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New Outside JobMarch 15th, 2017

I’ve just been hired into a company that’s pretty well established. I don’t know the name of it but it’s up there with Twitter, Google, Facebook. It’s run by two guys. The founder is a caucasian male, about 40, tall, thin, short dark hair, and wears thin rectangular shaped glasses. He’s pretty nice and very smart. The other guy is just shorter with sandy colored hair, also caucasian. They both work outside. All of their office equipment is outside the front doors of another very famous company. They like working outside and I don’t blame them. It’s my first day working there and I’m telling the founder that he needs to create a user/pass for me to access the systems. In my head, for what seems like a long time, I’m working out all of the types of accounts I’ll need to actually be able to pick up the pace on this position. I tell him that I’m good with graphics, but I also know how to code. He agrees that this is why he hired me. I need to take the slack on certain tasks that he just doesn’t have the bandwidth to do. I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to take over. It seems that I need to develop my own strategy on what I need to do because he’s not going to tell me. He’s even too busy to do that. I’m just going to need one user/pass, and then figure all the rest out on my own: What part of the company needs the most attention, what tasks are slipping thru the cracks, where the most immediate need is, etc.

I’m left to watch a video screen the describes what I need to know. Apparently, there’s a Russian man working with this company as a contractor and before I can do anything, I need to balance my energy with his sister. I’m watching a video of these instructions on a video monitor hanging from an extension arm. I realize that this is my first task as I walk up to the monitor and tap it to pause the video.

CasinoFebruary 21st, 2017

I’m in a casino walking around a back of slot machines. The machines are like the old ones where there are trays that collect coins. I know that there’s a rule that if you find coins in a tray, you’re not supposed to touch them. I think this rule is stupid, finders keepers. As I’m walking by one machine, I notice that there’s a hugely fully tray of coins. I glance and walk around some more noticing a few coins in other machines so I grab them and start making my way back to the full machine. When I get back to it, there’s a guy sitting close, kind of hovering over it. There’s another woman in front of it with her back to it. I excuse myself and tell her I want to play the machine. I have other coins that are silver that I’ve picked up. I sit down at the machine and put a couple in but it seems they’re too large and aren’t working correctly. I go ahead and grab a couple brass coins from the full tray and insert them into the machine. As I’m starting to play, the guy on my right, I can tell, is feeling like he lost his opportunity. There’s a waitress nearby that I’m concerned about seeing me. I’m playing with coins in my jacket pocket and intending to fill my pockets with the brass coins from the machine. The machine itself is acting weird. There’s a light blue screen (of death?). A guy walks up to me on my left. He has long hair and a speech impediment and needs help. He’s telling me what’s going on as a woman walks up and in a haughty way cuts him off and informs that she wants to play the machine. I’m going to respond in a pretty nasty way but I wake up before that happens.

Blind Kid, ArtifactsJanuary 17th, 2017

I’m with a blind kid in a room. He’s about 13 years old, has dark hair and is brilliant. I’m watching him sculpt with clay a sort of car. It’s big enough for his body alone, but he seems to know what it should look like and his hands flow freely molding the shape as if he can see it. Next, he has a large piece of construction paper in front of him and he’s taken a pencil and is drawing large circles. With each circle, he makes subtle deviations that start to form a model of what looks like a solar system with planets in areas. He moves along without really lifting the pencil from the paper. What starts to happen is that color starts presenting itself. I can see in the planets shades of yellow, red and blue start to make hues in the areas that represent the planets or whatever they are. It’s very impressive and I’m astonished that he can do this without physically seeing what he’s doing.

I’m at a home near the ocean. Something it taking place but it’s vague. I fall thru a crack in reality and end up in an old structure that’s filled with ancient artifacts. There are vases, urns, plates and other earthenwear, all very complex in shape and form. There are some with beings that I don’t recognize. They’re most stacked on shelves in the open. Everything is dirty and has cobwebs and feels like it hasn’t been seen or touched in centuries. Someone comes up behind me. It’s some sort of sheriff or authority that removes me from the area. I find myself in a little village trying to explain that can from a different dimension. I’m asking who knows how I can return but I’m not getting any understanding from the people. The village doesn’t appear to be in great shape or well populated.

Fire in the BackyardJanuary 14th, 2017

I’m in a dual level home probably toward the front, in a bedroom, laying on a bed. There is a large opening in the wall like sliding glass doors have been removed, facing the same type of building next door. In the back of the building in a small yard downstairs, Tim and Anthony are about 15 and 18 and they have a fire going. I don’t remember what started but I said something to them about it like it was too smokey or something. While I’m laying on the bed, I see one of them toss an ember up into my room. It rolls under the bed. I reached down and grab it. I’m really pissed off at the possibility that this could’ve burned everything to a crisp. I take it and climb down the side of the building and walk back and throw it at them and say, “Next time something like this happens, I’m calling the fucking cops” and leave. I climb back up and I’m really furious now. I decide I want to call either Dean or Natalie. I look back outside and see that they’ve booby trapped the side of the house with green beer bottles like from Grolsch. I’m on the phone with whoever picks up and I’m wanting to go back into the bathroom at the back of the house to see what’s going on below and I see both of the kids without shirts on laying on the ground. Their hair is really long and they look like wild island kids.

Dad’s Truck, Wrigley Talking, 3Way SplittingJanuary 13th, 2017

I’ve spent the night in the house and I realize that Wrigley has spent the night in the back yard. I go to the back door a walk down the steps and there she is under the mulberry tree. She barks and runs over to me and gets up on the porch so I can hold her. I tell her that I’m so happy to see her. She says, “Thank you.” I’m amazed that she’s talking. I ask her how she’s feeling. She says something about a banana that doesn’t make much sense but I’m so happy.

I’m at a pool area, up on some sort of ledge. I’m trying to squeeze thru some bars so I can climb down and I get kind of stuck. There’s a guy there that looks like Russell Brand. He’s a friend. A woman is asking him if he’s going to hang out with them. He says that he’s feverish. He needs his medication.

I’m with Kirby in a cafe where Dorthy is with some friends. She’s sold the cafe to them and they’ve renamed it COMOFO or something like that. There’s a little napkin with the name on it wrapping a cocktail umbrella. It’s silly looking. A girl there ask me how my partners are. I tell her that Mel is going back to his mom’s and has a new boyfriend, and the third guy is going his own way. I don’t think Kirby knows all this and I feel a little embarrassed.

I’m driving down a country road in my dad’s truck. There’s another truck that’s keeping pace with me and we’re both going a little fast. Up ahead I see a sheriff’s car pull out of a driveway. Then I see an old El Camino that has a sheriff’s emblem on the side start to pull out of the driveway and I’m still going a little too fast, but even worse, the truck that’s pacing me has been switching lanes with me and it looks like we’re drunk. Suddenly the truck pulls over and the El Camino stays in the driveway. I pass and watch in my rear view mirror as a fully dressed motorcycle cop gets out of the truck and starts putting on more gear or undressing, I’m not sure which. I know that I’m heading toward a freeway onramp and end up having to driveway backwards to find it. That’s when dad is in the passenger seat. I pull over and stop to get my bearings. I then pull out and get on the freeway. It’s been raining heavily and the hill I have to climb has rivulets coming down in and it’s partly grass. Car are gets choked in the torrential water coming down the hill on both sides of us. I see a small toy sized truck and I realize that it’s the essence of this truck. At first it jams up the hill so fast that I can’t keep track of it. My dad says to let it come back but when it does it ends up going the wrong direction. It’s very hard to control. I finally jump out of the truck and into the rivulet and grab it keep control of it. I think this is when I wake up.

Flat TireJanuary 11th, 2017

I was rolling a rim and a new tire to mount into a service station at the same time that some woman was going the same thing. I was hoping I’d get mine mounted first so I could get out of there. I started mounted it and the owner who was an older man and obviously a con artist was telling someone else all these things they needed to their tire and was charging them a boat load of money for it. It was obviously a scam and not something I wanted to deal with. Another guy was there getting his tire done. Younger man. He got his mounted onto a Gran Torino that they were driving out of the garage. It said MOCK on the back of the car. I don’t think he was happy letting them drive he car out of the garage. A guy came over to help me. There was a group of street racers that were waiting for me. My new tire was mounted to a Chevelle onto the front. It was a strange tire with lighted plastic cylinders that stuck out of the tire. The back tired had spikes sticking out of them. We got the car over to a pump. The guy lit up a cigarette right when we needed to fill it with air. I really wanted to get out of there and he wanted to talk.

Marcel Piano, Jurassic Area, SC CaveJanuary 10th, 2017

I’m in a room with Marcel and I’m plunking out some melodies on the piano which is quite fun. I ask if he’s still playing with Samba Da. He says that he’s on the road constantly. It’s how he makes money. But he’s not quite making enough. He says that he’s getting paid a yard fee. I ask him what that is and he starts to describe his musical contribution to each song and essentially, that’s how he’s measured and paid, by each song. I’m thinking that it seems like a lot of work for Papiba.

I’m in some Jurassic land. The guy who owns that land is a bit nefarious but I know him well. There’s a large robot who’s renamed itself as being the head of the security guard. He’s ordered no one to ever shoot above his head. He has interesting armor that looks like a Transformer and a ninja at the same time. There are 3 names that I’m trying to remember. I go off to the bathroom and I look over the land and someone is coming to get me. It’s a woman. She tells me that the owner of the land is severely hurt. I go with her. We’re talking about the fascia in his chest. I tell her I’m going to do BodyTalk and then I don’t have to touch him. I get there and he’s laying on the cement floor. I say something like, “Look who’s causing trouble again.” He replies that of course it’s him.

I’m walking with a guy out near the lighthouse. He takes me to the cave under it. I’ve never been in there before. We walk in and I’m a little on guard because I don’t know the guy and whether I can trust him. He tells me that most people can’t enter the cave. It turns out that people have been modifying the cave and it’s beautiful. In one chamber, someone has built in the interior to a church. There are the panels from the walls, the altar, the pews, everything. It’s a light color, warm white. It’s beautiful. There are lots of other rooms with furniture but there are no people because no one knows about it. It’s very private. I have a sense of needing to do something there like be part of an army or rebellion or something.

Scuba Diving and Ship StayDecember 28th, 2016

I’m on a large boat or small cruise ship heading out of Los Angeles Harbor. I’m going to be scuba diving and I’m concerned that I chose to scuba dive for the first time in deeper waters rather than near a reef or shore line where I wouldn’t be required to dive so deep to see anything. I’ve tried to go into deep water before and it’s been painful. As the boat moves along, I’m standing at the starboard side railing with someone, male, talking. I’m noticing that I can see the bottom of the ocean and I’m a little less worried about going deep. I’m feeling relieved and eager to get in the water.

The boat trip is ending and I’m on the phone making arrangements with someone to stay a couple nights in the harbor on another boat that’s docked, acting as a hotel. The stay is only for 2 nights, a Wed. and a Thurs., which means the prices are very affordable which is nice. I work out the details just in time and we disembark and end up in a lounge where Sting has just finished a set. It’s like a small private party because there are few people there for such a big name. Obviously it isn’t publicized. We find a spot stage right where we can perch ourselves and put our bags.

Dallas, SpiderDecember 27th, 2016

I’m at some sort of water park and I meet a girl, Dallas, and some guy there. We’re going to just be playing around there. There’s a heap of old clothes near the back and they talk me into finding the most horrendous thing I can and using that as my bathing suit. I find a Snoopy nightgown with Snoopy on his doghouse over a field of blue that has lists of words in white and red/brown on the other side. I goes all the way to the ground. I also find a really strange big hat. When I show them, they love it, although Dallas and the guy go away somewhere and I feel kind of abandoned.

I’m with Dallas in a bedroom and we’re talking about drinks. A woman comes in to tell us about a drink make with tequila, milk, and some spice. She says it’s great to go to drink with and give the kids. We’re a little skeptical about the whole thing.

I’m in a room with a group of women. It has something to do with teaching a class to them. They’re near a computer talking about something I’ve told them and I notice a spider has built a large web with 6 spokes and it’s hovering in the center between them. I tell them I’ll take care of it and I detach the spider web and roll it up into a ball and take it out to the street. It’s angry and jumps out of the web. I realize it’s a jumping spider and I need to remove it from the area so that it doesn’t come back in. I’m trying to find a glass to enclose it but can’t find anything but a ceramic container with holes in it. I have a pen that I’m trying to poke at it with and keep it under the bowl. I’m screaming for George to get me a glass. He takes a long time while I’m struggling with the spider which finally gets out. George brings me another ceramic bowl with holes. I get it onto the spider which is still getting out thru the holes. I’m angry. I run to the house to get the glass I’d asked for. The house isn’t any that I’ve seen before and I think we just moved in. At this point I wake up.

Healing AppointmentsDecember 23rd, 2016

I’m in Iowa living and working in a healing center. It’s a beautiful old house with dark stained wood work in the walls, paneling, banisters, etc. I realize that I remember that my dad is born in Jefferson, IA and that I’m hear as well. It seems ironic. It’s going to be a busy day ahead with last minute appointments. I have a woman who comes for healing work while I’m working on something on something computer related with another practitioner when she arrives. I really want to finish it but I don’t want to make her wait. She’s a last minute appt. She tells me that she has another appt the next day at 9:15 but wants to do this now. The front room is really crowded and my energy feels hectic. I look at a collection of large stones on a coffee table and grab something among them and take her back to my room. It’s very peaceful in here. I have a large dining table with large substantial chairs made out of wood. There’s a large bed as well. I know that I use the room next to it too, but we’re starting here. Both of us comment on how peaceful it feels in my room.

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