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Autumn Leaf GarlandsNovember 13th, 2014

I was with Kirby and we started discussing what it was like when we first fell in love. He was leaning back into me and I was stroking his head and I felt a fondness for him. We were talking a bit about how things had changed. He leaned forward and I noticed that he had a tattoo on his shoulder of some autumn coloured leaves. As he leaned forward even more, he had garlands of autumn leaves up his arms and across his back. He said that he had become one of those types of guys. He had a tattoo of a woman’s torso wearing a burgundy corset exposing her breasts. It was life size and very detailed. The garlands went down his waist onto his legs.

Players: Me, Kirby
Events: Holding Kirby, him leaning forward and seeing his tattoos
Symbols: Garlands, tattoos, corset
Thoughts: It just felt so real. I had so much love for that man. I felt the shift in energy as he leaned forward and the difference in his energy. It made me sad.

David SprintlerNovember 12th, 2014

I was with a group of people at night, around dusk, in a large field. The sun was going down off to the left so we were facing Northeast. The sun had gone behind a huge cloud bank before it had reached the mountain on the horizon, casting a large shadow on the soon to be night sky. There was a man there that made something really amazing happen. There were poker playing cards individually floating horizontally in the sky. They were enormous cards, about the size of a house, but you could only see them in profile. They were flexing and undulating slowly, and every so often you could see the surface of a face card. They were in a sort of grid pattern, covering a vast portion of the sky, but there was also a mist and glowing light surrounding them, creating a very atmospheric effect. Then the cards dissolved, and a huge picture that probably stood 200 feet vertically rose up into the sky. It was a picture of the man, David Sprintler with his labrador retriever who was standing on it’s hind legs with a ball in it’s mouth. The colours of the picture had an iridescent quality to them, and there was also the misty atmospheric haze. Then the picture dissolved. The crowd was astonished that someone could make this happen without projection. It was like a piece of his was creating this scene because he was connected with the sky.

When this was all done, I walked into a large tent as was talking with some people. Ken Mowery walked in and we started chatting about how amazing it was the David was able to make things appear in the air. I commented on how light it had gotten outside because the huge cloud that was obfuscating the sun had gone away casting beautiful rays of a sunrise across the field. Suddenly, I was in a restaurant/cafe with some people and some library books. I’d left the books there and walked out with the people and when I returned, I couldn’t find my books, only someone else’s. A man was assisting me. Then, another guy came in the man called him Hank and I realized that where my books were. I walked up to this big guy named Hank and told him that I’d put my books in his room and started to open his door. The man remarked that I’d put my books in Hank’s room instead of paying him to watch them. I was like, “Oh well.” So was Hank…

Then the dream switched again, and I was with a guy watching an old music video of David Sprintler. He was a bass player, and at least 10 years younger. I wish I could remember the song because it was very animated as he played bass. I mentioned to the guy that I’d just seen David in the field and how much older he was. He remarked that that made him feel old as well because he remembered when this particular video was on TV for the first time. I was then in a kitchen with 3 other people talking about making dinner. I was there but didn’t really know these people. I knew people they knew, who weren’t there, so felt a little out of place.

Players: Me, David Sprintler, Ken Mowery, Man, Hank, guy with video, people in kitchen
Events: In meadow, cards and picture rise in the air, talking with Ken about this and the sunset, in restaurant with library books, locating books, watching music video and talking about David, in kitchen
Symbols: Playing cards, picture with labrador, sunset, library books, bass guitar
Thoughts: David is more than a person who does magic tricks or art, he makes this happen. It’s a transforming experience and I know I want to do that. I’m not sure why he chose the playing cards or picture. It felt very personal to me that he chose a picture of himself. I played music with Ken. The library books, I actually do need to return today. The music video was interesting because Ken is a bass player. The playing was really cool actually. Lots of sliding. It’s also the instrument I played before I played guitar which I just remembered, but I never got really good at it and Ken actually gets gigs and makes a living at it. The kitchen at the end, and I’m really detached.

Mom in the Flooding HouseNovember 11th, 2014

I was in a big beautiful house at the beach. I came in and there was rising water that I could see out the front window. It didn’t look like a terrible storm so I’m not sure why the water was rising but my Mom was moving furniture around but there wasn’t an imperative. The house had never flooded before. I left the room. A while later, I came back in and the water was hitting the front of the house. It was really serious. I left again, trying to rescue some things. My mom called to me and when I came in the water was in the house. There was a pool of murky, muddy silt swirling in the room. I kept thinking of moving furniture and things upstairs. I took a tablet and dropped it into the murky swirl and things started to surface so that I could grab them and rescue them.

Players: Me, Mom
Events: walking in and out of room as waves grew higher and finally infiltrated the house, rescuing things
Symbols: rising water, things, Mom
Thoughts: Just wondering what Mom represents to me. My creative but can’t accomplish things part of self? Feeling small?

Class at the TheatreNovember 11th, 2014

I was looking into a cloud that had a sun associated with it. I had been thru a nice office layout for healing practitioners and I was trying to see myself there. There was lots of sky blue, kelly green, and white. It seemed like a nice place and the feeling was good. There was something about the agreement that the practitioners had tho I don’t recall exactly what it was. I was thinking about that and Sonjue’s office. They were geographically opposite each other from where I was. They both seemed to be on hills. Suddenly, I was walking to a conference. I was walking thru a mall and into a movie theatre, looking for the numbers of the rooms. I got up to the end of the rooms and saw the number 750 but I didn’t remember that to be the room number. Someone behind me said that was the room so I went to show id to the guy and the security guard outside. I opened my wallet and showed him a business card and then my driver’s license. But then, the security guard wanted to see some proof of my mother. So, I pulled out my cell phone, and of course it was going really slow and wouldn’t allow me to scroll thru my pictures. It was really frustrating. I kept asking myself, “Why is this necessary?”

Players: Me, security guard, other guy
Events: Going thru office, reflecting on offices, moving toward conference, haggling over security
Symbols: Cell phone, conference, 750, movie theatre, offices, cloud, sun
Thoughts: I had two dreams about my mother tonight and I have been looking for an office. I wonder what 750 is. 12 = 3. Maybe 3 is my ultimate number. In house numbers, that’s Jupiter.

The Only Other Way Is UpNovember 4th, 2014

This was associated with the song I heard. There was actually another song playing in the room but I can’t remember it. I only remember the sound of a gravely sliding bass line that really provoked the feeling of the song which was about people crossing over. So, I had walked into this room and it was filled with either dead people or people who were terminally ill, I’m not sure which. They were all holding devices that I believe were receivers for information. I was part of a group of people that were walking in with sending devices or communication devices. I had one as well but mine was loosely wrapped in a carrying bag. I felt a little out of place but walked thru the room with the others, pointing our devices toward those who were already in the room. There was a song playing that was the perfect crossing over song. It was brilliant and I remember thinking that I’d wished I’d composed it. After I’d made a round of the room, I went and sat down in a chair at a different table than Mel because the chair next to him had things on the table in front of it so it was obviously already taken. I was sitting at the end of the table next to a largish man who I didn’t recognize. There was an empty chair on the other side of him and Kirby came and sat down in it. That’s when I realized that the man I was sitting next to was Trey. When I looked over at Mel again, he was gone.

Players: Me, senders, receivers, Mel, Trey, Kirby
Events: Walking thru room with device, listening to song, sitting downing, recognizing Trey.
Symbols: Communication devices, chairs, song, dead or dying people
Thoughts: The fact that my device is wrapped means I haven’t really stepped into this, but I’m close. I felt very disconnected from Mel. Trey and Kirby were connected.

SenseiOctober 30th, 2014

I was wandering about a town looking for a sensei. I went into a dojo but didn’t stay long. They I happened upon a class and I kinda like it and sat down on the floor. The teacher told a couple of the students, who were doing things that looked like yoga poses to keep working while he spoke with me. He was a white man with thin, long, straight honey coloured hair, very pudgy or thick in the face, with thick arms and hands. I noticed that has hands looked extremely weathered. He had me follow him out the door and either up or down some stairs, I don’t recall. We ended up in a space that looked like it might be under the building. There was a pipe set hanging from the ceiling of this dark area of dirt, with only cracks of light to illuminate the darkness. He jumped up on the horizontal pipe and spun a whole bunch of times, creating a blur. When he landed, I told that it was impressive. Suddenly, he laid on the ground and turned into a snarling dog, obviously trying to intimidate me. I bent down and told him that I loved dogs and held my hand out for the dog to sniff, and then starting talking to and petting the dog and asking it if that wasn’t a whole lot better than being aggressive.

Players: Me, sensei teacher guy, students, dog
Events: Searching for sensei, going under building, petting dog
Symbols: Sensei, dog
Thoughts: It seems like I’m not afraid of a teacher, but not sure what that has to do with anything.

Trying to FlyOctober 26th, 2014

I was at my mom’s house and I was trying to fly with this contraption held out in front of me by both hands. It was white, boxy shaped, and had two large handles. I kept trying to fly high into the but each time I got over 30 feet or so, I would come down. A couple times I was really close to hitting telephone wires. There was some sort of owl watching and a woman told me to look at the underside of it’s wings. There are the initials, “AYL.” I didn’t quite understand this and wonder how the owl’s wings could naturally create letters. I also kept thinking of the letter, “W.”

Players: Me, woman
Events: Trying to fly, seeing owl wing and hearing woman
Symbols: Flying, owl
Thoughts: I keep thinking that there’s something from my mother’s house I’ve been trying to learn, and I’m now to the point that I’m starting to fly. I’m just not sure what it is that I’m trying to learn.

Rainbow DisksOctober 20th, 2014

I wish now I’m remembering the location I was in, but there was this guy who was creating disks like the Frisbee rings that were popular a long time ago but they were made of rainbow light. He was wave his hand in a circle in the air and create one. I thought it was the coolest thing because I’d never seen anyone actually create something out of thin air. Even better, not only did he create it, but I was able to grab it and throw it like a boomerang and it would come back to me, and wouldn’t dissolve until he made it dissolve. I loved these things. He was trying to teach me how to create them by holding all the fingers together representing all the colours, and making the ring in the air with the intention of the heart. I was trying before I woke up.

Players: Me, rainbow disk man
Events: Creating the rainbow disks and me playing with them
Symbols: The rainbow disks
Thoughts: I wish I remembered the rest but I’m not sure it was that important anyhow.

EvergladesOctober 9th, 2014

I was part of a large number of people floating around in boats in the Everglades. People were hunting all kinds of animals there. It was like an amusement park. There were families in boats having a Disneyland adventure but they were actually hunting animals to take home with them I guess. It seemed unsupervised and unregulated that people could just do whatever they wanted and they were. I watched on kid capture a Kimodo dragon. He was hoisting it out of the water and someone else was started to do something similar but the person I was with told them that the Kimodos were off limits and they had to put them back. As we continued floating along, time quickly progressed and the families started to leave. I noticed a dead duck floating in the water that someone had left behind and it made me sad. As more time went by, I even noticed that the water level was greatly decreased. This also made me sad and I wondered if the water level was going to be able to replenish itself in time to not be completely drained when another group of people came.

Players: Me, families, policing person with me
Events: Floating, observing families, kids capture kimodo, seeing dead duck, noticing water levels
Symbols: everglades, kimodo dragon, dead duck, water level
Thoughts: Water is emotions and in the dream, there’s a depletion issue. It was odd seeing this Kimodo dragon being so docile as to be caught by a kid. And the dead duck which is a symbol for being doomed. Not sure why I’d have a dream like this. I’m not feeling this type of energy. Maybe anxiety over hypnosis or all the things I have going on… but doesn’t seem like that.

Party GigOctober 9th, 2014

I was at a party with a bunch of musicians. It was that typical thing for me when I want to be the star yet I’m just a bystander who knows all the stars. When the band started playing, I secretly wanted to be part of the band. The sound was pretty good until the singer who reminded me of Gavino started singing overly expressively and the mic started coming out. They couldn’t figure out what was going on, especially without breaking the continuity of the song. Someone called me over to see if I could figure out what was going on. I started tracing the mic line which was blue. I traced it back to the mixer and amp but everything looked alright. I deduced that the singer was using a large diaphragm condenser and he was just singing too close to the mic and sending too much air into the mic. This was because the gain was really low and he was trying to get a pumping sound out of the mic. I told him to raise the gain and back off the mic.

Players: Me, singer, band
Events: Band started playing, mic sound gets bad, I’m called into help, I make suggestion
Symbols: band, mic, singer, party, blue cable
Thoughts: Feelings if importance and mattering. This is always something I’ve been sensitive to.

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