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rhythma - sean michael imler

Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Archive for October, 2004

4 BirdsMonday, October 11th, 2004

I was in a room that reminded me of the dining room of the house where I grew up. There were four birds there. One brown, one green, one red, and one white. They were singing. Next thing I knew, I was looking into a nest. The birds were laying there, not moving. I had to look close to discern whether they were alive or not because they were so still, but I then realized that they were sleeping, curled up in the nest. They were very small and very beautiful, their colours complimenting each other. They started to wake up.

4 WorldsMonday, October 11th, 2004

I went to sleep last night asking if there was a way to get the father energy that I never received as a child so that I could move beyond past limitations and lack of nurturance and guidance.

The first part of the dream, I was with a person and we were at some sort of juncture. I observed a spot where two lines converged at a point. On the point was a sort of manhole cover. It was complex in it geometric design, made of steel, and very large. The lines were electrical and carried a very large current. I watched as white light blazed down the lines, meeting at the point and energizing it. The person and I descended upon the point and he grasped it with his hands and gave it a large twist. The world around us changed as if an entire epoch had gone by. The sky changed colours. I felt history sinking and vanishing into time. This person did this four times until we had arrived at a particular place, and time settled in. It felt like the past although there was nothing recognizable, just a large deep golden sky, a setting or rising sun, and miles of brown earth with this large steel plate or portal in front of us.

Count Spooky ScareSunday, October 3rd, 2004

I was moving into a really old large house with Andy. We were moving stuff in and I was upstairs. The house was very large, Victorian. The white paint was crumbling off the walls. I was thinking about all the repair work that needed to take place and I was wondering how I was going to get the landlord to do it for us. We had finished the first load and had just arrived with another. I was walking into the side door and I saw the face of a dread-locked caribbean man who had pink eyes and white chalky complexion come out of the ground. I was unhappy about this and exerted a force to make it go away. I realized the house was haunted and I was not happy about it. I went up a dark stairway onto the second floor to the large room where I was currently moving stuff. I set down the box that I was carrying. I was looking around at the glass doors and windows that were open and hanging from the ceiling and wondering how all this work was going to get done when water started coming out of a light socket above me and getting on the clothes I had just brought up. I started to do some thing with my hands. I was envisioning large orbs of orange light pushing from my outstretched hands. I was saying some like, “Spirits, you must leave” or something with force and I was envisioning the cleansing and clearing of the place. I was very upset and putting a lot of energy into this and wondering if it was going to be enough. I saw through the window downstairs that Andy was there. Then the phone rang. It was my old friend Sean. He was wondering if we had finished moving in. He asked if we were going to some party because he was thinking about it. There’s some vague recollection of another part of the dream where I was with him but I can’t connect with it right now… maybe lost forever. Then I remember talking to someone about the haunted house. They were telling me about Count Spooky Scare. That his spirit was residing in the house. We were thinking that he was a myth but this person was telling me he was real.

Three BoysSunday, October 3rd, 2004

It was daytime. We were taking three boys down to a place where we were going to execute them. I remember having a rifle with me. I don’t remember what they’d done. I leaned the rifle up against a chain link fence. A woman came up and I thought that maybe we couldn’t go through with it. Then, we were stnaind in the area where they were to be executed and my uncle Butch was alive and standing there. He was starting to open up about missing my dad. Then I think aunt Mary was there and she was holding him. Then I started talking about how my dad and I never got along but for all that I still loved him so much and missed him dearly.

Then it was night. I was standing there with Butch and he was telling me that he was seeing a girl. I was like who? I thought he was alluding to seeing my dad’s ex-girlfriend. It was a girl named Naomi who was blonde and young, about 25. Then I got to thinking this was a lesbian relationship.

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