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Archive for February, 2015

Sex on the Beach, Bi CopSaturday, February 28th, 2015

I was making love with a beautiful woman on a private beach. We were laying in the sand and I was slowly removing all her clothing which was skin tight beach wear, and seemed to have a lot of hidden zippers that I was navigating. The house that was nearby was very large and I would use it in the next dream.

I went thru a number club scenes and other things that were just a flash. Eventually, I was in the top of this house in the bedroom. It was about 3 stories tall and I was looking down over a beautiful beach. A young man with dark skin and curly dark brown hair came in and we were talking about the guy who owned the house who I had been hanging out with, who was very friendly with the men, blond, young, handsome. The man with curly hair explained to me that the blond was a cop, and he was bi-sexual, and trying to be very secret about it.

Underwear, Car Chase, Asian Lover, OfficeThursday, February 26th, 2015

Dream #1 – I guess I was in a trailer and I was standing there in a pair of briefs and a t-shirt. I was with Dave and Stuart, the guys working on my house now. It was dark and I rubbed up against something and got food on my underwear, so I took them off and rinsed them off. I didn’t think anyone would even notice. However, someone did see me and took a picture and posted it online. Location: unknown

Dream #2 – I was at some sort of market and group of stores that reminded me of Puerto Vallarta. Mel wanted a battery for something. I had to climb over this large counter to get to the other side of a store to get on the opposite street, to get to a store that had batteries. I got there but ended up in a car with two cops driving down the road, being chased by another car. When we finally stopped, these two women got out of the other car and one walked up to the cops. The cop shot her and it pissed me off so I ran into a large river bed and a search party came looking for me. I found a place that looked like a good location to veer off the trail and got to higher ground but they were right behind me and found me. I guess I was a fellow cop so they didn’t know exactly what to do with me once they found me. I grabbed one by the neck ‘cos I was so angry with what happened, but I let go ‘cos I didn’t really want to hurt anyone. The cop who shot the girl finally showed up and I was really angry with him, but again, no one knew what to do to resolve the situation. Location unknown.

Dream #3 – I had a young asian man as a lover. He had a beard, but he walked up to me and he had shaved half of it. I wondered what he was doing and he said he wanted to see what he looked like without it compared to with it… but he ended up shaving it all off anyhow. I got this incredibly insecure feeling that I’d given up another relationship to be in one that was very uncertain and wondered if I’d made the right decision. Location: unknown

Dream #4 – I was sitting in my office (but it wasn’t an office I’d ever seen before, technically). These two women and 2 girls came in to bring another girl to see the psychologist next door. After the girl entered the psychologist’s office, the women and the other two girls came into mine and made themselves at home. I was like, “WTF?” One grabbed some paper from my printer and I looked at her and said, “You know, this is my office.” She replied, “Yeah… but her best friend just died.” I’m like, “Ok, but I’d still like you to leave my office.” They got up and left. The interesting thing was that I woke up and wondered why I just go into work at that office rather than work out of my home; it felt that real. Location: unknown

Players: Dave and Stuart (workers), Mel, cops, asian man, two women and 3 girls
Thoughts: I remember thinking I could hide but I couldn’t. The young asian lover is really strange ‘cos it’s not anything I would conceive of. It was interesting that I wouldn’t let the woman derail my need to have her out of my office. She seemed so snide about the fact that I should be compassionate, and I was like, uh uh…

Ancient TempleWednesday, February 25th, 2015

I’m in a temple. It seems incredibly ancient and there are a lot of people sitting around inside the temple. I get the feeling there’s an over-population problem or something ‘cos there are SO many people. There’s a man sitting against a wall who appears to be a blacksmith of some sort. In front of him is a fire with a large stone over it and he’s stoking it with a long metal rod. There’s a girl with him who looks to be a young teen. I approach with someone else, a woman I believe. We give the teen girl a large seed that reminds me of a rudraksha seed. She takes it a places it in front of the man on the stone over the fire. He starts to move it about with his metal rod and it starts turning to silver and spreading on the stone, creating a beautiful pattern, like a metal slapdash, inverted. He looks at us with astonishment and claims that we’ve been given authority to have a child. It seems this is an incredibly rare occurrence and quickly everybody knows that it’s happened and we’re the ones that did it. Another woman and his boy who looks like he may be a small man come up to the blacksmith and tell him they want the mold but he can’t give it to them. The boy/man pulls out a gun and shoots the man in the mouth. It seems that this whole process is fraught with conniving and fear and manipulation, but there’s some beauty in it. We’re given this ginger drink to consecrate the experience and we’re drinking it together when I wake up.

Thoughts: It seemed that having a child was a privilege but I’m not sure what prompted this dream or what the child is. Something new that I’ve cultivated in myself maybe with the astral projection process?

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