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Water Tower, True Blood Type, Female AttackerFriday, May 29th, 2015

I’m in a town that’s done renovation to update the town and make it more modern and something they left behind as an historical element was a water tower. It has a ladder going up to an attached landing with a railing and it’s all painted sky blue. There’s a change from an old person to a new person in the town’s government office.

I’m in a back yard near the porch of a house. I’m talking to a couple guys. There’s a worry about attacks from something. I step off the porch into the yard which reminds me of Diane and Kim’s old house. It’s nighttime. A being comes out and attacks me with these two airborne elements that it takes out and breaks in half and throws in the air. I dodge and finally destroy them which is not easy since they’re flying around me like hummingbirds. I finally get back to the porch with the large laser machine gun that I have and shoot the being who looks like a zombie but in farmer’s clothes like a red plaid shirt and overalls. I blast him a number of times and he explodes like vampire on True Blood.

I’m in an alley way getting ready to leave somewhere. I get attacked again by a teenage girl with dark hair but someone else destroys her for me.

Random StuffWednesday, May 27th, 2015

I’m at a work related conference. It seems that I keep leaving clothes in places and people are taking them. The conference is getting ready to end and I’ve lost pants and a sweater. There is a 3-some at the conference, two girls and a guy. They’re doing motorcycle tricks in the parking lot. Very impressive. The blond girl is really into me and as the conference ends is severely picking up on me and kissing me.

A big man gets up to a microphone and says, “When I get up, when I get up, it’s time to get the party started.”

Jerry says something like, “I love motivating phrases that contain cliches.”

I ask, “How do you tell the different between a parent and their child?” Someone replies, “The child always uses a safe.”

Astro HeadTuesday, May 26th, 2015

I’m standing outside with a large person. I’m studying their body and drawing parallels to the astrological information associated with it. They have a house on top of their head. I’m wondering if it’s a particular house from the astrological wheel or if it’s a main house that contains all twelve houses. Then I wonder if the rooms of the average suburban home are parts of the body. It I break up the human body into a home, and I apply the planets to the home in the same way as the body, then I have a way to connect what’s happening in dream houses to the human body. But why would there be different dream houses? When I dream, I don’t always dream about the same house. So… why is there a house on this person’s head? Because it’s the house that’s on their mind right now. I’ve lived in many different places, so dreams use different homes as well but they’re always big houses.

The Kikomo TestMonday, May 25th, 2015

I’m in a parking lot next to a river running thru a downtown Oregon city. I’m behind a large brick factory type building. There are a couple cars nearby. I don’t feel incredibly trusting of where I am. A guy walks up and asks me something. It’s vague about what it is but I believe it has something to do with money. I tell him no. A few other guys come up and they start taking pictures of one of the guys. He’s kind of a doughey charismatic type of guy and the other two seem to be old friends. They’re talking about not having enough money for gas to get home but the sale of the pictures will help. I follow them into the building. Vague. I ask how they can sell pictures and make money but they don’t really respond. We get back to the parking lot and I see in my mind a visual of the doughey guy. He’s a spy kid and he’s somewhere say “amazon” in slow motion. Someone else sees it and walks up to him and requests a badge that he takes and puts on him arms and walks away. He’s the owner of a movie theatre somewhere and kids come to see the way he’s gotten badges from spy kids on film.

I’m walking along the street. I’ve parked my car in front of a boutique and I’m walking with a backpack on. I near a large white building that seems to be a pool hall. I guy with long hair walks out holding something white in his hand. He says, “The only place that sells PVC.” I don’t respond cos I really don’t know what he’s talking about and he mutters something like, “Probably doesn’t speak English.” I just don’t know what I’m supposed to say. I walk along the window of the place and see that they play a different game that people are betting on, something like skee ball. The balls are yellow, green and red. I have something in my hand and I find this ledge that’s really difficult to walk along cos of large containers in the way and it runs right into wall. It’s a long way down and I get to the end and realize I need to go back which is even more difficult cos of the thing in my hand. I don’t know why I’ve done this and it makes me nervous to fall so I consider going over but there’s no way. I make it past.

At this point, I get up and go to the bathroom. I get back in bed and go back into the dream with the name Kikomo in my head. I hear someone say that I’m not doing to well and to actually pass the test, I’ll need to score four 7’s in a row.

I’m with some kids somewhere. They’ve done something like smoked something and one is telling us of the visions he’s had. There’s a tall, dark man there who has some relationship to me, like he is me, but I’m watching him from the outside. Vague… He gets into a car of some sort cos he’s going to be taken somewhere. The car drives right off the side of a bridge into the sea. It’s very dark but the driver knows the route perfectly going into the blackness. The man is nervous but is letting the process take place. Finally the vehicle comes out of the water and gets back onto the street. The man is taken to a place where there is a group of men playing a game like baccarat at a table. It feels very Mediterranean. The guy goes up and gets something to smoke and trips for a little while. When he’s done, he complains to them that he knows the kids that are getting this stuff and he’s not happy about it and he’s going to expose them. He walks over to cement retaining wall and sits down to take off his gloves that look like fingerless motorcycle gloves. There’s a kid there that asks if he would like to trade gloves cos he doesn’t like his own. The man says no. Then the man walks over to a large truck. It looks like a dump truck with a small house on top. It’s old, dark red, beat up and wobbles a lot. He drives away. But then I see him again, standing in front of train tracks as other cars pass by. There’s a scooter there.

Music at ChurchSunday, May 24th, 2015

I’m sitting in a nice chapel, in the right corner in the back. There’s music being played by some women. Some of it is pre-recorded. A woman is singing and another is playing a stringed instrument. Then there are some harmonies that come in and it’s very nice. Suddenly, a woman stops the pre-recorded music abruptly and switches over to a different device and continues playing it to the end. It’s a rough transition but it works and they keep going. Doti walks over to me and puts a piece of paper in front of me and asks me if I want to do some song that’s somewhat popular. I say no because I haven’t had any time to rehearse or prepare. She walks away. I kind of resent being an afterthought as well and wish that there had been better planning. Then I look at the paper and I can’t make heads or tails of what she’s written on it and I’m glad I said no. Another performer gets up. This time it’s a man and he incorporates theatre style acting into a song. It’s ok. I eventually stand up and behind me are tall grey buses, but they’ve opened the back up in a way that the rear of the bus turns at a right angle. When they get ready to drive away, they close. I look into the glass to see who’s inside and comment to the man standing next to me that the right angle thing is really strange.

Coconut Cutter, HootenannySaturday, May 23rd, 2015

I’m with a woman and a man, and they want to get the juice and meat from coconuts and are wondering what the best way to do that is. I have this machine that looks like a rice steamer, but the lid extends halfway down the height of the object, and it’s a coconut cutter. You simply place the coconut inside. I demonstrate with a large green coconut. I place it in the cutter, close the lid, wait a second, then open the lid. Inside is half a coconut with all the milk intact, just sitting there. The two are amazed by the efficiency of the device.

I’m at a hootenanny after sun dance. There’s a guy there playing a kids plastic four string guitar that’s just ripping on it. I’m not feeling humiliated tho. I feel really happy for him that he’s so good. Someone says that he wants to be a medium and channel a dead rock star. I mention Jimi, and people are like that would be cool. But then I realize that he’d probably be on acid and hard to communicate with. I suggest Elvis and people are pretty enthused by that.

Mushrooms at Mom’s, Sting Operation, Black ScooterThursday, May 21st, 2015

I’m outside my mom’s house and it seems kind of dark like twilight or dusk. I walk down the street and in the front yard of a house on the corner, there front yard is filled with giant dark red mushrooms. There must be 30-40 of them, each one at least 16in. across. There’s a woman parked on the street with a large truck and she’s giving away office supplies, all sorts of things. One of the neighbor men comes and takes something that I wanted but I’m taking my time to get only what I need and there’s so much to choose from that I’m trying to plan what’s best for my office.

I’m part of sting operation to bust a guy for something. We’re setting up this elaborate set with extras like a movie and entrap him. I’m a crane operator and camera man, and my job is to get in as close as possible to get everything recorded. The crane that I’m operating is really big and I can maneuver at least 30-40ft. away from the base, and at least that high into the air. I’m supposed to remain unseen. The crane is yellow, and I’m practicing maneuvering it about. I’m in my underwear and a tshirt, and I realize that need to have my gun with him, but I can’t figure out a way to keep it in my underwear so I realize that I’m going to have to put my clothes on so I’m bringing the crane down to the ground while the extra take their parts. When I come to the ground, other people on the team start singing sun dance songs which I’m enjoying, but I’m wondering what it has to do with anything. Then they start playing bluegrass, all very odd.

I get on a black scooter and ride away into the country to go look for other work. I think I’m going to have to go to SF. I’m on a dirt road, riding thru a forest. Every so often I come across a manzanita that’s growing humongous coconuts. Their the size of basketballs and larger. Someone has built trellises for the coconuts that you have to ride underneath and it’s cool to look up at them. I get to a crossroads and I’m sitting there and an older woman comes out and starts talking to me. I tell her what I’m doing and she points to a sign showing where I currently am. Two guys ride by is small soapbox type, open-air vehicles. I notice they’re riding to a little town. It’s charming and quaint, and seems to be near a lake. I look up at the sign and realize that I’m about half-way to SF which is south. The name of where I was reminds me of something to do with water, like Calistoga or Geyserville, but I believe it starts with a “C.” She tells me that this is a good place for work for me. I look over and there’s a market type of shop and I notice they have a large collection of belts and I’m thinking of going in and looking at them. Then, a man walks up with a dog and starts talking to me. I start teasing him and pretending to push him backward. The woman is amazed at how quickly I make friends.

Thoughts: This all seems to be work related. I’m trying to understand if this is a prophetic dream or not but I can’t remember the name of the town where I am.

Woman’s PurseMonday, May 18th, 2015

I’m in a very large building. There’s a long line of people to get in and I go to the front of the line where there’s a black woman, very nicely dressed. She has a beige purse and I walk up and start pulling things out of it while telling her that the line will go faster if you have the large metallic things out of the purse and ready to be scanned. She looks at me incredulously like, “How can you be going thru my purse?” She says a few things to me to that affect and I apologize. I say that I don’t know what came over me and walk away.

Thoughts: Reminds me of saying something to the choir about their ending of a song at church. I thought that it wasn’t my place and I didn’t want to say anything but Corky saw me with a funny expression on my face.

Crumbling Hat, ParisSunday, May 17th, 2015

I’m in a room with a bunch of people having a party. I have a cowboy hat that seems to be made out of crispy tortilla or something. There’s a girl that there has a hat that looks like straw. We get into a friendly little bicker or something and I swat her over the head with my hat and it starts to break apart a little. Then I think she hits me with her hat and it starts falling apart. Then I hit her over the head and I go an sit down and my hat crumbles into little pieces. I think, “I’ve had this hat a long time and when this day started, it was still usable. Now, it’s a crumbled mess.” I was kinda sad.

Mel and I are in Paris. We have only the day to do something and I’m wondering where to go. We run into Rebeca at a bus stop. I ask her about where we should go, and even the guy sitting next to her. They don’t know really but mention something about Monet exhibit. We walk away and into a cafe and are standing at the cash register going thru some papers to see if there’s a map. The hostess who’s asian comes up and starts talking to us in French. I tell her we don’t speak French and she continues talking to us. So typical… We leave and walk down the street and into a pub that’s empty but for the bartender who’s black, and obviously American. I ask him where we should go and he doesn’t know. But then I realize, I know Paris. I’ll take care of this.

Next, we’re in a bar and Mel is going to play pool. I’m sitting down and I watch him break. When I stand up to see what’s what, the table is divided into to playing sections and one of them has all white balls on one end. I ask what on earth they’re playing. One of the playing felts is kind of Gingham.

Thoughts: The crumbling hat may be me being really tired at dinner last night.

Tunnel, Water ValvesFriday, May 15th, 2015

I’m in some sort of cavern with branching tunnels. There’s a man that reminds me of a Mongolian warrior in there. I know that I’m carrying a sack full of sound healing instruments and they’re very valuable, but only to someone who know how to use them. The warrior seems to be a friend or at least an ally. I walk into a cavern and there’s someone there that could be menacing. He’s dressed like the warrior in furs, and large fur hat, has dark skin and slanted eyes. I’m not clear whether he’s an ally or not but the warrior steps in and helps to sway the man into not harming me.

I’m with Chris and Mel in a shop that Chris owns. He’s wearing a yellow shirt and he’s been really busy with customers coming in. There may even be some sort of conference in the area. I’ve been staying with him and Andrea but we haven’t had time to talk. I had just gotten done eating lunch. Chris looks at me and realizes that we haven’t had any time to talk together. He asks me if I’d like to get lunch but I say that I’ve already eaten. I say that Mel hasn’t eaten tho. Chris looks at my kind of sorry that he’s been so busy but it’s understandable.

I’m doing something with water valves and I have a list of valves that I need to turn off for some reason. I’m going around town doing this. I’m at a particular location and there’s a river running by this building that I’m sitting outside the door to. There’s a group of women around me. I have to pry the door open and when I finally do, I see that little girl sitting at a desk. I realize this is someone’s home and I don’t want to disturb them. I can tell that the door has been sealed shut with foam for insulation so I close it and tell the women that I’m not going to shut off the valve here in this way. I ask where my clipboard is so I can mark off this address and I scan the pile of junk there and find it.

Thoughts: The last dream seems like a body related dream tho I’m not sure what part of the body. Maybe bladder?

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