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In JailMonday, March 30th, 2015

I’m on vacation with a group of people in a latin country and we all get arrested for no reason. They take us to jail and the police are detaining us on benches. We need to fill out personal information forms to give back to them. When the form and pen comes to me, the pen stops working and I go thru some sort of time warp when I have to pick the pen off the ground. When I sit up, everyone is gone and I’m forgotten about. I go to an information window and start talking to the woman at the counter, but I’m considering just leaving and I’m looking around for the exit, but I’m not sure if this is going to work or not and I’m a little nervous about it. I wait and the people return as they’re finally be released. In the meantime, I found out that there are arbitrators available and people are paying money to have the process expedited for them. Not only that, but they’re trying to sell the people gold bracelets and necklaces. Total scam. I get back with my group because I think it’s almost time for our names to be called to leave.

I’m riding a bicycle back to where I want to be, but the rules are so strict that you can’t even ride a bicycle past the speed limit on the trails and the limit is really slow. I’m riding behind a guy who’s riding so slow that I keep finding myself right on top of him and I can just see his butt rocking back and forth on the seat. He shouts something back at me like, “Are you checking out my ass?” but another riders gets between us although I don’t think he knows this and doesn’t know that I can’t really hear him.

Killed Willy, George’s WaterbedSunday, March 29th, 2015

I’m in a backyard with Willy. We’re talking about something and he leaves. There’s a strange tension and I know that he’s going to come back and try to kill me. I’m ready for him. In the backyard, there’s a swimming pool. He comes back thru the gate and I’m crouched down behind a corner that has windows starting at waste level where I can see him come in. He has a gun drawn and as soon as he reaches the corner, I surprise him, take the gun and kill him before he kills me. I go to the other side of the pool and take his body and put it into a medium sized yellow box. My parents are going to look for a place to put their trash by Porter College. I go with them and I sneak the yellow box in with their trash ‘cos I don’t want to tell anyone that I’ve done this. We’re driving thru the redwoods looking at different industrial trash bins, trying to find the right one. I’m wondering how I can get the box dumped without anyone noticing. Next thing I know, I’m on a flatbed railcar and there are giants frying pans and I’m trying to clean the pans from all the food that has been cooked on them but they’re extremely greasy and it gets on my hands.

I’m with George on a large waterbed that reminds me of mine when I’m a kid, and I think we’re in my childhood bedroom. The door is open and I look out and I can see two guys getting ready to go to bed on a large convertible couch out in the living room. I think they’re renters. I shut the door.

FragmentsThursday, March 26th, 2015

I’m with a group of people and some teacher. There’s a young blonde woman talking to the teacher and I’m sitting close by listening. He’s asking her about dates for birth, time of birth, and something else. The teacher tells me to give them the information so I close my eyes and say, “Aug 24th or 25th, at either 5:16am or 6:16am.” There’s a shiver that comes over my body and when I open my eyes, the woman is looking at me with a look of shock on her face.

I’m walking along the rim of a large chasm or valley. I’m looking at the water far below and asking someone if we should put in a diving board. Suddenly, I’m in a house with Dave and a mini Dave, and his parents. His dad is telling me that he needs healing work done that I’m agreeing to, as I look out the window at two men and a kid playing out by the riverside. We walk out of the house and I end up getting stickers in my socks so I need to sit on a bench to pull them out before I put on my boots. Mini Dave is talking to me and I have a dream within a dream of some kid in colored darkness and I’m telling the Daves about it.

Thoughts: Both dreams seems to have healing stuff in them. The Wind Cries Mary was running thru my head.

Bicycle AttackWednesday, March 25th, 2015

I’m at Greg’s and his place is like it is now but much larger and you have to take a set of stairs to get into it. There’s a bed there that’s unmade and I really want to make it but there are other people there and we’re talking. Greg gets over to it and makes part of it. I’m talking to Sonjue and she’s telling me that she has this pain and points to the region around the duodenum. I tell her is sounds like the ACI and she agrees. I tell her that she should schedule a BodyTalk session with me and again she agrees. I start to leave and head down the stairs. I end up on a bicycle with another person whom I don’t really see but I know is there. It’s a black female that I believe is riding on the handlebars. As we’re riding thru the parking lot, there’s a black man and a white man walking toward us. The white man is carrying a case that looks like a musical instrument case and it’s covered with stickers. As we pass them, I here the white man say he’s going to get them a bicycle. As I reach the driveway and start onto the street, he runs over and attacks me. There’s no way to outrun him but I’m able to fend him off long enough to ride away down the hill of the street. I haven’t had a chance to look at a map to see where I’m going and I think I’m supposed to be headed toward the Pedal Shop. To escape, I just ride in the best possible direction on this downhill street to get away. The hill is exhilarating tho. I’m loving riding down this hill at fast speed ‘cos it’s really long and there’s little traffic, and I make all the lights. I’m thinking it’s worth except that by the time we come to the end of hill, we’re up near Ventura in this part of Dreamland, near the theatres. We stop and look at the GPS and realize we’re way far from where we need to be so we turn right and start walking toward and industrial area. We’re just talking and deciding how we’re going to navigate the industrial area.

Thoughts: This part of Dreamland comes up quite a bit but now two parts have merged into one dream. One is the Ventura Blvd area and the other is the Vineland/Lankershim area. Greg’s place was really different but had the same lofty elements. I got away from the attacker this time and he was white instead of black. Does this mean I’m getting better with this block? Also, the ride downhill was like a reward. And… this time, I’m on the bicycle and he’s not. I don’t know what an ACI is.

Bicycle Boy, Colorful CommuneTuesday, March 24th, 2015

I’m walking around a city and I can’t tell if it’s the edge of morning or night, but it’s very dimly lit. I’m on foot and heading toward a home that’s not mine. When I get there, I realize that I don’t want to go in so I continue walking. I’m really enjoying myself. Then I start to skip but in a most strange fashion. I’m swinging my legs way out in a large circle, then bring the foot behind the other but bouncing forward at the same time. I realize this probably looks strange but I like it and I don’t care. I’m getting close to a school as I travel down the sidewalk, and I see a boy on a bicycle coming toward me. It’s a blue Schwinn bicycle. The boy is probably 12, he’s thin and black. I move a bit to the side so he can pass but as he’s about to pass me, he jumps off his bike with a growl and lurches to attack me. I project my left arm in an attempt to strike him and wake up.

I’m in a very large building that’s housing hundreds of students of all different ages. There are continual classes going on and people are getting together to learn all kinds of things. There’s a scientific group that’s studying fish and when they’re done, they cook all these different fish in different ways and you can go eat them. There are groups of gay men there and I befriend one of them but when I want to talk to him, I come across a polyamorous group playing. I continue walking around and there is a group of girls that want to talk with me. Looking around, everything is so colourful and vibrant. Personalities, clothing, objects, everything has a liveliness to it. I’m considering my place in this environment. Does it suit me, do I fit in? The girls, I realize are hitting on my until I finally tell one of them that I’m gay. They’re really disappointed, but it explains things for them. I think a couple of them don’t care and continue flirting with me.

Thoughts: Another black boy on a bicycle… it’s like they’re guardians of something. When I start to make my own decisions, they pop up and scare me awake.

FragmentsMonday, March 23rd, 2015

I wrote down a couple fragments in the middle of the night. One was of Kevin at an apartment. Something about a place to sleep with women at church and a large corrugated metal covered sliding door. Then something about someone calling April to jump over a wire fence.

Thoughts: Both had to do with church, and the fence is probably April’s croning.

DurhamsSunday, March 22nd, 2015

I’m in a bar/casino, trying to sit on a barstool whose hydraulic post is not longer working so when I try to sit on it, it collapses and I end up sinking to the floor. I get the situation worked out and I have a pack of Durham cloves that I set on the bar next to me. A guy comes up and asks if he can have a cigarette. I warn him that these are cloves and they’re very strong. He takes one and leaves and I set the pack back on the bar. The place is starting to get really crowded and I suddenly get the feeling that someone wants to take my pack which is sitting slightly behind me. I look and it’s still there. I see the manager and waitress come by and get the feeling again. I look back to find they’re missing. I stand up and search around, mentioning to the guy next to me that my cigarettes are missing, and looking at the manager and waitress to see if they picked them up thinking they were empty. No luck. I look down on the floor and see an Marlboro box but no Durhams. I’m upset.

Cruise ShipSaturday, March 21st, 2015

I was walking along the hall by some restaurants on a cruise ship. I had stopped near a Chinese restaurant and this Chinese woman asked me to donate something I had for a magic trick she was going to do that involved cutting her in half. I wasn’t really interested in participating in this but I did get a plate of Chinese food that I was sure had MSG in it. She finally went away for something so I took off. I noticed Marcel somewhere as I was walking but decided it wasn’t worth the time to stop and talk to him. Then I ran into Candice who I used to work with at Y! She wanted to tell me something about something we’d talked about earlier. She asked me if I’d join her at lunch with some other people and said there were good natural foods there. I really was on my way to the stateroom to go do the bathroom but was considering the idea when I finished.

Losing Oxygen, HibiscusThursday, March 19th, 2015

I’m observing a conversation between a space ship’s captain and a man. The captain reminds me a lot of Kara Thrace. She’s talking and emoting heavily about taking her transport ship through some galaxy and there was some problem with their oxygen system and they wouldn’t have enough to get the entire crew to their destination. The crew drew lots to see who would be executed by the captain to preserve the oxygen onboard. Somehow, they were able to calculate when they might have to eliminate someone to preserve the oxygen until the ship got to it’s destination. They had put out a distress call but no one had answered. I’m not sure if they made it to their destination yet. I think someone finally answered the distress. The captain was lamenting having to kill her chief officer due to the lot he drew.

I’m on a hillside at dusk with a lot of people, probably 40-50. We’re moving camp I guess, because I think there’s some threat possibly? Someone that I’m with is also a person of authority and he tells me that the hibiscus that’s growing on the hillside needs to be moved to get a little bit of shade on the roots because the direct sunlight is too harsh for it. He shows me by replanting one in a cluster of rocks.

Thoughts: Another Kara Thrace… interesting. Makes for a good sci-fi story.

Oh KindraWednesday, March 18th, 2015

I walked into a room and a I think Sandra was teaching. I had a bunch of yellow flowers in my hand. The teacher asked everyone to pick up a drum or rattle and sit down. We were going to sing a song to Kindra. She asked me to be the vocal lead. The rhythm was a polka with two backbeat hits every other time and the end of every measure, I would say, “Oh Kindra.” She really wanted me to ham it up. It was pretty fun. I did a wipeout Beach Boys Kindra, a Bella Lugosi Kindra, etc. I think Kindra was a young woman that was there.

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