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Archive for May, 2009

The BookSunday, May 31st, 2009

I don’t really have details about his, but I’m holding a very large, thick book.  In it, I recall reading about Jupiter and June, and all sorts of words like love, compassion, altruism, etc.  and I’m feeling the effects of all the words I’m reading rush over my body as I’m sharing the definitions with someone.

The Server CopSunday, May 31st, 2009

I was standing near a chained linked fence.  This cop walked up too me, asking me to stay where I was.  I thought that I was in trouble for something, but he told me that he was trying to get his computer set up as a server to host his web site.  He wanted to know why he wasn’t able to get it running.  I told him that he needed to set up the dns properly and he had to do this in the hosts file.  So he tries to do this but he comes back and says it isn’t working.  Then he tells me that he’s not using Server.  He’s using XP.  I tell him that he needs to be using a server.  Then I’m thinking to myself that there should a be a way to do this with XP and I give him a couple tips on creating a special user, assigning that user to a directory and opening up that directory with read and execute permission.  He doesn’t seem like he wants to do the work to get this going tho.  He seems to want to push a button and have it work for him.  I’m a little exhasperated with him,

Dream of the DreamsSaturday, May 30th, 2009

I really wish I could remember this in detail but all I really remember was having two different dreams about two different women.  In one of the dreams, the woman’s name was BC.  That’s all I recall.  The interesting thing is that in the dream, I was telling a male therapist about the two dreams in detail.

Grandpa’s JunkyardThursday, May 28th, 2009

My grandpa had this large junkyard in back of his house.  It was well organized with rows of shelving units and plenty of space to walk around.  He collected all kinds of interesting nicknacks, especially from vehicles of different sorts like planes, shuttles, etc.  One day when I was in the yard, three guys jumped the fence and came into the yard.  There was this balance to the situation where I needed to be cool because I was outnumbered, but still remain firm that they shouldn’t start anything.  I told one of them the if they did anything that bothered me, that they shouldn’t underestimate what I’d do.  They started scavenging around the yard, picking up thing and examining them.  I never knew what they were up to.  Finally it seemed that they planned to steal stuff and were going to leave with them.  I somehow made their vehicle crash and immobilized them while I called the police to come.  I pointed out a large helicopter to one of them but he couldn’t see it.  When the police came, I told the guys that they should’ve listened to me.

The TranssexualThursday, May 28th, 2009

I was sitting at a table with this woman.  She had long curly dark brown hair, pale complexion, and a very very large nose.  She told me that she was a transsexual.  I told her that I knew a transsexual in Santa Cruz named Zoe.  She seemed to really like the fact that there was another out there somewhere.  She explained too me that it was important for her to become a woman, especially since she didn’t look good as a man.  I tried to imagine her as a man with that large nose, and decided that she probably looked better as a woman.  I told her that she had a lovely voice.

The GirlfriendThursday, May 28th, 2009

There was this latina girl that I was dating possibly, I’m not sure.  There was someone after her and I had called her house to found out that she’d been moved.  I was with this guy and asking where she was.  He said he didn’t know or couldn’t tell me.  He was standing to my right.  I looked to my left and saw this torn piece of paper with a phone number on it.  I grabbed my celly and called the number and asked for the girl.  They said to hang on and then asked who it was.  I told them and they said they’de have her call me right back.  I looked at the guy and realized that I’d called his house by the expression on his face.  He felt silly that he didn’t just come out and tell me that.

More PuppiesThursday, May 21st, 2009

So, I’m standing in this room and I’m holding a double barrel shotgun.  I’m shooting at some city scape WAY off in the distance and I’m wondering about the type of rifle I’m using and getting the right distance out of my shots.  I’m also examining the loading chamber and replacing shells.  Some other guy next too me is asking how I’m aiming.  I explain too him that I’m picturing dinosaurs on the sides of the buildings.  I don’t know if I was actually seeing them or imagining them but I explain that every so often, they will peak around the sides of the buildings.  Also, I explain not to look at the birds because they’re too small.  Look at the Pterodactyls.

I am now in a living room and there are toys all over the floor and small dogs running around.  I think they’re puppies, similar to Mona, the toy Dachshund or Basset hounds.  I’m stepping around the coffee table and I step in puppy crap.  I walked over to the owner of the dogs and complain and notice bad looking diarrhea on the ground.  It’s all pretty disgusting that the owner takes a hose to help get it off my shoe and apologizes.  And there’s this memory of something that looked like bruschetta in bag.

MunThursday, May 21st, 2009

This was the day George died.  I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that I couldn’t remember anything about other than a older blond haired woman in a black robe.  She reminded me of Rev. Ellen Grace O’Brian, but that’s all I remember.

The dream was that I was at a concert.  There was a tall stage and there were picnic tables set up perpedicular to the stage.  I was there with three guys, all were straight.  I was sitting in between two of them, both with blond hair.  I got up to go the bathroom, more to blow my nose.  I walked into the bathroom stall and grabbed some paper to blow my nose.  When I walked out, there was a butch woman in an aqua, green and white shirt with blond hair standing at the urinal.  At that moment, another woman walked out of another stall.  I apologized for being in the woman’s bathroom and felt embarassed.  When I exited, I looked at the sign on the door and it read, “Mun.”  So, which bathroom was I in?

As I walked thru this large facility that reminded me of the Monterey Fairgrounds, I came across a puppy.  It looked like a Basset hound but has this really big squishy nose.  It was very cute.  Then I noticed there was a pen of them, around 20 I’d say.  They had different markings but seemed to be part of the same litter.  All of them had these large squishy noses but were very cute.

I returned to my seat to find that two blond guys were now cuddling on the bench.  One was laying in the other’s lap, and the other was whispering sweet nothings in to the one’s ear.  I was like, what’s going on here?  I thought you guys were straight…

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