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A man’s devotion to God is not measured by the love of his neighbors, but by the love of his enemies.Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Sean Michael Imler

Mel’s AirplaneFriday, December 30th, 2011

Mel and I were flying around in his airplane. We were about 5k ft. up I’m guessing, circling over an area that we were intending on visiting. I was looking down at the area which was lush and green except for the two small cities, one of which we were going to land in. I kept looking for a road that connected the two but try as I may, I couldn’t find any connecting path between the two cities, but I was able to locate the airport in one of them and expected we were going to land there. I asked Mel if he’d radioed the control tower to let them know that we were getting ready to land there, but his reply was very vague. So, I asked him again, but again he seemed to not be paying attention.

We started to descend, and as was got within about 750ft. from the ground, we went thru a cloud bank. I could hear the engines of another plane that sounded incredibly large, but I couldn’t see it which made me kinda nervous. We continued our descent without any problems, but when we broke free of the clouds, I realized that we were nowhere near the airport. Mel’s plane had the ability to stop in mid-air and turn it’s wings downward, using the jets to suspend the plane, easing our landing vertically. This was really cool, but he was landing in a park amongst a lot of buildings, and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to take off again.

As I scanned the park, my attention was immediately drawn to some sort of revolutionary party that was demonstrating and possibly getting ready for battle. They had what looked like a tank, and everyone was armed with something, although I’m not sure that any of the artillery was real. I was a bit flabbergasted with Mel for landing the plane in such a sketchy location and situation and I told him so, but again, he just seemed to not be tuned into what I was saying.

Dream Within a Dream of the New InternetMonday, December 26th, 2011

I dreamt that I was dreaming about Robin Williams. He was telling me that there was another internet created. It could only be activated by invitation and it was very tightly controlled, not allowing any dishonest behaviour. It was closely monitored for accuracy of information. If you posting anything fraudulent, your invitation would be revoked. There wasn’t any spam in the email system, and all of the content had to be sited, similar to wikipedia. They way you accessed it was that every address would use www3.blah.com.

When I awoke from the dream, I discovered that there was a www2 that was where all the content from the internet was placed, years ago during some sort of huge migration. You could go to any address and change www to www2 and see the internet as it was before the migration.

I was so excited that I had to tell someone. I told 3 girls and two guys. I soon found out that two guys who were associated with the creation of the new internet would be giving a talk. I took the 3 girls to the talk and they ended up sitting right in front of the guys. They were sitting so close that the girls could see the notes of one of the guys giving the talk, and when he deviated from the notes or failed to give address a point that the girls thought was important, they would question him, or give him a hard time, to the point that he was getting upset. I thought I should be worried about this since I was the one who brought the girls, but at the same time, I knew the girls were intelligent and were probably making him aware of things that he needed to see but couldn’t, based on his heavily left-brained perspective. So I let it go and didn’t worry about it, knowing that things would come together in the best way.

Merry Christmas – Ultimate FrisbeeSunday, December 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

It just goes to show you that spending Christmas in L.A. is surreal. For Christmas Eve, Mel, my mom and step dad, mom’s friend Janet, and I went to the movies. Sound odd but not really. It’s L.A. and mom and Janet are in “the business.” But that’s not the interesting part. What’s interesting is where we went to the movies: City Walk a Universal Studios. I’d never been there before and boy is it visually intoxicating. There’s enough neon there to power a small city. In fact it probably could be considered a small city. There’s enough food, clothing and shelter there to accommodate 10k people. Where was I going with this? Oh, he aside is that we saw, “Hugo.” Pretty good.

So, I was playing Ultimate Frisbee with about 20 guys, out in the desert in the sand. I was making throws and catches that I would never be able to do in real life. I love dreams sometimes. The sand was warm, the sun was hot. I woke up and thought, this is Christmas morning. Why do we have some many songs about snow? I was chatting with an Ausie from of mine and he was telling me that in Australia, they celebrate Christmas in the summer, and many of the shopkeepers will put fake snow in the windows.

In the movie last night, Ben Kingsley’s character remarks, “This is how we make dreams.” That’s an interesting perspective. We look at dreams as being the product of the mind, but really, our everyday reality makes dreams, and our dreams can be as fantastic or as minimalist as we allow them to be.

Scott Huckabay @ Mission City Coffee, Santa Clara, Jan 7, 2012Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Scott Huckabay Live

My First Red Cross Disaster CallThursday, December 22nd, 2011

I’ve been taking classes with the Red Cross and working in their office since July of this year. Being unemployed and not having my life sucked away into the corporate vortex has given me time to give back where I can and today was a great experience. I responded to a call to a fire that broke out in San Jose that affected two homes and help a family keep their lives together after being forced from their home at Christmas time. Their gratitude that Red Cross was there to help them was just awesome and being able to provide that is like being Santa every day.

If you want to make a donation to a great cause, I highly encourage you to give to Red Cross. It’s a great way to help your neighbors at a time when they really need it. http://www.redcross.org/ If you’re wondering about Red Cross’ efficiency and usage of moneys, go to Charity Navigator: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=3277

The Indian WomanThursday, December 22nd, 2011

Andy and I was rushing thru city on our way somewhere. I’m not sure what the city was tho it seemed to be L.A. The reason that I questioned the location was that everything was very clean and well designed, the streets were small and narrow, and there was a lot of white, all similar to a European city like Stockholm. I was carrying a guitar case in one hand and a hat in the other. Andy had something in her hands tho I don’t recall what. As we moved along to our unknown destination, we came upon an Indian woman at the top of a very long escalator. She was carrying some items that obviously came from India, that seemed antique and were rather large. We helped her pick some things up that she’d dropped and in return she wanted to give Andy a large lapis container that looked like a lantern that hung by a chain, but it was actually opaque and the top opened on a hinge. Inside were large stones cut in octahedrons and were quite beautiful. Andy refused it tho, being that she didn’t have any desire to take on more “things” and so the woman offered her a beautiful bracelet which Andy did accept, and she gave the lantern like object to me. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to juggle another thing to carry but I liked this present so much I committed myself to trying.

We descended the escalator, heading off to the right and out the doors of the building and onto the street. The woman disappeared in another direction. We walked out to the street and there was someone directing traffic to stop so that pedestrians could cross in the crosswalk. We were just in time to make the last group to cross which was fortunate because there was a long line of cars that would’ve forced us to wait for a long time, which we escaped from. We walked into another building on the other side of the street that was full of shops. It popped into my mind that I would love to get an appraisal of the items we had just acquired and quickly scanned for somewhere to do that.

The SheriffThursday, December 22nd, 2011

I was in my truck, driving along with Harvey and we came upon an accident or caused an accident or something. This part is really vague. I recall a woman involved that had a black cat whom we ended up taking with us into the truck. The sheriff had come by and was trying to get information about what had happened and seemed to be holding me partly responsible for whatever it was.

The town we were in was very small and it seemed that Harvey was the local and I was the visitor, so the sheriff was embarrassed about having to detain us. We did everything we could to make it just a little more painful for him. For instance, that cat which seemed to take an incredible liking to me was laying upside down along my lap while me legs were extended across the cab of my truck. The cat had the most unbelievably thick, soft, black fur and just loved to be stroked. We told the sheriff that we couldn’t possibly get out of the truck to inspect the area while the cat was in a state of ecstasy like it was. It just wouldn’t be fair to the creature that had experienced so much trauma.

Eventually, the sheriff asked me for some identification and he told me he didn’t need to see it, that I could just give him the number. I did and it seemed to be too complicated for him so he insisted that he’d have to take me down to the sheriff’s department. I reluctantly followed him which wasn’t too far. When we arrived, he had me sit down to write out what I did for a living. Behind me, another person was writing out a deposition for something, but he had written it in latin. He gave it to another person who was reading it aloud and commenting on how perfect his latin was. I wrote something to the affect of, “I travel the world helping displaced children reconnect with families after times of crisis and upheaval, especially in countries stricken by war and famine. I do this with my own money and have the flexibility to provide aid without any strings attached which gives me the ability to help children immediately without delays or long wait times, to ensure their safety and proper care.” This also was making the sheriff squirm at brining me into the office but the whole thing was delightful in that we didn’t have an agenda for the day and were just moving along with life.

Blue Cadillac and the Hero’s StruggleWednesday, December 21st, 2011

I was driving around a desert town in a baby blue Cadillac Coup DeVille, mid 70’s era. Some people had loaded the back seat with their belongings and it was quite full. A group of people was intending on going to the city about an hour and a half away and they’d asked me to come but I’d rejected the invitation, not wanting to travel that far. I recall pulling up to a four-way crossroad, and turning left and pulling off onto the left side of the road, across the street from a gas station/food mart. I was chatting with a 20 something blonde girl about changing my mind about going to the city, and I told her that she could ride with me.

She confided in me that her heart was heavy because she’d been in a fight with someone that she held dear and had never fought with before. Now she was feeling like she didn’t want to see them anymore. I told her it sounded like the hero’s struggle. When we don’t find fault in another human, we tend to idolize them, and hold them in such high regard that we forget that they’re human, and humans are not perfect. When the person then does something human and we perceive it and judge it as “bad”, meaning that it affects in us the lower vibrational energies of anger, sadness, etc., we pull them down from the pedestal we’ve put them on and forget all the good qualities in that person, instead focusing on the bad ones.

This the hero’s struggle, to remain the hero despite the foibles that their heir to.

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