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Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Indian SlaveSunday, November 29th, 2009

I was put into some sort of concentration camp or slave trade in India.  I don’t know how I got there but I had nothing but the clothes on my back, what little there were of them.  I was forced to work from sun-up to sun-down picking out of the fields.  One day, there was a large group of workers that would be going to an alternate field and I was at the tail end of the group which meant that I would be finishing up the previous job and have a little time to relax in the shade of a large storage building.  As I was doing so, someone I knew suggested that I follow him to a location where I might be able to escape with him.  He led me to the shore of a subterranean lake or river and told me to get in.  I soon realized that this was some sort of septic system and as we floated along, flotsam and jetsam from humanity flowed along with us.  I kept my head above water so as not to co-mingle my intake with the waste.  It got darker and darker and I had expected that I would be able to keep my friend near me but we didn’t tether together and I soon realized that I was alone and rushing faster with the current toward the center of the current.  This turned out to be a sort of spring that came up about 4 feet from the surface of the water.  I could tell that there was a lot of sewage spewed up thru this thing and I would be wise to avoid it.  I somehow was able to will myself away from this strange fecal fountain and as I did, I was thrust onto the shore of this strange subterranean land.  To my astonishment, there was an elevator.  I was wet, and probably a bit soiled, but I got into the elevator and went to the other floor that it stopped at, there were only two apparently.  I stepped out into a round room in a building.  There were tourists and some tables where sales people were peddling their wares.  One of the booths was for American tourists, especially those of the younger party set, so I went over there to see if I could get some information on how I might retrieve my identity and proceed when I had absolutely nothing, no money, no identification.  I remember feeling a bit self conscious about my appearance but knew that there was nothing I could do about it and I needed to make the most of it.

Demon SkySunday, November 29th, 2009

I was a some sort of gathering of people and I left on someone’s scooter.  I was riding thru this little industrial area on a curve and it felt like the breaks were failing and I was going too fast.  It made me nervous since I was on a curve and there were quite a number of people around so I decided to stop and take a look at the breaks.  Next thing I remember, I was talking to the woman who owned the scooter and she was remarking that she too had a bad experience with the breaks.

I went to one of the warehouses in the area and people were being moved from one warehouse to another, some sort of accommodation.  I went inside one to see how the arrangements were working out and when a stepped back outside, I saw a huge trail of smoke ascend into the sky.  I followed the trail and saw that it had become a demon of some sort.  It wasn’t too intimidating until another trail of black smoke ascended in into the sky after it.  This culminated into a huge ferocious demon that looked like a gargoyle.  It swallowed the first demon and as it did so, a huge rope of fire ascended into the air and encircled the demon.  I wondered if this had anything to do with the harboring of the people.

This took place in dreamland by the wash behind Ventura Blvd.  I remember ending up there at the end of things.

The Gasoline DrinkersMonday, November 2nd, 2009

I was in the back seat of a car that George was driving.  To my right was someone else, possibly Anthony.  We were going to drop him off near a hospital or doctor’s office.  He got out of the car holding an iPod I think.  We were looking for a place to turn around and it was near a gas station.  I looked out the back window as we were backing up and I saw this girl with at the gas pump drinking the gas and dousing her body with it.  It was really weird but I didn’t get freaked out until I saw another guy doing the same thing.  Then I was like, “George, let’s get the hell outta here.  Something’s not right.”  So rather than turn around, George continued forward.  Then he got a call on his cell and stopped to take it.  It was from his doctor’s office. They had told him that they needed to remove his trachea but that they thought he could grow a new one from some other point in his neck.  He replied that in his medical condition, they needed to be more realistic about what healing abilities his body actually had.

The Construction PuzzleSunday, November 1st, 2009

I was in a large dirt lot amongst some trees somewhere… There was this huge construction made from some sort of large iron grid.  There was also a huge crane.  A group of people were trying to figure out how to build this puzzle like artistic structure but they weren’t sure how the pieces went together.  They would hoist the pieces with the crane and attempt to place the pieces in a logical fashion, but at times, they were wrong about how they went together.  When they stopped for the day, it was around dusk.  I was walking around naked and stopped at one place near the corner of the grid.  There was a man that reminded me of Hagrid from Harry Potter.  He was perched pretty high up and as I looked up at him, he asked me how much food I ate per day, probably commenting on me being thin and muscular.  I replied that I ate about 40 ounces of food per day.  He said he ate around 50 but that it was too much at his age because he couldn’t work off the weight as he looked down at his largish belly.

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