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Sofa TonightThursday, September 21st, 2006

It’s funny missing the Sofa Lounge for a week and coming back. Tonight, the two SM57’s and one of the SM58’s was missing, so I had to do the night with one microphone. Luckily that’s all I needed because Racket didn’t show up tonight (bass player out of town). But jeez, it’s always like potpouri of musical equipment. I never know what’s going to be missing. I got to play a couple of songs which was the first time in a while that I’ve been able to play. I did The Wisdom of Trees and Bitter Storm. They went over pretty well. We always let others play before us and if there’s time, we’ll sneak a couple songs in.

This week, there was a new guy named Jeremy. Played guitar alright but needs work in the vocal department. I think he was really nervous. Then there was Leroy who did a couple soul tunes, most enjoyable. Then there was Christy Bryce. She was dragged in by her bass player and forced to drink a couple beers. We were out of time but I made sure she went up and did at least one song. She was really good. She had seen me play before somewhere but I’m not sure that I recognized her. Anyhow, she has a band but she’s been out doing an acoustic thing. We’re going to book a show together at The Blue Rock Shoot in November. I’ll keep ya posted on that.

The first featured performer was Chris Hanson who is one of my favourites. His overhand guitar style is interesting to watch and his voice is really haunting, and he’s really just a great guy. He’s set up a concert for the Day of Peace tomorrow in Santa Cruz with Univeral Language and Dis Moi at the Vet’s Hall. We’re going to try to set up a show together in November as well in Santa Cruz at E3. More coming on that one.

The second performer was Tiffany Joy. I don’t know much about this young lass but she played pretty solid and had a nice voice. I didn’t stay for her set though as I’ve been sneaking out to La Victoria to eat. I just can’t go the entire night without food, my blood sugar drop to my socks. She said something about playing the stage at Santana Row soon.

The third performer was Kaila D’Sa who consistently puts on a great show and tonight was no exception. He really can draw a crowd. I didn’t stay for his entire set since we let the performers play longer than a half hour. By 10:40pm, I was done. I need to practice a little from my show tomorrow night at Orchard Valley Coffee and take a shower. I’m actually up way later than I should be right now. argh.

Show ReminderTuesday, September 19th, 2006

Just a friendly reminder of the upcoming shows this month:

This Thursday night :|: 9/21/2006 8pm

Orchard Valley Coffee
349 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

Next Wednesday night :|: 9/27/2006 1/2 hour set between 8:30-10pm

Sofa Lounge
372 S. First St., Downtown San Jose, CA

Next Saturday evening :|: 9/30/2006 7pm

The Ugly Mug
4640 Soquel Dr., Soquel, CA

Work DreamTuesday, September 19th, 2006

I was walking through the office but it wasn’t my regular job/work office, it was the “dream” office that I’ve had a number of dreams in.  I had spilled something on my shirt and had removed it and was walking through the office shirtless.  I realized that I shouldn’t be doing this and rushed over to my desk to put on another shirt.  Next thing I know, I’ve been called into a meeting that’s taking place at a restaurant.  I’m thinking, oh great, I’m going to get fired.  Instead, I find that I’ve been called in with others, mainly Adrienne, Shane, and two girls whom I don’t know.  They’re asking us to work on a very important project though they don’t tell us what it is.

Katie Bloom’s retrospectiveSunday, September 10th, 2006

Thursday night at Katie Bloom’s was quite interesting and different than what I expected. I was opening for David Ross MacDonald who I had played at the Sofa Lounge with the night before. Had the night before been any indicator for Thursday night, I would’ve known that the place would not be what it was the last time I played there.

I did my first gig at Katie Bloom’s about two months ago. I had never been there before and didn’t know what to expect. What I found when I got there was a total party place, in the middle of downtown campbell. The crowd seemed to be a mixture of comefuckme’s, can’tfuckme’s and jock supporters. I was scheduled to play with my man, Kaila D’Sa who is a downtown musical hero… Campbell is his domain and he has quite a following in the area. We were supposed to start at 8pm and were all set up and ready to play but there was a basketball game going on. Now, I don’t follow sports; I know the difference between the different balls and pucks used in each game and I can tell when someone sucks and someone doesn’t and that’s where it ends. The jock supporters were in a frenzy over something and it couldn’t possibly be interupted, especially not by a couple hippy guitar players, so we waited and waited and waited for the never ending game to finish.

Now, I many times like to pick my songs on the fly rather than making a set list. This is good and bad: Good because I can leave things to how I’m feeling at the moment and bad because I can often take too long in between songs deciding what to play. This night however, I picked out a few songs that I intended on doing. Big mistake; this crowd wanted to party and I had picked and freshened up a number of songs that just were not party songs. Oops. I can’t stress enough how hard it is to play a song to a crowd of people and not one claps when you’re done. Ouch. My friend Richard, head of Thriving Artists will attest to this as he just called me this morning to tell me about his experience at Coffee Society last night where a similar thing happened too him. He pulled out of it by digging deep into his self and pulling out the courage to keep going and the wisdom of where to go with the music and made what he said was the worst and best musical evening he’s ever had. When the going gets tough, the tough get going… that’s it, no ifs, ands or buts. What I did that night was press on, but I learned a valuable lesson as Richard did, you really have to know your audience and really play to them. If you think that you’re going to change them, you’re wrong. You adapt to them and integrate with them… then groove with them.

So back to the present… Wednesday night at the Sofa was just DEAD. What I neglected to forsee was that this was the week after Labor Day weekend, and people were either burnt, broke, or both, and they were not coming out to party this week. David Ross MacDonald is from Australia and used to play with The Waifs. He’s a very good guitar player but his music is very mellow, sensitive and introspective. So Thursday night, not learning me lesson from the night before was expecting this large party crowd, and I get there and there’s a 1/4 of the people there from the last time I played. I had put together a list of my most energetic songs like Sweet Obsession, Sinner and even started with I Gotta Know just to set the pace. You know what? It just never really worked for me. I kept thinking that I was just playing too aggressively for the crowd. I got a decent response from them and got some email addresses on my list and handed out a couple business cards so it went alright… but I really felt bad for David who played very sensitively and got little response for it. His sound just seemed to get drowned out by the place. I on the other hand was singing so loudly that I over compensated for the noisy crowd and was hoarse the next day.

Live and learn I guess. I’ll try it again I supposed… but next time, I’m making my set list at the bar just before I go on. I think that’s the happy medium here.

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