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Are Microwave Ovens Good or Evil?Thursday, February 28th, 2013

I did a little scrounging for and against microwaves, and I’ve been in the “don’t use the microwave” crowd for a long time but never did deep digging into the subject.  I have to be honest that the “For Microwaves” group has WAY more substantive research to support their claims.  The “Against Microwaves” group has very little if any conclusive evidence to support the paranoia around the subject.  Read for yourself; it’s interesting.  However, having done a lot of reading around the effects of EMF, there’s a ton of research that shows that it can make you sick and that the limits imposed by ICNIRP are not recognized in the US because it doesn’t serve our capitalist agenda.  There are too many other instances of research suppression in the name of competition and economic growth (cancer and HIV come to mind) to not do some of your own fact finding, but be weary that the internet breeds confusion and rarely is anything conclusive.

 Even after all of this research, I’m on the fence with microwaves.  I have one.  I use it to kill the bacteria on my kitchen sponges, and I leave the room when I do it because I’ve measured first hand the radiation level of the box, and it’s higher than I’m comfortable with.  I sometimes heat things that don’t have much by way of nutritious benefit anyhow and never cook with it.  I don’t believe that it’s generating cancerous molecular structures or making frankenfood because I haven’t seen the research to support that, but something in my gut tells me that if I want to hold onto the nutritive benefit of my veges, I should steam them.  That’s completely unscientific, but placing my intuition on the scale with science, I’ll take my intuition.

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Hindu ChantMonday, February 25th, 2013

I got a chant in a dream. I was sitting in a very beautiful and auspicious temple. It was white with vividly bright color cloth and lots of gold. I was sitting with a harmonium leading a kirtan and the chant was Hare Rama Prajna Ram.

Chasing ArinMonday, February 25th, 2013

I was with my dad in some general urban location. We were sitting in a restaurant next to a driveway that had a game in it. It was a large game that required putting some disks in and pulling a lever and spinning things, the kind of game you might see at a county fair. He didn’t know how to play and was curious about it so I went out there with him to show him. He got into the seat and did whatever it was that you were supposed to do except that he projected one of the playing pieces out into the main road which proceeded to go rolling down the street. I was really worried about it getting hit by a car and went running after it. It kept rolling down to the big intersection to the right of where the game was and no matter how fast I ran, I couldn’t catch up to it. It managed to make it all the way thru the intersection without getting hit and rolled onto the adjacent corner from where it started out, and turned into Arin at about the age of 10 or 12. I started pleading with him to come back but he just turned and disappeared with someone. I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with him and turned to go get my truck. When I got to it, Sam was there and jumped in with me. I started pulling out of the driveway but got blocked by a big rig and was forced to turn right and go up the street thru the intersection and make a u-turn up ahead instead of making an immediate left at the light. This was a detour I hadn’t counted on. After I made the u-turn, we ended up driving thru this very interesting city of tall buildings that made from concrete. Some were businesses and some were residential. The city planners had either made the mistake or nature was just reclaiming what was hers, but there were amazingly large banyan trees growing up into every crevice in and between the buildings. It was spectacular to see the ripples and twists that these enormous trees were making, reaching up and around 20 story buildings. We finally parked the truck and started walking thru a restaurant where Arin might be. It seemed to go on for a long time and we made it into the back where there was a sort of hotel room attached. I needed to use the bathroom and when I went in, everything was miniaturized for a kid. When I came out, Arin was there with Sam on the bed. I walked up and noticed a friend of Arin’s and introduced myself. His name was Chris. Then another of Arin’s friends came up who I recognized and we said hello. I asked Arin why he was running from me. He told me that I once told him that he was like his aunt and uncle, that his uncle was a hard worker and his aunt would cry about things. The weird thing was that he was talking about Mel’s brother Mark and his wife, Dena.

Greg’s TattooSaturday, February 23rd, 2013

We were at a party that got pretty wildly out of hand and Greg had too much of everything and passed out. Actually I think most everyone passed out. Greg woke up in the morning with a profane tattoo on his butt. He didn’t show anyone what it said but he was pretty upset about it. He took me aside and wanted to share his theory of who did it. He showed me pictures of two guys who I identified and Jack and Jesse. I didn’t really know them and wasn’t sure why they would want to do such a thing.

Inter-Dimensional TravelSaturday, February 23rd, 2013

I was living in a time when there was a lot of trouble on the earth, not that different than it is now. Some people had traveled to a different dimension and were creating a world that was peaceful. I was asked to travel to that new dimension to help bring in necessary objects and to help stabilize them so they could exist there. I was first escorted to the new dimension to meet the team. We arrived into a fairly barren location. It was dark, and we entered into a sort of fissure or fault line but there was greenery growing. I stepped out of the machine or whatever it was that we were in. It was pretty amazing. It was quiet as I didn’t know quiet could be. I was scared in a way. It seemed like I was waiting for some presence to come out and attack but nothing happened.

I met the team and was shown how they were working on a grid that paralleled the two different dimensions and enabled the transfer of things between the two. They were different. Being in this dimension, they were able to make modifications to themselves physically that suited their personalities, and they things they wore suited their tasks. I was shown objects that had been brought in and the explained the difficulties in keeping structural integrity of them across the dimensional shift. I was given information on what to avoid when making these transfers so that I could help in the project. We then went out to make adjustments and to show me around. We were traveling down a river that was party covered with ice sheets. One of the guys who looked like he was part human and part lion was on a motorcycle that he got to high speed on then laid down and spun out on the ice. I was strange to watch and looked injurious. Andy was with me and as we approached the location where he went down and gotten up and taken off, I found fury knuckles laying on the ice. I asked her if he was injured. She explained to me that permanent injuries didn’t happen. You just perceived your condition however you want to see it and that’s how it was. We passed some satellite dishes near a building that had been created and another guy who looked like a cross between Conan and Merlin went and checked some plugs on these huge cables coming out of the dish base. I for some reason expected there to be sabotage but everything was alright. I’m not sure why I had this looming threat in the back of my mind.

The Jewish WeddingThursday, February 21st, 2013

I was with a couple that was getting married. They were trying to put together their announcement to send in the mail but couldn’t quite get the message correctly. I t reminded me of the lord’s prayer and I as I was looking at the five different announcements they’d come up with, I realized that I had the perfect message for them. I shared it and they loved it. I explained to them that I used to recite the lord’s prayer in Hebrew when I was a kid and shared it with them which they also loved. I then walked out of the building we were in which was like a guest house on some property, and proceeded to the main house. I was wearing the woman’s wedding dress I think, or maybe carrying it, I’m not sure. I was trying to keep it from getting dirty and wet which was difficult considering it was raining. As I got to the house, I realized that I needed to climb down a small rickety wooden ladder to get into the house. I was having difficulty keeping the dress in good shape as I descended the ladder.

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