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Handcuffs, Motocycle Gloves, DragonOctober 20th, 2016

I’m in a restaurant and there’s a contest. I think I’m an older woman who at some point in time purchased some handcuffs with straps attached to them. In the contest, if someone has the receipt to these handcuffs, they win a lot of money. I owned the cuffs years ago but had since given them away or something. The people who now own the cuffs and who could win this contest need the receipt but I don’t want to give it up to them or share with them. They get up leave and when they do, another woman who know that I have the receipt for them prompts me to come over to her. She says, “If everyone’s a loser, there’s no winner.” She gives me the cuffs so that I can claim the prize.

I’m riding a motorcycle down a road and I know that it’s going to be a very long road and I’ll be riding into the night. I look down at my hands and realize that I don’t have any gloves and it’s going to get really cold. I’m considering what I can do about this and where I can get some gloves. There’s a little bit of concern about money.

I’m fighting a dragon with some other people. We conquer the dragon and it crashes into the parking lot of gas station. I’m doing some research and I realize that the dragon is going to replicated itself. I’m trying to text this to someone but it’s too late. Another dragon comes to life. I’m trying to get across the street to the gas station but it’s a very busy road and intersection and cars keep crashing or almost hitting me every time I run out into the street to cross the boulevard.

MansionOctober 11th, 2016

I’m on the grounds of a big beautiful house. The man that I’m with has purchased it recently. I think he’s Arab and has a large number of people coming and going. At one point, I think I’m alone and walking around with the animals. There are bears, hogs, dogs, elephants and possibly more. At some point I’m with the man and we seem to have an intimate relationship. I’m at his desk and he’s talking about eventually getting rid of the animals which came with the place and I’m trying to talk him out of it. There’s a physical connection between us as we’re affectionately petting each other but it’s not a serious thing. In fact, we’re walking with some other people and looking at the indoor pool which has the master suite above it and he’s talking about making sure that the room accommodates a queen to have his children. The house is beautiful. Later on, I’m alone again, and I walk by the front door and notice that there’s a series of carnival coaches in front of the house. There are a lot of voluptuous women about. I’m looking for the bathroom but they’re all occupied with one or more women making themselves up. The place seems packed. I go every bathroom I know but it’s occupied until I go to one that I usually avoid because it’s hard to get to in the house and it’s available. I walk in and notice that everything in the bathroom is meant to accommodate a woman with physical challenges, probably due to age. There are bars everywhere for walking assistance and the toilet itself is raised with a special seat, but I really need to go.

Red TreeOctober 10th, 2016

I’m standing with what looks like a small bonsai tree but I think it’s actually a plant that resembles a tree, and it’s not planted in anything. I’m applying heat to it with a torch at its base, and it’s slowing turning bright red. When I’m done, I notice Lauri is there and we start singing the Lumineers’ song “Dead Sea”, except that we changed the words to “red tree.”

Poker GuardOctober 7th, 2016

There’s an illegal poker contingency going on. These dealers have their own groups of the players in some large abandoned warehouse area but they’re playing outside. I’ve been hired as a sort of guard or mercinary. I’m in my dad’s El Dorado. I’ve been told that it’s best to dry up this parking garage and be in a perch up high in a building nearby. I drive the car up the ramps and it’s really tight for such a large car. Once up there, I really don’t think it’s as good as I’ve been told. The sight line is just alright but we’re actually rather far from the action should anything weird go down. I’m talking with this other guy who reminds me of He-Man. We told agree that this sucks and would rather go down and patrol. I get in the car and go back down to park it below. I put all my stuff in the trunk but suddenly realize I have two kittens to deal with. I shift things around in the trunk and put them in. I walk into part of the building and see a stack of underwear. I get a glimpse of the dealer that I’m working for as he’s ending a shift.

Chris and WrigleyOctober 6th, 2016

I have Wrigley in the backyard of this house. Then, we’re in the hallway of another house. She comes out with a zuccini that she’s been chawing on. It’s so good to see her. Her fur feels like she’s been freshly washed. I start petting her and I’m so happy to be with her.

Chris V. comes to do repair work in the house. When he’s leaving, he goes out the front door as his truck is in front of the house. He’s a bit younger. I’m helping carry his tools out to the truck which is challenging because the front yard is not like a river bed. There are lots of river rocks and rivulets running thru the yard. We make it to Chris’ truck and he takes off. As I head back to the house, I noticed large dirt mounds in front of it. I think to myself that this is a very different look for the yard.

Talking about the dream later, I consider the possibility that Chris is asking to be helped to the other side.

Stealth ShipOctober 5th, 2016

I’m with an asian woman out in the countryside. It’s a beautiful day. We witness a chase between a black helicopter like craft that’s being chased by three smaller crafts. They make some pretty impressive maneuvers in the sky and then on of the smaller crafts collides with the helicopter and brings it down. They’re after a person in the helicopter and they take that person. It’s like an X-men thing. I’m suddenly engaged inside and outside (3rd person) with a black stealth craft with 5 people on board in suits and it’s taking off from a port very high up a tall, craggy mountain, I think with a prisoner, or they were rescued.

Red JeepOctober 3rd, 2016

I’m in an office with some people. Something is going on and it’s shaking people up but I’m not really fazed by it. I’m more interested in speaking with Tim C. I find him and have a conversation with him.
I’m with a group of women and they’re getting ready to share a chicken song from a N.A. man named something.. Pit Bull. I thought it was an odd name for a man to be named after a breed of dog. I asked if I could record the song and they said yes but by the time they started singing I realized that I already knew the song.
I’m on the street, possibly in a gas station. I watch this bright red jeep pull into nearby driveway and jump up in the air and land but disappear rather than crash. I’m astounded and go over to investigate and find that when the jeep hit the ground, it perfectly parked itself in an automotive garage. I’m with one of the women from the song group and we went and investigated the jeep. The suspension had been completely rebuilt and was impressive. The only thing I find strange is that rather than have 4x tires on the front, they’re rugged street tires. Finally, the woman who owns the jeep come out. She’s really young, around 20, blonde and small framed. She brings me inside the jeep and shows me all the electronics and radios she has while she tells me about putting the jeep together. I notice that there’s a trickle of smoke and a small fire inside one of the components. Not good. She pushes some button and dislodges a black ooze that puts out the fire but also seems to disable the equipment.

MesasOctober 2nd, 2016

I’m in the yurt where I’ve finished my initiation and completion of my mesa with Jose Luiz Herrera. It’s light and I get this overwhelming sense that in the group of people I’ve been initiated with, two mesas are all masculine and not balanced with the feminine. I tell Jose Luiz and he tells me not to worry about it because he has an apprentice who’ll take care of it. I tell him ok but secretly I’m still really obsessed with how to fix the problem and actually go in and out of the dream trying to figure out the remedy to the problem. One of the mesas is being addressed by the apprentice and I get a message about the other one as follows: It’s hiding in the silent labyrinth.

I relay this dream to Lorraine who tells me that 7 layers underneath Lake Titicaca is the daughter of the sun and moon. She’s hiding in a labyrinth from the Conquistadors. She’s one of the 7 Nunes or Goddesses of that tradition. Interesting…

Breast MilkSeptember 27th, 2016

I’m working in an office and I need to go to the bathroom. I walk thru the bathroom door but realize that I forgot that they’d converted the bathroom into another group of offices. I walk into the middle of the room and end up calling Greg on the phone and I’m talking to him about donations of breast milk if someone’s lactating to donate it to other women who are having trouble lactating for their newborns. As I’m having this conversation, I notice that Dave B. is there. He’s brought a birthday cake for one of the women in the office as a surprise. A few people gather around and start singing happy birthday to her. I can’t get the idea of getting breast milk donated out of my mind. When I wake up, it’s still very important as I’m laying there.

Chicken SongAugust 3rd, 2016

I’m in a ceremony run by a woman. She asks me to sing an elephant song. I did and I dance while I was singing. I SO wish I remembered the song. I lost it (for now). Then she asks me to sing a chicken song. In my dream memory, I know a chicken song but I can’t bring it up. I ask Chris if he knows a chicken song and he holds up a cell phone to my ear and says, “Just pretend that I’m whispering to you.” I listen to the song but it isn’t a song that I know. I’m concerned because this woman is counting on me to bring up this song. Suddenly, I realize that Chris has a small tank strapped to his back, like an oxygen tank, except it has something else in it. He puts a nasal breathing apparatus that’s connected to the tank via a hose up to my face and I start to inhale. I immediately get concerned about my ability to function if I inhale too much based on my experience with marijuana and the fact that I go “out there” pretty easily and have a hard time being functional. The anxiety of this is what wakes me up.

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