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Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Archive for October, 2009

Kevin’s New HostThursday, October 29th, 2009

I dreamt that a young woman named Jenny was just chosen as the new host for Kevin’s spirit.

The Black PantherSunday, October 18th, 2009

I was in an upstairs apartment that I didn’t recognize.  There was a scuffle near the foot of the stairs and a man ran in and said there was something chasing him.  He went to shut the door behind him as he came in but a black panther burst in a jumped on the couch in a sort of sideways position.  I grabbed a couple large knives, one in each hand.  I stayed a bit behind the cat to make it difficult for him to pounce on me while I assessed what the best way to stab it would be if he did pounce.  Then I decided to intimidate it and raised me hands and roared.  The cat seemed a little nervous so I repeated this with more zeal.  I scared the cat and he jumped and ran into the hallway where there was a bedroom at each end.  There was no door on the entrance to the hallway so I quickly gathered as much furniture as I could to block the cat in while I called for someone to come over and tranquilize it.

The ArboretumSaturday, October 17th, 2009

I was in a garage talking to Kevin’s dad and another man.  The man was telling Paul that he should consider getting an older Cadilac.  I looked at Paul with that, “been there done that” look to which he responded with a similar knowing expression.

I went into the man’s house.  It was very large and beautiful on a large estate that also had an arboretum.  He had invited me there to meet some other musicians.  I was standing in the doorway noticing that how I was dressed was very odd for me.  I was wearing slacks, a sweater and a blazer.  I walked into the house.  Four black men walked in with instruments.  They looked like very accomplished jazz musicians.  I felt a little intimidated by their slick manner of dress, their dark skin, and their stature.  They walked thru to another part of the house.  A woman walked in and asked me to come into the arboretum.

I followed her back thru the house into a large white room with sitting objects aligned in a circle.  There were regular wooden chairs, and small cushions and flat pillows arranged on the floor amidst many small statues.  The statues were of deities from around the world and different religions.  Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, etc.  None were taller than 20in.  They looked to be made out of wood.  I sat my guitar down and started to rearrange things to make a seat for myself.

The Reptilian EscapeFriday, October 16th, 2009

I was with a group of reptilian creatures.  We were traveling and stumbled upon a location where there were workers in fields.  It was mid-day and as we walked along, we realized that we were on some sort of plantation.  Then we saw the guards.  They were also reptilian but we knew they were not friendly too us and we went to hide down in some ditches and under some structural items.  The guards came closer and a couple of us decided to run for it.  The guards immediately went after them but I stayed put.  The guards came closer looking for more of us and I was really close to being seen.

BourajícThursday, October 15th, 2009

I was in another school but this was an art school.  It was a teacher I believe that was leafing thru a stack of drawings with me.  The drawings were fairly large, around 2×3 ft.  They were all very well done.  He was talking about something called bourajíc and telling me that some drawings had it and others didn’t.  He explained this term as “passion” in the drawing.  He showed me a wolf that was done cartoon style with this very long tongue sticking out of its mouth and a flame on the tip.  He said that this had a lot of bourajíc. 

Then we walked over to another bin with prints.  There were a number of different prints with an elephant in the center.  The one that stood out in my mind was dark green.  The elephant’s head was very stylized with slanted eyes and was about 6 in. tall.  Around the outside where long strokes that looked like tusks.  He told me the elephant was a Hindu deity named Raj.  I started talking about the Baghavad Gita and Krishna tho I’m not sure why. Something about Raj triggered it.

Some Tibetan SchoolWednesday, October 14th, 2009

I was in this school but not as a student; more as an observer.  I was sitting with a group of young students of meditation and yoga.  One of them was talking about how he feels breath moving out of his body.  I commented that it’s interesting how over time, using a strap enables you to get into positions that eventually you’re able to get into without because you’ve built up the muscles to do them.  You can be like a tree that moves into any position you want and just hold it there.  The guy didn’t feel he was there yet.

Next, I was in a kind of gift shop.  This woman with dark hair was showing me an aromatherapy bowl that was in the shape of a torus, white, and possibly made of porcelain.  You unscrewed a light bulb and placed the bowl onto the socket and replaced the light bulb which, when heated up would activate the oil.  She told me that I needed yang.  I was quite surprised by this thinking that I already have too much yang but she was pretty insistent.

Next, I was in some sort of kitchen and dining room.  There was a priest in the kitchen.  He was dressed very elaborately in a long red and golden rode with intricate designs stitched into it.  He had a matching headdress on and some sort of reptilian mask.  He was talking about chanting and was demonstrating his technique which was mind blowing.  He had a very low growling tone going on with a high pitch counter melody going on at the same time.  It was exquisitely beautiful and articulated.  Then he came over and sat with us and someone asked if he’d been drinking too which he bashfully admitted having drunk some alcoholic  substance which all of us found very amusing.

Women DestroyedTuesday, October 13th, 2009

There was a man with a group of people.  They were outside by the curb where a van of some sort was parked.  The group left but for a blond woman.  They were talking and when he suddenly grabbed a branch from the tree behind him and hit her over the head with it.  He dragged her body under the tree, literally, underneath the trunk amongst the roots to make it look like the tree attacked her and was trying to eat her.

The man had gotten a hold of a mini van that belonged to a woman.  He had run her over in it in her own driveway.  I watched him go back out to the driveway and repark the van over her body to make it look like he didn’t do it, that maybe the van did it.

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