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Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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The Flying GameWednesday, July 26th, 2006

It just dawned on me that this dream switched on me. When it started, I was with Andy and I was supposed to be going somewhere with her but first she had to run an errand first which was to supply a customer/friend with some product. I was following her along this very strange trail. It seems that she lived in a remote place and shared a driveway and walkways with others and she was having me follow her to someone else’s home nearby. I thinking I was floating. The terrain was very beach like with few plants and those that were there survived in arid climates. We finally made it to this huge party where some people were having their hair done and each was wearing a cape. A few people came out and started chatting. They all seemed to be wealthy and really or pretentiously sophisticated. The person that she was to give the product to was a blonde man who was really sophisticated and I felt a little uneasy. Next…

I was playing this game with some kids and we were able to fly. TI don’t reallyl know what the rules ofe the game were… When I came into the dream, I jad just won something very good. I was able to go to different pots and collect whatever I anted out of them The pots were in different places and there were two at the moment that I was fetching items from. They were both up in the air about 20 feet and I had flown up to them and was reaching into the one on the right and gravving these egg shaped translucent, red balls. There were toys and and candy there also but in tis particular pot, I’m was more interested in these than anything else. The on on the left didn’t have these balls so I was picking ou some candies that I liked. One of hte kids was complaining that I was going to be taking everything and I replied that that wasn’t so, I was leaving plenty behind for other kids. I descended down near the ground to get some from another pot but the game wasn’t waiting for me so I hurried at this one as the game continued.

It was a sort of hide and seek cum tag thing and there was a kid that was it and he was pretty furiosly after me. I had to do something to free the other kids that had been caught by him. He pursued me into the sky and was so close to catching me but somehow I kept alluding him. At one point I blew a gust of air at him and managed to keep him just far away enough that he couldn’t tag me as we flew through the air, twisting and covorting. Finally I descended again to get closer to the the area where the game was taking place and hovered around the constructions built out of wood that created the fort-like atmosphere where we played. It seemed like at some point, we were even under water. The kid that was “it” was younger than I and we must have been between 10 – 15.

At the cabinMonday, July 17th, 2006

I was driving my truck and Kirby was in the apssenger seat. We were getting ready to enter a freeway and I was really wanting to play guitar and really wanted to ask him if he would drive but I didn’t. Next thing I know, we’ve gone to our destination separately and I’ve stopped at a cabin that we own in some remote location. I’ve stopped there to write. There’s a phone on the wall, an old phone like that one my mom has with a long spiral chord. I dial his number and I’m not sure if I ever made contact wih him when I look out the window and I see a car in the driveway. I have one neighbor next too me and I’m wondering if they’re going over to their house but it ends up stopping in front of my place. A group of people get out. They look like college students, male and female. They’re drinking beer. There are about 6 of them. I shout out the window that they need to leave but they’re just ignoring me. One of the walks up to the front door and walks in which freaks me out. Another, a girl in black walks up to the side of the house because she hears me, obviously not realizing that someone is here. I decide to call the cops and dial 0 but no one is picking up. The girl comes into the room somehow and I’m really freaked. I have a pen and mechanical pencil set, both black and silver. I put both in my other hand and am threatening the girl with them saying that I will use them to harm her if she doesn’t leave. She cowers like a crab and is slinking back away from me.

Fish PoolTuesday, July 4th, 2006

There was a very large lake with three boats in it and there were two golder retrievers.  People on the boats were playing fetch with the retrievers.  They would throw things from boat to boat and the retrievers would jump from one boat to another going after the thrown item.  They were juming incredibly far and I was worried for them because the surfaces of the boats that they were landing on were wet.  Finally, one of the dogs injured its front right paw landing on the ramp of one of the boats.

I stepped to the side of the lake and realized that is was actually an enormous swimming pool.  The water had become incredibly still and I was able to see down through the murking green water to the bottom.  What I saw were lots of fish, but they weren’t swimming,  they were just sitting at the bottom of the pool.  I saw killer whales which seemed out of place, and a very long pecostamous looking fish but with many fins and it was attached to the side of the pool and still moving.  I got some gaugles and put them on so that I could get a better look at the fish at the bottom.  I reached my hand in to stir the water and get them to move but they didn’t.  They didn’t seem dead but they didn’t seem alive either.

HorsesTuesday, July 4th, 2006

I was watching horses running in the streets.  It was a the time of the advent of cars and people who were buying them were letting their horses go so many of them were just running wild.  There was a small brown one in particular that had caught my attention so I started following it.  I was making weird little noises that would somewhat spook the horse.  I followed it to a large desert-like open area, across the street from a row of houses.  I made a final noise the horse turned around and made a cross naying sound as if iritated by me taunting it.  Then, someone from across the street shouted at me to stop teasing the horse.

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