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VBScript, WeldingFriday, January 30th, 2015

I was talking with a guy about the DOM and some of the tools that Microsoft had come out with early on in web development. I was telling him that I’d been out of programming for a long time and didn’t really remember much. I explained that these tools I had allowed me to look into the DOM long before Firefox and Chrome had it built into the browser and he was intrigued about the history of all that. He told me that he was working with VBScript and I said that it wasn’t something I was used to writing in. He was pulling some code together for a project and he wanted me to look at it to see if I could read it. I thought that would be interesting but the dream changed before I had a chance to.

When the dream changed, I ended up at the base of a large building under construction. There was a welding problem that couldn’t be overcome. I can’t recall exactly what it was, but I solved the problem. It was the middle of the night when this was going on and it was a time sensitive problem because one of the investors was coming in the morning. I also had a huge fast food cup the size of a large vat, complete with a lid and straw that I was drinking out of. In the morning when the investor came, they showed him around and made reference to the obstacles that we were overcoming. I remember picking up this huge cup and drinking out of it in front of some woman that was there.

Events: Talking with guy about programming, fixing problem on building, drinking out of huge cup.
Players: Me, programming guy, foreman, investor, woman
Thoughts: The big cup is like a toast to hard work. Maybe because of the meeting I had yesterday with UCM.

Bathroom in the HillsWednesday, January 28th, 2015

I was in a location that I’ve been in dreamland before. It reminds me of the Hollywood Hills. It’s actually a lot like the area along Franklin Blvd. where you’re at the foothills for quite a distance and the roads that go up into the hills are winding. There’s public transportation and a train. I think I even own a house there. Recently in dreamland, there was a bathroom that I needed to stop into. The area is pretty crowded with clubs and bars at night, and bathrooms are hard to find and usually there are lines for them but I know where there’s one that other people don’t know about. This time, I’m up in the hills and I’ve stopped into a different bathroom with Mel. While we’re in there, two other guys walk in. One of them looks really familiar from a long time ago but I can’t place him. He’s washing up from a bike ride or something and they start talking to us. They say that we look familiar. He asks where we were in 1988 but I think he’s joking. However, I ponder this ‘cos I can’t seem to recall where I was. I finally reply that I was doing art. I called it my dark period. They found this really funny and started laughing.

Events: Going into bathroom and talking to guys.
Players: Me, Mel, two guys.
Thoughts: Personal care and hygiene. I think it’s interesting that this location had been in a my dreams quite a bit over the last year. Being the the bathroom is involved, I’m thinking it represents a particular part of my body. But which part?

Kelly’s Looper and MoreTuesday, January 27th, 2015

I was at a club and Kelly was performing solo. She looked great. She’d grown her hair really long and it was full and beautiful. She was playing a lot of guitar stuff and singing and her equipment setup was pretty sophisticated. She was telling us that this was her first time playing with her looping equipment. She was changing songs and the equipment seemed to die. She couldn’t figure out what was going on. Much of the equipment was wireless, and she asked people in the audience to hold particular pieces so that she could diagnose what was happening. I ended up with the computer or main module that everything else was connected to. She couldn’t figure it out and she was going to abandon using it at all. It reminded me so much of my own wrestling with equipment that would work, then wouldn’t. I felt her frustration. I walked up to the stage and made a couple suggestions on rebooting particular components of the setup to get them online again.

I was in a wet city in the northwest. I was talking to this guy and he was telling me that his mother was going to be performing in a couple of days in the street during some festival or something. I reminded him that I lived in California and that I’d be going home before the. I insisted that he’d have to video and live stream it for me so that I could watch it. I remember looking at my sunglasses and they were really wet from rain.

I was laying in a bed in a room. I was acknowledging how cozy it was. Mel was supposed to be there but he hadn’t come home that night. There was a fireplace in the room built like a brick oven against one wall and behind it were windows. There was gauze blowing in the slight breeze in front of the oven and it looked like the flames from the fire were licking the gauze and I thought it might catch on fire. I got out of bed to check out the fire but it didn’t seem like it was going. I’d wondered if I’d imagined the gauze catching fire.

I was talking to Kirby on the phone. It was his birthday and he was talking a mile a minute tho I can’t remember about what. I also recall walking or riding along a river bed to get back around a mountain.

Events: looping equipment dying, trying to help with it, talking about someone’s mom in a northwest city, laying in bed alone watching fire, talking to Kirby, walking or riding along river bed.
Players: Kelly, Me, guy in city, guy’s mom in city, Kirby
Thoughts: I’ve had a river bed in my dreams lately. Northwest is a direction and one that came up in a BodyTalk Vivaxis formula recently. Two different performers; Kelly and guy’s mom. The idea of equipment failure sucks and I worried about that when I was performing.

Capitola HouseMonday, January 26th, 2015

I was standing at the garage door of the house I used to live in in Capitola Village. There was a window in the garage door that wasn’t actually there, and thru it I could see that someone with blonde curly hair was locking me in it. I just happened to know that I’d created a secret door that would take me into a room built into the garage so I wasn’t worried. I stepped thru the secret door, walked thru the room and made my way to the door that exited to the back yard. The yard seemed larger than I remember it and there was a large planter in the center with some plants growing out of it. I turned the corner to where the stairs would’ve been which weren’t there now, and was going to exit the yard and ended up in a garage for the house next door. It was kind of like a converted carport that I never remembered being there. As I walked thru it, I realized that it had windows from their house looking into this carport/garage and there was someone standing nearby tho they weren’t directly facing me. Worried that I’d be seen, I ducked. There were a couple of people there encouraging me to get out but afraid of being seen, I had to ignore their pleading to leave and step closer to the house that I’d come from. I realized that while I was focused on the next door neighbors house and garage, the house I’d originally come from had changed, been updated in a sense. They also had an enclosed carport with windows looking into their house, and their carport was connected to the neighbor’s. I slipped stealthily closer to their windows and could see that they’d completely redone their kitchen with new dark wood cabinets. It looked really nice, but I still wasn’t sure how to get out of there. Suddenly, the man of the house came walking toward the door that divided the kitchen from the carport. He had a large grey dog with him. There was absolutely nowhere to go. He came out the door with the dog and the dog immediately came over to me. Being the dog lover that I am, I immediately made friends with the dog and told the man, “I’m really sorry that I’m here in your garage but I think I must be bi-locating. This woke me up ‘cos I had to pee. Lovely… I tried to go back into the dream after my bathroom break and I was mildly successful, but everything was very fragmented. It had something to do with the people that were outside of the garage and a kitchen. I recall seeing lots of metal like a sink, industrial sprayer, counters, etc., but that’s all I can remember.

Players: Me, guy who locked me in, people outside garage, person inside next door neighbor’s house, man in house, dog
Events: Locked in garage, escape to back yard, hiding in neighbor’s garage, found by man in his garage, dog
Thoughts: Bi-location is interested. This was kind of a lucid dream. I overcame my fear.

Rabbit Figurine, StingSaturday, January 24th, 2015

I was sitting in a class. I know that I was far away from home. The teacher gave me a box as he had given something to everyone. When I opened my box, there was a ceramic or porcelain figurine of a rabbit. Someone sitting close to me asked if I wanted to trade my small figure for one that was about a foot tall and I said, “No, there would be no way I could take this on the plane.”

I was walking with Sting along some sort of river ravine. You would tell he’d put on a lot of years, but his music was playing in the background somewhere, even tho we were outside somewhere. There were people standing about talking and he was popping in on them to see what they were doing. He was dressed like a cross-country motorcycle or car driver with leathers with patches.

SF Hills, The TramThursday, January 22nd, 2015

I was up in the hills around Twin Peaks. It seemed to be morning and I was trying to come down out of the higher elevations but the roads were blocked by houses that were being torn down. There was debris everywhere and the guys who were pulling these old houses apart were leaving their trucks parked in the roads, and leaving huge chunks of house just laying anywhere they felt like. It got to the point that I couldn’t navigate it in a car, and even walking was becoming difficult. So, I started walking directly thru people’s homes. I would usually walk in thru the back door and go looking for the front door. Many of the homes were really large and the architecture was uncommon so it wasn’t clear where the front door might be. Many times, the people were home and I would either try to avoid being seen or just try to blend in unnoticed. I was doing pretty well with this process until a guy finally stopped me and asked me what I was doing. I told him. He detained me, not to bust me but to talk to me. He wanted to get my feedback on some sort of electrical device that he was working on. I can’t recall the details now, but I didn’t something an it attracted another guy who came over. I was really just wanting to get out of there.

I was riding on a home-made tram that carted people thru the streets. Each car was about 4 feet wide, had a rail on one side with a bench below it. You could just stop on and off of it at any time and side down or stand as it was moving. The guy who made it was driving it from a small towing vehicle, kind of like something you might see on a farm. He was a heavy-set latino who was a friend of mine. We had pulled up to a red light and were going to make a right turn. There was no one on the tram but me because it was night and it was out of commission. I was laying on one of the benches just enjoying the ride. On the sidewalk where we were waiting for the red light, there were large rooms constructed with some sort of fair that was parked there. The rooms were painted yellow with black spots. You would go in the room and there was a strobe light. Also in the room was a person that was also dressed in yellow with black spots like the room. When people would enter the room, so would the dressed up person, and they would dance and spaz out while blending in with the room, and freak the people out. You could watch this from the street on the outside thru a plexiglass wall. One of the dancers came out and jumped on the tram and started dancing. Since I was laying down, I started dancing laying down with my legs in the air. That’s when I realized that my friend had gotten off the tram and no one was driving. So I willed the tram forward and made the right turn and started traveling up the street. I saw my friend at a booth and gave him a thumbs-up.

Players: Me, guy in house, friend on tram, dancers
Events: Dodging debris, going thru houses until stopped, riding tram, watching dancers, engaging with dancer, turning right and proceedings, giving thumbs-up
Thoughts: The houses could be other people’s bodies and the healing work that I do, I have to dodge people’s problems. I don’t know about the tram, but it’s another in a series of transportation devices.

Luiz’, Kevin’s BeadWednesday, January 21st, 2015

I was at Luiz’ house. His house was two stories, and the upper story sat adjacent to an enclosed parking lot. It was all glass, and seemed a lot more like a store than a house. The upper level was the kitchen and living room. There were a number of houses but none of them looked right over the parking lot like Luiz’. His was also the very last house. I was going to be staying there that night and I was getting ready for bed. I realized that I needed to get my phone out of my truck, so I went out of the front of the house which led out to a large plaza that was also a park. I walked to the very corner of it and there were people there sleeping under white sheets. Something else happened out there but I can’t quite recall what it was. I got my phone and called Mel and we talked on the phone as I walked back to the house. When I got inside, I proceeded up to the second floor and saw that there were all kinds of old television sets from miniature ones, b&w, larger ones, stacked on top of each other, all playing the same show, which looked like a music video.

I was walking onto a bus or something of that nature, with Kevin C. He was immobile and wore some sort of contraption on his legs to help him get around. They were like motorized ski boots with wheels. He could stand, just couldn’t walk. I needed to help him up 3 stairs to get on this bus and when I pulled off his boots, these beads fell all over the carpet. They were tiny silver threaded balls like piercing jewelry and tiny pearls. Lots of them. I got on the floor and started scooping them up and asked Kevin why they were loose like that but didn’t get an answer.

Players: Me, Luiz, Andrea, Mel, Kevin, People in white sheets
Events: Walking around Luiz’ place, calling Mel, seeing televisions, helping Kevin on bus
Thoughts: I recall the pearls with silver could help you harness the energy of the moon, especially when it’s full. Maybe to help bring more clarity about the moon’s message.

The Opera Song, Stolen Scooter, Taxi DriverTuesday, January 20th, 2015

I was part of a band that was going to be traveling north for the winter. We were doing some sort of press conference arranged by our label and for some reason, ours was really quick compared to the other bands on the label. When we left the studio, I was walking with another guy from the band who was either a partner or my brother or something. We were moving along thru a park-like setting and this song popped into my head. It was very operatic and I started singing it in a very high falsetto as we move along with some of our gear on these skateboard/segue type of transportation devices. There were a number of people in the park, and I’m sure it sounded a little strange that I was singing this, but in my dream, my voice was really interesting like I was singing in a large reverberant hall. I did wake up with the melody in my head and recorded it.

I was moving along the city on a little scooter, dodging thru traffic. I felt like I was in Paris. I even avoided an accident. I was wearing my blue Jansport backpack. I arrived at my destination and obtained a parking space in an alley below the cafe where I was headed. I leaned the scooter up against a wall and laid my backpack down. Another guy came up right behind me and I could tell he was a little miffed that I got the parking space just before him. He still parked his scooter there and locked it up. I left my stuff there and went up to the cafe tho I don’t recall why I wanted to be there. When I went back down to check my stuff, my scooter and backpack were gone. I tried checking with people around there to see where it all went, but I couldn’t find anyone that knew anything.

I was wearing sandals and shorts. It seemed to be a summery day. I was following the trying to catch up to Mel who was walking home from somewhere. I was trotting along and I recall jumping over a couple of sprinklers that were aimed over the sidewalk. When I jumped, I was able to jump really high as if I had jumped from a trampoline. I made it up to a shopping center and cut thru it where I could see Mel at the other end. I finally caught up to him and he explained to me that he had to be back in 20 minutes. I asked him why he didn’t call the taxi driver that I had suggested to him. I knew this older black man who had his own taxi service that he ran out of his house. He also had a private trash pickup service. Mel said that it bothered him that the guy drove both a taxi and a trash truck, ‘cos he didn’t know if he could trust that he’d make the appointment to have the taxi pick him up when he needed it because of the trash truck. I didn’t understand this logic.

Players: Me, brother guy, scooter guy, Mel, taxi driver
Events: Press conference, leaving studio, singing while traveling, dodging traffic, leaving scooter and backpack, returning and finding them missing, trotting down sidewalk, catching up to Mel
Thoughts: Mel’s logic does sometimes seem confusing to me. I did have two scooter like transportation devices in dreams so moving forward has to be a theme, but something maybe robbing my energy to move forward, possibly Mel’s logic? Moving north for the winter is generally not what people do. That must be doing something counter to popularity.

ElectricalMonday, January 19th, 2015

I was standing near a large electrical tower near a plant. I was holding some sort of gadget that I needed to test but I needed something to help me. There was a guy there standing at the top of a tall ladder who offered to have me come up to a box that he was near and hook up there. I climbed up to the box and he unhooked everything that he had there. I started to hook up my stuff which included fastening a wire with a threaded locking mechanism. There was a small letter “e” painted green. I had a couple more things to hook up when someone else came over questioning what I was doing. I explained that I was hooking into power but he still wanted us to reset the box. This involved running magnets or a magnetic field over the components in the box which we began to do.

I this brief memory of being in a large bathroom in a house. There was another guy there who was waiting for me to go to a party. I remember something in my head saying, “You can’t teach something to somebody that they already know.” There was actually another saying but I’ve been having trouble recalling it.

Players: Me, guy on ladder, other guy
Events: Testing something, climbing up ladder and hooking up to box, running magnets

The Box, Feather Woman, Breakfast at Mom’sSaturday, January 17th, 2015

They say that you should break up your dreams into different entries, but I get really tired of doing that. The box plagued me all night long. It was probably cardboard, but very sturdy, and had buttons built into it that lit up. It was also nearly impossible to get into. Every time I considered how to get into the box, I couldn’t. Over and over, I awoke frustrated that I couldn’t get the box open. This dream went on for hours as I tossed and turned.

I was sitting in the front yard of a large house, one that I hadn’t seen before. It was a rural neighborhood with houses probably constructed around the turn or first decade of the century. The roads were dirt or partially asphalt. As I sat there, I just happened to be looking in the direction of a feather that was floating high up in the sky. I wondered if I might be able to catch it. As it floated, it hit a power line and got wrapped around it. When I first noticed the feather, it appeared like a raptor feather but as it wrapped around the power line and started to quake in the wind, it reacted more like an ostrich feather, with whispy ends. As the wind picked up, the feather started to fall apart into many tiny feather fragments that started swirling in the air, creating a pattern and turning iridescent blue. All of the feather broke apart and was swirling around across the street and then it started coming toward me. When it reached me, it turned into Lynn, or rather a visage of her. She wasn’t totally opaque, and she was a little larger than normal. She was wearing something burgundy. I asked her what she was doing there, and she told me that she was be arriving in the physical soon, but that she came to check things out ahead of time, and that she usually did this, just no one knew about it until now.

I was at my Mom’s house. Wrigley had arrived in a basket but didn’t seem all that interested in being there or seeing me. I just reflected how aloof she can be and that she’s actually Kirby’s dog. I sat there on the dining room floor with her until she started to come out of the basket. She was shrunken into a small dog, probably to fit into the small space I was in. Then the dream changed and I was there with Kirby and Mel. Kirby was sitting at the dining room table and Mel was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I was in the living room doing something. Mel had been cooking for a really long time and finally I looked into the dining room and Mel was eating something. I said, “Did we already eat breakfast and I just forgot, or are you still cooking?” Mel responded that he was still making pancakes and I was thinking to myself, why not just cook it all at the same time? I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom and that’s what woke me up.

Players: Me, Lynn, Mel, Kirby, Wrigley
Event Sequence: Trying to open box, seeing feather, talking to Lynn, playing with Wrigley, waiting for breakfast.
Symbols: Box, feather, breakfast, aloof dog, pancakes
Thoughts: It’s interesting that the breakfast took place at my mom’s. Reminds of the barrage of dreams I had a couple of months ago about my mom’s. I think it’s time to look at this astrologically. Still wondering why Lynn was in my dream.

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