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Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Archive for November, 2007

Richard’s ForestFriday, November 23rd, 2007

Richard was living in a house in a forest. We were riding in his truck and he was telling me that all of the inhabitants of this particular area were moving because of a drought. He was showing me a map of the forest roads and telling me about the families that were moving and where they were going. He was living in a nice house that was broken up into sections. He had a living section, there was a rental section, and there was another section that was easily modifiable into what he wanted. We were talking about his plans with the area and I mentioned that maybe he wanted to fix up the rental area a little more and he commented that he’d already done enough to that area and didn’t feel it was necessary to do anymore.

I think I was planning on moving onto the property and we were driving by the entrance too it. The road too it was a large embankment that looked really difficult to get onto because of a very steep incline and bit of a shelf at it’s base. I knew we could get onto it but really had my doubts that we could safely get back onto the road when we wanted to leave without crashing nose first into the road. We stopped and got out of the truck and went into some sort of large work shed to fix things. We were in there a while with some other person making changes to the area when these three animals started stalking us and wouldn’t leave. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before that attacked but we weren’t close to being finished. Finally I stepped aside from where we were working to meet the attackers. I had a large knife. The first came rushing at me. It was a large black and dark brown wolf with huge sinister jaws. I branded the knife and it came running at me but I was ready for it. Instead of jumping on me or at me, it fauxed the attack lunge and pounced to my right and I moved toward my left…

The Cake and Emily SaliersFriday, November 23rd, 2007

I was in a large lecture hall at a university.  The host was a senior professor that was having students give talk about projects that they were working on.  The first that I remembered was a psychology major although the details of the discussion are vague.  The one I remember was a baker.  She was talking about a cake that she made and I got to sample a piece and it was amazing.  After the lecture and approached her.  She was a largish woman with large red hair.  When I told her that I was going enthralled with her cake, she opened up to talking with me and cutting me two large slices that I was quickly devouring.  She explained that she used cashew butter and cinnamon in the cake and as I ate it, I would come across pockets of the flavours that she described.  I asked her if she used 1/2 or a whole teaspoon and she told me a whole, although she told me that she’d put it in too hastily and it didn’t get mixed in enough.

Suddenly, the dream changed and I was in a room with the Indigo Girls and a bunch of other people that were sitting at tables.  I was sitting at the head of a table with Emily Saliers and she started singing Closer I Am to Fine.  I started singing it with her and she was listening too me and loved that I knew the words and could sing it on key.  So much I guess that she ripped off her top exposing her breasts and started drawing on them with some sort of grease pencil.  She was hitting part of it well ‘cos I guess it’s just hard to draw on your own breasts, so I took the pencil and draw a little dot on her nose.  Her face and all of the drawing started to coalesced into this beautiful facial drawing that animated as she spoke or sang, swirling vibrating.  The people in the room started drawing on these large pieces of butcher block paper, then switching seats and drawing on other people’s drawings until the room’s tables were layered with drawings that multiple people had worked on.  All but me… I had a piece of paper but it was covered by other stuff, and there was one of my favourite pens, the Roller Ball that I had sitting there, but I remembered feeling like I didn’t want to share my paper or my pen, I wanted my drawing to myself.

The AnimalsFriday, November 23rd, 2007

Kirby and I were staying in a place like Guerneville for a bear event like LazyBear.  It was kinda like a cabin in that it was free standing with other similar structures, but the inside was more like a motor home.  We had gone out somewhere and returned with 3 animals.  Two of them were spider monkeys, one the parent of the other.  The parent we named Panjema and the child Reilly.  They other animal was a little vague too me but I think it was a raccoon that we named Tim.  There was a white dog involved and that’s where the confusion came in.  We were with someone in the cabin that was telling us that it was going to be difficult to register the monkeys because they weren’t common animals.

Paul McCartneyFriday, November 23rd, 2007

They wanted to be able to reproduce more Paul McCartneys when he died, so they drained him body fluids and put them into a large plastic container.  Then they cut off his scrotum and adhered it to the outside of the container.

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