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rhythma - sean michael imler

Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Archive for November, 2004

My Grandmother’sWednesday, November 24th, 2004

I was sitting in the living room of the gfamndmother’s house. A frined was moving into her back room. As he walked in, he was carrying a tv. He said how much he liked my mom because she had somehow gotten or won 3 tvs and had given him one.

The HorseWednesday, November 24th, 2004

THis man and his son owned a horse. They would do these routines where they would have the horse in a ring where it would run round and round. The boy would try to snatch a pendant from the horse’s neck. At some point, the horse looked kinda haggered. The boy said that there was a split behind the horse’s left ear that indicated that it was worn out from the excercises. They brought in a vet who informed them that the horse had suffered from the rib break that it had when it had the accident with the dog. He felt that the injury was moving to the spine and that he’d have to put the horse down.

The ProtestFriday, November 12th, 2004

I was at some location where there was a protest going on. Is was at the shore of some very remote location that I’ve been too in dreamland. Other times, I can recall a fishing village of some sort. There’s a really talll mountain peak that’s mostly rock. Down below is some salt water lake or large estuary. I know theran island.

It was kind of hazy and there were many people camped on the shore. I had just arribed wanting to be part of something but I found the vibe to be very dark and somewhat depresssing. I was eavsdropping on conversations which is very unlike me. People were talking about one of the leaders dying or giving up or something and they were worried that the group was falling apart through lack of organization. I think I maybe moked a joint or something with these people and they had said something that I connected with and I toughed the back of a girl’s head and she flipped out. She jumped up and was asking me what I had done. I obviously invaded her sperosnal space and felt very bad for doing so. I apologized but she definately wanted me to leavel. I walked away feeling very alone.

I watched a couple come into the shore on a small floating barge. It was about 25-30 feet square and the man had been navigating and moving it with a very long pole. He and the woman were complaining about something as he moved the barge onto the shore next to a series of others that were there.

I decided at this point that I wanted to leave. I was walking along the shore and some scruffy kid came up to me and asked me for something. I shook my head and as he walked past, he reached his hand into the pocket of my poncho where my hands had been. There was nothing in there but I guess he thought that whatever it was that he was looking for was in there and he was going to take it. I raised my fist in the air at perfect striking point to his face and he receded. By the time I moved far enough away from him, my I was quite tangled up in my poncho which I needed to straighten out. Now, I felt quite violated and was determined to leave this strange place.

At the end of the beach where it ended and the mountain side rose up, there was a storefront built into the rock, kind of like a cave grotto. I headed there to find out how I could get out of there. There was no one in there but an older man in a phone booth smoking a cigarette. When he saw me come in, he hung up the phone and headed over to me. I asked him when the next fairy was leaving and he said on the 31st.

The TrainTuesday, November 2nd, 2004

I was on a south bound train. I was thinking about a man who had been the CEO of a company before the dotcom bust and wondering if it was easy to do it then and if he still had the skin in the new era. It was 6:30pm and everyone was moving to the west side of the train to watch the sunset. A woman asked me if I would go to the bar and get her a povritac. When I went to the bar and asked, no one could figure out what that was. I went back and asked her, and she told me that she was a baby sitter, and that she was part of a group that would take the baby she was babysitting as others would, and bring them all to someone’s house and line them up just so they could sit back and admire all the little babies.

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