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Archive for June, 2006

HitlerThursday, June 29th, 2006

I was in what I think was high school. I was getting a nice massage from behind by this girl when she came around to the front of me and grabbed my hand and had me follow her. We went to the end of the school grounds where there was a 3 or 4 foot railing. She climbed over it and I went under it, out into a hillish green countryside. We went down a hill the descended into a sort of ampitheatre. The center was unkept and had bogs in it that she waded through to get to her destination which was a sort of hut or grotto. I followed her into it and we went back in time to the upper floor of a two story house. The house’s interior was wall papered with very elaborate prints of all different colours. As I was looking down the doubleback stairwell, I saw Adolf Hitler in a bath robe. His hair was long and unkempt but he had the distinguising mustache. I knew that this was the time before the rise of the Third Reich. I went downstairs and met up with him in the hallway. I was thinking that I was nervous because I was part Jewish but was also part Irish and thought I would appeal to him as an Irishman. I began to tell him that discrimination was bad and that his hatred for Jews was unfounded but my conversation didn’t get too far.

Mbira on the islandThursday, June 29th, 2006

I was a black man with a brother, mother and father, living on some island where we had been exiled to. Is was a nice place with some big houses and farms. There was some sort of boundary around what items we were allowed to possess and I had gotten wind that someone was coming to take some of our things including our mbiras. I was very distressed over this and took my gandanga and left the house, looking for a place to hide it. For some reason I had removed the row of upper keys and was going to dismantle the whole thing but was running out of time. I remember cliffs that had colourful houses perched on them. I found a chicked coupe near a barn that had a top that could be slid open so I stashed my parts in there and went rushing back to the house but I was too late. There was a large woman in the house that was just leaning down to pick up my deze that had two more mbiras in it. I was frantic but there seemed nothing that I could do. She walked out the front door and I followed her. Right in front of my eyes, she started shrinking until she turned into a small catepillar. I wasn’t sure what to do but felt if I didn’t do something, I would lose my mbiras, so I picked her up broke the catepillar into smaller pieces. I felt dread for killing it/her but I couldn’t think of anything else to do. It was then that I heard the army coming to avenge her. My brother picked up a gun from somewhere and went running. The army, thinking that my brother committed this crime completely passed my by and took off after him. My family and I followed them until they corralled him in this open space. Suddenly, while surrounded, my brother pointed his gun at me. I was thinking that he was angry with me for killing the catepillar woman and was going to kill me. He pulled the trigger and vanished. Everyone looked around in disbelief, trying to figure out what had happened too him.

Butcher’s HouseThursday, June 29th, 2006

I was walking along a road somewhere that seemed like the midwest. The land was rather flat and there were no trees to speak of. I knew that I was on the way to a location that was land that I think I inherited or somehow owned but was not something that I had much familiarity with. Coming upon this land, there was a sort of shack or group of shacks that I knew was used for pulverizing meat to make sausage. Most of the workers were now gone though because there was a huge scandal because the guy that ran it got caught using humans in the sausage. For some reason, he was still working there and not incarcerated. I feared him and thought he was grotesque and the fact that I had to pass by the shack where he was working was unsettling. I walked briskly along the road on my way to the main house where I was expected, the road forking over shallow hills. The road and the forks were dirt, about 12 feet wide, and lined with football sized white rocks. I turned back to look at the shacks in the distance and realized that I was being persued. I quickened my pace but could not outrun them. Suddenly behind me appeared a large white animal the ressembled a Russian wolf hound, kind of straggley, yet ghost like. It clamped its jaws down on one of my hands and another beast clamped down on the other, and they escorted my to the main house. When I arrived, I was greeted by a woman and teen-age girl. The girl had been told that she couldn’t really walk so she didn’t go to far. She told me that her feet were deformed and that prevented her from really going anywhere and rather staying around the house. I looked at her feet and her second, fourth and fifth toes were gone. I knew they had been cut off by the butcher and she obviously had no recollection of this happening, but this had kept her captive at this house by her own ignorance. I told her that she actually could walk despite her missing toes. When she realized this she disappeared for a couple minutes. Next thing I know, she had been beheaded and her head was lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Charcoal CabinSaturday, June 17th, 2006

I was in an empty cabin in the forest and I had escaped someone. I was going to head out the front door when I opened it and saw this big black man with a semi-automatic rifle rushing toward me. I ran back through the cabin, through one room and then throug the next doorway when I found a bag of Kingsford charcoal brickettes on the floor in the doorway. I thought it may be my only chance of getting out alive so I took out a lighter and went and started setting the bag on fire.

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