to work our way toward the top by performing other feats at lower heights, from different cross-beams. This last feat is at the very top.

It’s nighttime and the structure is surrounded by hedges, similar to a labyrinth. There’s a fellow leading a line of men who are dancing in and out of the hedges. The other man tells me that he’s unsure about the medicine of the person leading the dance but I tell him that I believe he has good medicine. His name is Chad. Still, the man has concern because he knows we’re going to be suspended from a very high height and it’s dangerous if Chad’s medicine isn’t strong. I’m supposed to suspend from my back and he’s supposed to suspend from his chest. I tell the other man to follow me, that I can guide him thru the hedges. I start out just as the dance leader comes around a corner and we almost collide because he starts to change his course rather than trust that I’ll be out of his way by the time our paths intersect but he eventually realizes the truth of the situation and is able to adjust his course appropriately. The other man and I continue on our course thru the hedges and finally we arrive at our destination which is out in a field, sitting before a large mound that’s been built over a long period of time, and acting as a divide between where we are and another section of the immense field. It’s now dusk out. There’s a mist in the air and we’re watching this mound change from simply being grass covered, to being covered with thousands of different farming tools, and then being covered with thousands of rifles and machine guns, as if we’re watching a long progression of time made to happen very quickly for our benefit, as if in a movie. Eventually, it disappears altogether. The man I’m with tells me his name is Paul. I tell him that it’s been a pleasure sharing this dream with him. He tells me that there was a woman who had the dream that we’re now in. As he starts to tell me about her dream, the field becomes misty as the sun is rising. There’s a tangible vibration, as if the our everyday waking reality has stepped up in vibratory frequency and there’s a feeling of a beautiful love that’s become the normal baseline vibration for existence. I see three buildings off to my left, one of which is painted royal blue, and I know that this is someone’s home. As Paul tells me of the woman’s dream, I know that her dream has made what is so.

Thanksgiving and JerryMarch 16th, 2016

It’s 2 days before Thanksgiving and I’m driving by an airport on my way to meet you at work. There are wild turkeys flying in the sky. I meet Jerry at a very large industrial complex that looks to be a wholesaler to places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Jerry’s working in plain clothes and wearing all black. We’re trying to talk but coworkers keep interrupting us. Someone has given me a motorcycle, a really nice one. A woman that you work with tells me she has something for me in her trunk so we walk over to her car. She gives me a bag and in it is a really nice black helmet whose visor is shaped like a porthole. Also, there are black leather gloves and jacket. It’s a nice ensemble. Jerry and I go back to talking but this very large gruff man who’s wearing a heavy metal shirt with graphics on it keeps interjecting. He has really long hair tied in a pony tail. We’re looking at each other like, when is this man going to go away?

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