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Evidence and ArrestSeptember 11th, 2014

I had gotten a job as a private investigator, working with a woman and another man. She had taken me to the police station to walk me thru what you’d do when you arrest someone and what you do with any evidence that you have. I walked thru the whole scenario at the station and it seemed pretty simple. Some time later, we were out following a guy who was suspect. The three of us finally nabbed him in the act of something. The fellow p.i. was being kind of annoying and I wasn’t really enjoying working with him. When we finally had the arrest made, the police picked the guy up, and the fellow p.i. and got in the back seat of the car to head to the station. He poured a glass of wine and poured some of it on me. I got pissed and took the glass from him and poured the rest on him, waiting for him to object before I pounded him one. He didn’t. We got the station and parked the car in the underground parking lot. We started to get out our evidence but there was some complicating with some piece of machinery that the guy was trying to take care that I ended up doing. When I finally collected the evidence, I walked into the precinct office, but nothing was the way it was when I was trained. I was hunting for these shelf bins that I was supposed to put the evidence in but couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked all over, walking all thru and around the office. I then ended up in the locker room, the john, nothing. Then I realized I needed to sit on the can, and started looking for that, in every part of the area I was in. Everything was built out of grey pressed steal, and nothing resembled your average building, so it make it complicated. There was a man walking around in his tighty whities who reminded me of Admiral Adama from Battlestar Galactica. I wanted to find the bathroom and get in the shower before the officers returned but I was too late. Suddenly the place was packed with officers coming back from some event, and they were all heading to the showers.

Players: Woman p.i., man p.i., perp, guy in tighty whities
Event Sequence: Learn, do, get upset, get confused and lost
Symbols: Evidence, locker room, man in tighty whities, wine
Thoughts: I had a conversation with someone about locker rooms recently, which for some is erotic, for some it’s shameful. I never had any experience with locker rooms when I was young. It’s a place where you’re exposed. Similar to the perpetrator getting caught and even the wine getting poured on me is kind of shameful.

Justin Bieber ImposterSeptember 11th, 2014

This dream was really scattered and didn’t seem to follow any sequence. Some kid was impersonating Justin Bieber and selling opportunities to meet with him, or sell them photos. Needless to say, the meet and greet never happened and the photos were never mailed out. But, someone walked away with a lot of money, and there were some pretty unhappy people. There was a lot of tension in the dream and the element of duplicity.

Players: Justin Bieber imposter, some kids, a couple parents
Symbols: Not sure if Justin is a symbol, I guess maybe to the kids
Thoughts: Maybe my own insecurities of being an imposter or being something I’m not.

Ceremonial DrumSeptember 10th, 2014

I was in this large pueblo style building. There was a ceremony just getting ready to begin. There were lots of people and beautiful crafts and flowers everywhere. I was with Lauri and she was going to be leading the procession. I was going to be drumming and sing with her, and start the procession. I was given a drum that had the same insignia as Jan’s on it, except that this was really weathered. Something in me reminded me that I used to repaint this drum before the ceremony, but this time I hadn’t gotten to it. I didn’t have a beater and asked Lauri for one. She came back with this elaborate beater that had bead on it that make a whoosh sound. I went to the front of the line and was introduced to some other drummers that were carrying large standup drums. I realized that I couldn’t remember if I was to be playing and single or double beat. I felt like I was supposed to know this and felt embarrassed to ask. I was waiting to get the signal to start but it wasn’t coming. I felt myself moving farther and farther from the front of the procession, until I was out in the street, still waiting. It was a weird sensation.

Players: Me, Lauri, some drummers
Event Sequence: Receiving drum, receiving beater, introductions, left out in street
Symbols: drum, beater, ceremony, pueblo, colorful
Thoughts: performance anxiety, leadership, responsibility

KivaSeptember 10th, 2014

I felt like I was watching a movie preview and I was being told about a man who had lost his wife to a murder down below his kiva. They were talking about things that went on at people’s personal kivas. I got the sense that this was a white man in an indigenous world, but that he’d been there for a long time and had built or updated, or inherited the kiva. I was able to view the area beneath the kiva and saw the inside of the construction. It was all red dirt, and I could see areas where water was leaking thru. Then the view went to the outside wall and starting backing out to the point that I could see this incredibly humungous wall built from these clay bricks and very long poles like Doug Fir, but even longer. The enormity of this wall was staggering and I wondered who built it and how. I got the sense that there was revenge taking place and that the wife lost her life ceremonially.

Players: Some man and his wife, a narrator
Event Sequence: Just moving out in view and listening like in a movie
Symbols: Kiva, wall, murder
Thoughts: It felt like an entire river had been moved

Isaac NewtonSeptember 9th, 2014

I was at Isaac’s beach house and there was a woman there. This was a modern Isaac, not the one from the past. The house was right on the water and we were on the front veranda talking. There was a lot of light yellow and white. There was some attack going on and the area was being destroyed by missiles. People were evacuating. Someone was sending a helicopter for Isaac and he was being resistant to leaving. I was saying to him that it was rediculous that he would be that way because someone cared enough about him to just send helicopter without his request to make sure he was safe. No one was doing that for me. I walked out to the road and saw this long line of Porches driving by to the right. They were different colours and made from different materials for the shell, and varied in model. When they were done, and small scooter drove by headed to the left. I wondered where all these people were going.

Players: A woman, Isaac Newton, me.
Event Sequence: Talking, attack, helicopter, road with Porches
Symbols: House, helicopter, Isaac Newton, Porches, scooter, missiles
Thoughts: Would I leave on Isaac’s helicopter? Why were the Porches driving by? And the scooter?

Tigers on the BridgeSeptember 7th, 2014

I was in a city that I haven’t been in before. There was river with a rather old bridge crossing it. It reminded me of the Brooklyn Bridge. There was a report of a bengal tiger on the bridge. No one really knew how it got there but it was climbing up the side of and then walking around on it. People were unsure of what to do about it and whether they should fearful of it.

There was a very wide sidewalk that traveled down the hill toward the bridge and I was riding my bicycle toward the bridge. The sidewalk was filled with pedestrians and I was having a difficult time navigating the crowd. It seemed to be lunchtime and there was an exceptionally large number of people to avoid. I would gain speed, then have to come to a near stop. As I got closer to the bridge, I saw that there were actually three tigers on it. I had to cross the bridge as others did, and I was concerned that I would be a moving target for the tigers to attack me. I watched them as I got closer to the entrance of the bridge and noticed that they were climbing the side of the bridge and then jumping into the river below and they seemed to be having quite a good time doing this. I decided that to continue being fearful of them wasn’t worth my time and I continued across the bridge unscathed.

Players: Me, crowd, tigers
Event Sequence: Noticing tigers, riding bicycle, crossing bridge
Symbols: Bridge is obviously some obstacle, possibly to do with people. Tiger is my heart chakra animal, also a beautiful and wild creature, threatened in the wild.
Thoughts: The bridge and tigers are connected but I’m not sure what.

Dad at the LighthouseSeptember 6th, 2014

I was riding shotgun in my dad’s truck with him. It was late at night and we were driving along a road connected to the parking lot of a large lighthouse. Even tho it was late and very dark outside along the coast, the colours were brilliant and vibrating like a black light picture. The lighthouse was glowing and radiant and I wanted to stop and take a picture of it. I asked my dad to stop but he wouldn’t. He was complaining that he needed to be somewhere even tho he didn’t. He raced past the lighthouse to the end of the parking lot where the road began. There was traffic so he couldn’t make an immediate exit. I got really angry and started calling him a coward because he wouldn’t stop and just kept on the course he was on in spite of the fact that I wanted to stop. I flew into a rage and start screaming at him. Then, I beat the crap out of him. His body became limp and I dragged it over to a large container that resembled an oversized beach cooler and dumped him in it.

Players: Me and Dad
Event Sequence: Driving, seeing lighthouse, violence
Symbols: Lighthouse – seeing things in the dark when you haven’t seen them before.
Rage and violence: Being fed up with things
Vivid color: Something illuminated
Thoughts and feelings: Mel told me that I screamed “fuck you” in my sleep. I think there’s some pent up anger toward my father for drinking and never stopping and being such an asshole.

The PillSeptember 5th, 2014

I was sitting with Andy and another woman at a table. The woman was there to talk about some medications and a homeopath was creating, who was also a good friend of Andy’s. Andy pulled out this very large pill that had tiny little white and pink balls inside. She said that this was the best yet and she called it, “H.” She said that I was the one that had helped to formulate it. She tossed it over to me. I asked how much it was. She said it was $420 a pill. I said that I couldn’t afford that and they looked at me astounded, but I told them that I barely make that much money. It was covered in some sort of latex and felt weird. I started making marks on the table with it ‘cos it left a residue. The girls thought I was nuts. I’m wondering how someone take such a large pill.

Players: Some woman, Andy
Event Sequence: Talking, pricing, drawing
Symbols: Pill, drawing with a pill
Thoughts: The pill might represent health freedom but is really expensive. I start drawing with it because it’s enormous and it seems too large to do anything else with it.

The WorkerSeptember 5th, 2014

I was in a lab and I had been working doing something there. There were workers which were kind of like a slaves, and one of them had escaped. I hadn’t really gotten to know him well. Someone went out and got him back. He was black, wearing a green snakeskin type of suit. They had him heavily bound ‘cos I think they considered him to be dangerous ‘cos he was trying to get away. I got close to him and told him that I was bummed that he tried to escape. The other people were worried that I’d gotten so close to him but I wanted him to know that I cared about him. He didn’t lash out at me.

Players: Slave, scientists, enforcer.
Sequence: Work, escape, retrieve, making up
Symbols: Slavery, worker
Thoughts: If everyone in the dream is you, so is the slave, and I’m trying to escape something but get drawn back in. My self is forgiving of this. If this is a health dream, what part of me does the slave represent?

AltarSeptember 4th, 2014

I was at the edge of park. There was a large statue and below it a cement slab. On the slab, someone had created an altar. At first glance, it was a strange altar that I thought was made with cheap junk, ‘cos everything was dark, and looked kind of gothic glam. I went closer and started looking at the stones. They were very dark, like smokey quartz, but the pieces were had deep rainbows running thru them. They were exquisite. There was also a box of black spider webs and spiders that were more cheap products, and I wondered who would make an altar like this and what its purpose was.

I stood up and walked over behind the statue and an actor was there being interviewed about a show he was on.

This whole dream must’ve been a reflection of the True Blood interviews that Mel was watching when I got home from class.

Players: An actor that I didn’t know.
Event Sequence: Not much
Symbols: Stones and spiders
Signposts: Not sure there were any.

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