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rhythma - sean michael imler

Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Archive for December, 2006

ArcadeSunday, December 10th, 2006

I’m at the NE corner of Almaden and Branham where the two story shopping center is, but instead of that building, there’s a one level ranch style business building that runs very deep.  I’m walking through with Nate Koechley and he’s talking to me about some complexities with two people.  As we walk out, Nick Cotrufo is sitting on a wall just outside the front door and tells me that he got done with an interview for the manager’s position at the arcade.  He asks me if I’m going for the position telling me that I’d be great for it.  I tell him that I didn’t know about it and wonder why he would be informing me of a position that he’s interviewed for.

The IslandThursday, December 7th, 2006

I’m a prisoner sent to an island with other prisoners.  We’re sitting at the lower end of the island at the base of a large dark lake the sits in the center of the island.  Around the lake is very dark and we’re at what I think is the south, at night, talking about our lives.  We’re all wearing black and white striped prison clothes.  We’re talking about our attraction to men which many of the prisoners have and are now admitting because there doesn’t seem a lot of reason to hide it.  One of the men is rubbing my shoulders.
Suddenly a volcano in the west erupts.  A huge halo of blue light is emitted from the volcano as well as enormous explosions in bright orange and red.  Dinosaurs are being ejected from the area on fire out into the water and they’re swimmming to the west side of the lake.  Then I realize that they’re starting to stampede toward where we’re sitting and I urge everyone to run toward the west where there are tall trees and to climb them as fast as we can so that we don’t get trampled.

Triple PlayThursday, December 7th, 2006

Play 1:

It’s nighttime and I’m outside of a home and I’m thinking of renting a place to live.  This seems to be 3 or 4 houses in one, combined in one building.  The style is Spanish, white stucko outside as well as the inside walls.  The floors are done in that cement patio style where the seems in between tiles are cruved grooves except that the colour is a very dark blue, almost black.  All of the doors are open and there are people inside all of the homes and none seem vacant so I’m not sure which one is for rent.  Inside, all of the doorways are arched and there are lots of plants hanging from the ceilings, pink vines with light green leaves.  All of the places have silver metal furniture covered with black leather and there are tons of plants.

Play 2:

I’m walking down the street, it’s nighttime and I’m in the city.  I walk toward three people sitting on benches chatting.  One is a blonde woman whom I sit next to.  She is having a conversation with John Koshi and another man sitting next to here.  I start chatting also and the woman gets up and leaves.  Then Koshi pulls out a very unusual knife.  It has fours blades connected to one handle which is a very light minty green colour.  He hands it too me and I comment that it reminds me of Wolverine’s claws.  I examine the handle and notice that it’s made of bone, somewhat porous.

Play 3:

I’m walking with another male in a field at night where there stands an enormous tree.  It looks like a very mature live oak.  Suddenly it’s struck by a lightning bolt only that the bolt doesn’t has the light.  It looks like a tree branch itself… it’s dark and very ominous looking and it latches onto the tree and starts continually pounding into the core of the tree with one end of itself until sap is excreted by the tree, as if it’s leaching it.

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