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rhythma - sean michael imler

Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Archive for September, 2009

The White Alien ManTuesday, September 1st, 2009

I was having a profound conversation with a being that had no hair and a blueish milky white complexion.  The thing that was really unusual is that his right eye seemed to be positioned on his face normally but his left eye was on the side of his face over his temple.  I don’t think he had a nose.  I felt very comfortable with him despite this oddity.

Shamanic Circle2Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I was in the forest and we were discussing the experiences of the questers in detail, one by one.

Odd Dream SeriesTuesday, September 1st, 2009

I was with a large group of people and I and another man had contributed immensely to some group and Jan was there as the leader of the group.  She was looking me in the eyes with that great sparkling appreciative look and shaking my hands in hers and telling me what a great person I was and what a great contribution I’d made and how grateful she was.

Shortly following that, I was walking down a very large hallway in a giant hotel or convention center.  The walls were dark and it was very lavish.  I was following Karen.  I may have ended up in a bathroom I think.

Then, I was up high in a building overlooking the city below.  My friend Greg was putting some combination of explosives and fireworks under his house.  When he finally set it off, his house shot way up in the air, probably 200 feet or more, launched by this extreme explosion.  I don’t think he ever saw that house again.

I was in a large home sitting at a dining room table with my mother.  We were in a reality tv series so there were cameras and mics set up all over.  We started talking about sex but realized that it probably a good idea considering the circumstances.

I was with Mel and we were discussing buying a house.  It was a place that we weren’t certain that we could live full-time but rather part-time.  We were concerned how safe it would be with us being gone so much but were partly relieved that our friends lived next door and would look after it for us.  I was thinking that it was Toby next door.

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