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rhythma - sean michael imler

Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Transfering Video from Sony DCR-PC110 MiniDV to Snow LeopardTuesday, January 18th, 2011

1. Power on camera.
2. Hit the menu button and scroll to VCR SET. Set A/V->DV OUT to ON.
3. Use Sony i.Link cable to connect DV end to camera and FireWire end to computer.
4. Open iMovie or app of choice and it should connect to the camera and allow you to import.

iMovie will rewind the tape for you but you may not necessarily want it to do that. If you don’t, just start the import process from anywhere on the tape. Since it’s going to happen in real-time meaning that if you have 40 minutes of video, it will take 40 minutes of playback time to get the video off the MiniDV cartridge, plus the app’s processing time of the video. You can stop the import process at any time.

New Videos Posted on YouTubeTuesday, January 18th, 2011

I caught a nasty cold a couple of days ago which really impacted any and all creative productivity. This was a disappointment, not because I was sick but because I was in the middle of producing a song that was going really well and had me pumped. Suddenly, I wake up Sunday morning and I’m trashed. So… life gave me lemons, and I love lemonade, so I decided go thru the videos that I’d remembered to take of shows I’d done, which isn’t many because it seems that a video camera is one of the last things I remember to bring to a show, and pull out the juicy bits and upload them to YouTube. There are quite a few songs that I need to process and upload, but for now I’ve uploaded the following:

Rhythma – I Am That, written by Sean Michael Imler

Rhythma – Going to War, written by Sean Michael Imler

Tarradiddle – Valentine’s Day, written by Marshall Mason

Tarradiddle – Walk Away Clean, written by Sean Michael Imler

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