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Archive for September, 2014

Saw DeliveredTuesday, September 30th, 2014

I was in a house and there was a delivery guy coming to drop something off. I went to meet him at the front of the house which was a huge room. He was a young surfer type, short, with long blonde hair. He was holding a large heavy bag of parts. I started pulling the parts out to examine what it was. I asked him if there were any instructions or anything that indicated what this was and how to put it together. He said no, that this was all there was. As I pulled the pieces out, I realized that this was a miniature table saw that you could put anywhere. I started to piece it together, wondering out loud what each element might be before seeing how it would fit with the other parts. The kid mainly watched as I did this, seemingly impressed that I could figure it all out so quickly.

Players: Me, young surfer type delivery guy.
Events: Delivery, putting pieces together.
Symbols: delivery guy, saw, no instructions, front of house
Thoughts: There was a component of impressing the young guy, as if I’m getting old and slow. Lack of instructions is kinda like life, without a manual. Why a saw? Cutting things?

YouSphereSunday, September 28th, 2014

I woke with the little song in my head, “As you subscribe, you’ll also find that you subscribe to YouSphere.”

Wrigley and CamperFriday, September 26th, 2014

I was outside mom’s house with the camper. Wrigley was running around. She ran back into the house while I was whistling for her and I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t listening. This isn’t uncommon for her and I usually have this reaction, but why at my mom’s house?

The Lady Next DoorThursday, September 25th, 2014

I was living at my mom’s. Rob was living there as well. I was trying to think of ways that I could improve my relationship with him because walking around the house was like a mine field. He was dominating the living room and I felt confined to my bedroom. My Mini Cooper was parked out by where the trash cans go. I was supposed to be going to school, which was Valley College in the valley neighborhood. I seemed to have a Thursday night schedule and school was just starting for the semester. I had two obligations and was getting in the car to leave. I noticed that the dash board was flipped down and I had to flip it up to see the gauges. When I did, the dash was a modern version of the old classic dash I had. The gas gauge was very different and modern, and I had to analyze it for a moment to access whether it was working. The gauges were all very colorful. I drove up the block before I realized that I didn’t know exactly where I was going and I turned around and drove back up the block to my my mom’s. This time when I got there, I made a u-turn in from of Bonnee’s and noticed that there was a beautiful garden in front. I had a recognition that it was Brad who made it this way. I had overshot it to park, but decided to back up so I could look at the beautiful plants. There was an amazingly healthy hydrangea with large pink flowers, and other flowering plants. As I was looking at them, I was in front of the next door neighbor’s (Tracy’s) driveway when an older woman came up to the car. I recognized her as being the person that lived there, although in reality, I have no idea who she was. She started talking to me about her son. She was walking with a walker but was trying to detach a couple canes from the walker because she was apparently going to drive somewhere. She was telling me that she was unhappy with her son because he wouldn’t visit her and he wouldn’t let anyone visit for long. I guessed that he was also somewhat physically incapacitated because she alluded to him having a chair or walker or something, and that no one could see him higher than his ankles. I guess he had boots and some sort of electrical device. Suddenly, there was another woman with her and there were two bicycles. They were telling me that they were going to throw one of them away because it was broken. I asked what was wrong with it and started to look examine it. The seat was missing a couple bolts that had caused the whole seat mechanism (which was overly complicated) to fall apart. I told them it wasn’t necessary to get rid of it and I could help them fix it. The woman was very pleased and mentioned that she wished her son was like me.

Players: Me, Rob, woman next door, additional woman
Events: Thinking about collaborating with Rob, driving off, returning, seeing garden, meeting woman next door
Symbols: Gas gauge, school, bicycle, mini cooper, Rob, woman next door, garden
Thoughts: I had a conversation with Mel about the dash on the mini recently. I wished that I could have a healthy beautiful garden like the one in front of Bonnee’s. Interesting that I was having some remorse about the situation with Rob. The garden wasn’t at my mom’s, it was next door.

Guitar and TravelWednesday, September 24th, 2014

I was in a location like a park setting with a bunch of people hanging out. I was supposed to record a guitar track for some piece of music. We were outside and there were foldable chairs and such. I was trying to situate myself with a chair to make it most comfortable. Other musicians were there talking about music, etc. I was getting ready to record the part but then found myself walking along a route to get somewhere. There was a strange undercurrent to the dream that someone needed to fill a position to manage things and there just wasn’t that person available. I may have been walking because of that. It started that I flew to somewhere that seemed that it may have been New Jersey and I was going to visit Toby and Robert. I remember trying to find a bus stop. It was raining pretty heavily and I was really close to the bus stop when 3 different buses came up and left, which was a little annoying. I somehow managed to get to someone who helped me remember that I needed to take the bus to Jarvis. However, I found myself walking again because I didn’t want to call anyone to pick me up. I had to walk by some projects and there was a big gang fight going on. I was a little uneasy about this cos I was white, and everyone seemed to be dark skinned. I was also carrying a pretty heavy duffle bag, and carrying a large blue tarp what was wadded up in a big ball. I’m not sure why I was carrying it, but it was helping to conceal a fairly long kitchen knife that I was holding. I managed to get by the fight without bringing attention to myself. I got to a more populated area where the sidewalk went up into the buildings. I had to climb a lot of stairs. At one point, I did catch the attention of a youth who was heavily tattooed and apparently interested in what I was carrying. He followed me, so at some point, I made a very limber and accurate jump to show him that I may not be the person he wanted to mess with. Them, I subtly flashed the tip of the knife, and he ended up leaving. Still, there was always this feeling like there was a position that needed to be filled. Some person needed to be doing a job, and it was important.

Players: Me, tattooed guy
Events: Record guitar part, looking for bus in the rain, walking
Symbols: guitar, blue tarp, rain, knife, gang fight, bus
Thoughts: I was recording a guitar part for the Ho Hey song. When I was at the seat to record, it seemed that Doc Roberts from BSG was there. The position needing to be filled could have been BSG Agathon having to manage the Sagitterons. Walking and traveling in the rain and needing the bus felt familiar to me in some way. I had the knife and I was defensive.

The Homunculus AnimalTuesday, September 23rd, 2014

I know this has nothing to do with humunculous, but I’ve tried and tried to remember the name of the animal and can’t. Anyhow… I was riding in Mel’s car in the neighborhood in the valley. We were looking for a restaurant that he wanted to eat at. There seemed to be a female presence in the car. We drove up next to a diner looking place and Mel said it was the place he was looking for. The female in the car objected but we stopped anyhow. I didn’t feel all that crazy about the place for some reason, but it was modern and fairly clean. We stopped and went in. It was quite busy but they agreed to put together a table for us. That gave Mel a big comfy chair and gave me a small chair with fold-out arms. I was carrying this little animal with me.

I had gotten the animal out of my mother’s back yard. It was hairy on its body and hairless on its head. The head was triangle shaped and reminded me of a badger. It two little antennae on the forehead above the eyes. It was a tame creature while I held it, and I really liked this little animal. When we sat down at the table, I was a little concerned about being comfortable in this chair with the animal, which was the size of a guinea pig. I looked down and noticed that one of the little antenna was missing. Curious… Mel wanted to see the animal so I held it out and placed it on the seat next to him. He didn’t reach out fast enough to take the animal and it quickly ran behind him and jumped onto the floor. Some patrons in the corner saw what was happening and tried to catch it under their table but weren’t able to. I realized it was going to travel along the wall until it got to the door jam separating the next room and walked over to intercept it. This is when I woke up.

Players: Mel, me, female presence
Events: Found animal in mom’s backyard, drove with Mel, went into restaurant, dropped animal
Symbols: antennea, restaurant, car, animal, losing animal
Thoughts: The name of the animal seemed like it was significant but I can’t remember the name of it.

Hiding the FilesSaturday, September 20th, 2014

I was in what seemed like a large theatre that had been gutted and made into a huge office space. I was sitting with a set of twins who looked to be in their late 20’s. They were taking over the company from what I could make out from the situation. Later in the evening, I was looking down an aisle, and I saw a administrative woman commenting to another that she was going to prolong the transfer of the company to these twins. She open a large file drawer and started leafing thru the hanging folders. She told another woman that they couldn’t make any permanent deals if they didn’t have the files on the executive staff. She pulled out a stack of files with labels and moved them to another location. I wasn’t in support of what she was doing because my file was included in that stack and I needed my file. When she left, I went over to where she’d moved these files and was looking for mine. I found it near some sort of Gumby icon and pulled it out and returned it to where it should’ve been with the Gumby icon, which would indicate to someone where the others were as well. I knew this was going to backfire for this woman.

Players: Me, twins, administrative woman
Events: Talking, seeing the deviation, rectifying it
Symbols: Files, Gumby, theatre office, company
Thoughts: Twins could be two sides of the same coin. Files are important information. Hiding the important information, but I know where to look for them. The Gumby thing kinda looked liked Domokun as well.

Evidence and ArrestThursday, September 11th, 2014

I had gotten a job as a private investigator, working with a woman and another man. She had taken me to the police station to walk me thru what you’d do when you arrest someone and what you do with any evidence that you have. I walked thru the whole scenario at the station and it seemed pretty simple. Some time later, we were out following a guy who was suspect. The three of us finally nabbed him in the act of something. The fellow p.i. was being kind of annoying and I wasn’t really enjoying working with him. When we finally had the arrest made, the police picked the guy up, and the fellow p.i. and got in the back seat of the car to head to the station. He poured a glass of wine and poured some of it on me. I got pissed and took the glass from him and poured the rest on him, waiting for him to object before I pounded him one. He didn’t. We got the station and parked the car in the underground parking lot. We started to get out our evidence but there was some complicating with some piece of machinery that the guy was trying to take care that I ended up doing. When I finally collected the evidence, I walked into the precinct office, but nothing was the way it was when I was trained. I was hunting for these shelf bins that I was supposed to put the evidence in but couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked all over, walking all thru and around the office. I then ended up in the locker room, the john, nothing. Then I realized I needed to sit on the can, and started looking for that, in every part of the area I was in. Everything was built out of grey pressed steal, and nothing resembled your average building, so it make it complicated. There was a man walking around in his tighty whities who reminded me of Admiral Adama from Battlestar Galactica. I wanted to find the bathroom and get in the shower before the officers returned but I was too late. Suddenly the place was packed with officers coming back from some event, and they were all heading to the showers.

Players: Woman p.i., man p.i., perp, guy in tighty whities
Event Sequence: Learn, do, get upset, get confused and lost
Symbols: Evidence, locker room, man in tighty whities, wine
Thoughts: I had a conversation with someone about locker rooms recently, which for some is erotic, for some it’s shameful. I never had any experience with locker rooms when I was young. It’s a place where you’re exposed. Similar to the perpetrator getting caught and even the wine getting poured on me is kind of shameful.

Justin Bieber ImposterThursday, September 11th, 2014

This dream was really scattered and didn’t seem to follow any sequence. Some kid was impersonating Justin Bieber and selling opportunities to meet with him, or sell them photos. Needless to say, the meet and greet never happened and the photos were never mailed out. But, someone walked away with a lot of money, and there were some pretty unhappy people. There was a lot of tension in the dream and the element of duplicity.

Players: Justin Bieber imposter, some kids, a couple parents
Symbols: Not sure if Justin is a symbol, I guess maybe to the kids
Thoughts: Maybe my own insecurities of being an imposter or being something I’m not.

Ceremonial DrumWednesday, September 10th, 2014

I was in this large pueblo style building. There was a ceremony just getting ready to begin. There were lots of people and beautiful crafts and flowers everywhere. I was with Lauri and she was going to be leading the procession. I was going to be drumming and sing with her, and start the procession. I was given a drum that had the same insignia as Jan’s on it, except that this was really weathered. Something in me reminded me that I used to repaint this drum before the ceremony, but this time I hadn’t gotten to it. I didn’t have a beater and asked Lauri for one. She came back with this elaborate beater that had bead on it that make a whoosh sound. I went to the front of the line and was introduced to some other drummers that were carrying large standup drums. I realized that I couldn’t remember if I was to be playing and single or double beat. I felt like I was supposed to know this and felt embarrassed to ask. I was waiting to get the signal to start but it wasn’t coming. I felt myself moving farther and farther from the front of the procession, until I was out in the street, still waiting. It was a weird sensation.

Players: Me, Lauri, some drummers
Event Sequence: Receiving drum, receiving beater, introductions, left out in street
Symbols: drum, beater, ceremony, pueblo, colorful
Thoughts: performance anxiety, leadership, responsibility

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