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Astrology, Odd CoupleWednesday, June 24th, 2015

I’m looking at two charts that aren’t my original natal charts, but they either that charts of a new person I’m becoming or dates to pay attention to. They’re fortuitous and have good aspects.

I’m watching a show that’s interviewing some people in relation to a new program for television that’s like the Odd Couple except that they’re two gay men. One of the men is Tony Randall. There’s a woman who really likes Tony Randall that’s being interviewed. She’s talking about her age inferentially while indicating that she really likes Tony and wants to marry him. The other characters kid is on the show as well. The host tells the kid and the woman that the two characters are actually gay in real life. The woman is disappointed and the kid is confused. There’s an intention of the host to admit to the fib but it hasn’t happened yet.

Guy at the HouseMonday, June 22nd, 2015

I’m talking with a guy who I’m dating. He’s a bout 5’10”, looks possibly Italian and Greek, brown hair, about 180lbs. He’s telling me that he sometimes felt lonely and went to the house next door to me when I was available. He calls the house something like a dump, but that’s not the word he’s using. A little later, I’m across from the house watching it. It’s a two story house, fairly large. It doesn’t look that bad. 4 guys come out of it, each with pretty long hair. They look like 80s L.A. rockers with bleached hair and colorful clothing and they’re very trashed. They can barely walk. It’s kind of funny.

Man on the Water, The Land SharkSunday, June 21st, 2015

I’m out at night over the water on some sort of barge. A man with blonde hair comes up. He’s on a rail that travels perpendicular to the coastline. He tells me of beings that are taking over people’s bodies and that I’ll need to do something about them. He realizes that he can leave and starts to leave but it turns out that his body is inhabited. His body turns into golden light as someone I’m with slices his light body in half.

I’m with Marcel. We need to talk about how to get rid of the land shark. It’s living right near him but I don’t want to talk near it. It’s too dangerous. So, rather than having him unchain the gate to where he lives, for fear of the land shark being upstairs, we go around the corner to an automotive shop. I’m concerned about getting back to my grandparents house and especially parking on the street. I’m driving a hot rod that looks like something out of the 70s, and I recall the colour green of my grandfather’s Mustang.

Yellow ManSaturday, June 20th, 2015

I was with a woman and she told me that she could help me get something that would help me go deeper spiritually. We were standing outside a makeshift building that was standing with three sides. In front was a fence made from old posts, chicken wire, and whatever else was available. I sensed that what was inside this little fortress was Peruvian. The woman told me that if I could climb the fence and get me what was inside, she would help me. I climbed the fence and had just reached the ground on the inside when a yellow man came up to me. He was completely hairless and reminded me of Christian. He had giant royal blue ear plugs, a blue band across his eyes. He simply told me that I had to leave. I told that wouldn’t be a problem but I asked him if he could share with me what was there. As I reached the top of the fence, there was a platform at the top and I looked down as saw a tiny black widow spider and I told the woman about it. I then noticed a couple more black insects crawling about, then I saw a really large black widow go into a hole in the fence. The yellow man was very close to it.

Spirit Animals, The ParkThursday, June 18th, 2015

I’m on the phone with MJ and someone else, and yet they’re right in front of me. They’re telling me about spirit animals that are coming up in my medicine wheel or in my life. They’re talking about a large raptor but not giving it the name “eagle”, but I tell them that I know what they’re talking about. Then they start making noises of the next animal that’s coming up. I correctly answer that it’s tatanka. I can hear him pawing at the ground and snorting. I look at the house across the street and in the front window, a beautiful iridescent blue bird is stretching its wings. I walk across the street to the house where the people I’ve been communicating with are. I knock on the door and enter and tell them what I saw. They introduce me to the bird. I think her name is Chance. I tell her how beautiful she is and I lean in and kiss her. She tried to stop me but is too late. She tells me that if I hadn’t kissed her, I would be able to see her as a child like everyone else does, but now I will only see her as a woman. I tell her that I’m fine with that.

I’m traveling on a bus with some people. We’re discussing the translation of things into Lakota yet, I’m seeing works in Spanish. We’re talking about the word ‘cha’ and it’s connected to ‘hacer.’ I say that it’s “that’s sacred” and a woman is there and say that ‘cha’ means “blue.” I said it also means “wood.” We drive by a park that’s filled with Native Americans and some white folks doing some sort of large ceremonial gathering. Everyone is wearing black with colored items on top. We get to the end and I’m walking amongst racks of beautiful clothing that almost looks like Japanese or Chinese silk. One item in particular catches my attention. A man comes to talk with me.

Lauri’s Circle, City Lake Getaway, Shaman RollercoasterWednesday, June 17th, 2015

Lauri is holding a class in this old funky building. Some people have arrived for it but the room isn’t set up yet. There are backjacks in the room, and people sitting around or milling about. Lauri’s somewhere doing something. The class is going to be about creativity and art in a shamanic way. I decide to start setting up my backjack and my initial art materials. I’m thinking about Lauri’s PhD and how that qualifies her to run this class but I’m also wondering if that’s necessary to do this sort of thing. I am happy to get it started soon.

I’m organizing a retreat for natives and a group that I belong to. I’ve found a location which is a little funky but kinda cool. It’s an old lake created by a spring on some property that’s been built on but has been there forever. It’s at the edge of a city and looks a lot like somewhere in Mexico. You can have boats on the lake and there’s lots of place to picnic and just relax. I’ve worked out to reserve the whole place to ourselves. We’re looking at dates and the date I had picked out was at the end of January I believe. It turns out that there’s another ceremony scheduled at that time that a number of people will be at so we’re looking at alternative dates in April or May.

I’m standing with Kirby and my mom is there. He’s talking about not feeling well and having been in the hospital while in California. I’ve asked him why he didn’t call me. He starts talking about someone moving into his house and they didn’t have a job for the longest time. I mentioned other people like Kevin that had been unemployed for really long periods of time and Kirby agreed that he knew people like that as well so they shouldn’t talk. But then the guy got a job at an amusement park. There’s a rollercoaster there that he road while the park was closed and broke a record for most consecutive rides. He went thru the loops like 50 or 60 times. He loves it. He said that once when the ride was running, some woman had to stay off and noticed that the spa nearby did something odd and when the guy drove away his license plate was glowing. Now they call it the Shaman Rollercoaster.

Thoughts: It sounds a lot like my rehashing of shamanism and the difficulties with making it something that seems credible. I’m out of work, I’m wanting to lead classes but worry about scholastic credentials, and it feels a lot like a rollercoaster, going over these things again and again. A license plate is a valid license. A spa is water and a bath, someplace that I used to meditate a lot.

Space World ExplodesMonday, June 15th, 2015

I’m on a huge spacecraft. I’m the top of it, standing out in the open. There’s a circle of people chosen to do something, but I’m not one of the chosen which feels strange to me. They form the circle, but other people are asked to come into it. When I do, they mostly leave, but I start dancing and I’m really enjoying the experience. Then, all of these other space crafts and machines start to explode. I’m watching them in space with the stars behind them. Huge crafts the size of football stadiums and larger crashing into each other and exploding. There enormous steel type balls are in space above us as well and I’m concerned about them colliding but they nearly miss each other. I realize that the craft I’m on needs to move from this place so we’ll all be safe. It’s time to go. I’ll miss what was here but it’s time.

At the Table, Driving Kevin AroundWednesday, June 10th, 2015

I’m sitting at a table with 3 black guys. I think they’re about my age. One seems to be a good friend of mine, tho in real life I don’t know him. The other 2 are old friends of his that he went to school with. They’re cracking a lot of jokes and cuttin’ it up about things they did when they were younger. All 3 are dressed in modern rags and look pretty hip. I feel like I wish I had more stories myself but I just listen.

There’s a glimpse of leaving a house in Laurel Canyon, down where the liquor store is, but it’s flipped 180 degrees. So, the Hollywood Hills dreamland is what’s being used here. I’m turning the corner on my way somewhere and I’m on a bicycle or something like that.

I’m with Kevin E., driving him around, helping him to do something. We end up at a central point near a large church. He’s above me, kind of caressing my neck with his hand. It feels nice and he’s smiling. He has to make a phone call so we get in the car and I take him to the front of the church and drop him off. He tells me not to wait for him.

Crashing Cruise Liner, Restaurant FiascoSunday, June 7th, 2015

I’m sitting somewhere watching a cruise liner in the sky and I watch it swing down and crash into buildings. It’s as if someone is holding it by the stern and swinging it back and forth thru the city. Building are being crushed and there are explosions. It’s quite a sight.

I’m following a surfer guy into a restaurant fantasizing about surfing. I’m seeing myself as him, a young tan surfer, swimming out in the the waves and floating for hours while waiting for nice waves to ride, then the experience of being on the waves themselves, sliding across the water at high speed. We go in to order and sit down at a table. I’m carrying two surfboards and a skateboard into the restaurant, and we pick a table where we can prop the boards up while we sit down and chat. The scene changes and the restaurant is crowded, more dimly lit than before, and I’m not sitting with Andy, Kevin and Mel. We are trying to decide what to eat the the menu seems really strange to me and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m looking at noodle dishes that come with other things and talking to the waitress about the choices. I know I don’t want to eat that much because I’m supposed to have dinner with others later so I’m really stuck on not getting a large portion of food. She finally decides to take me to meet the owner. He’s obviously a man who has done much more that own a restaurant. He’s Japanese, and while he’s talking to my, his hand is resting on a pipe running along the wall which resembles the handle to a katana. His thumb is unconsciously rubbing it as if it’s spent a lot of time on the handle of such a sword. As he speaks, I can see that he has a row of sharp teeth along the back of his throat. They’re plated in something that looks like white gold. When he speaks, it’s in a friendly yet reserved fashion.

June 15 update. I was watching the end of the latest Transformers movie and there was a scene with a huge ocean liner just like in my dream. That was interesting!

The Education BuildingSaturday, June 6th, 2015

There’s a school that I’m a part of that went thru some sort of sordid past. It was a school of great metaphysical learning and power, and at some point it was taken over by some people that misused the power and destroyed the school. We found the remains but there were some very old chambers or crypts where things haven’t been completely cleaned up. It’s somewhat hidden at this point. The school is functioning again, not at its former glory, but people are trying to resurrect it so that it can become great again, but it has a hard time letting go of its sordid past. I know there are secret tunnels and things that I’m curious about.

I’m in a car with a woman who’s showing me a building which I think is the school. She has a remote control and she’s able to point it at any building obscuring the view of the building we’re actually there to see which is off at a distance, down a hill, and behind at least 6 other buildings. When she points the remote at a building and presses a button, that building dematerializes. She’s able to do that for every building until we get to a very large one on the right and it doesn’t work. But I have to see this building from all angles and so we drive down the hill to get a better look. It’s surrounded by shops on the lower level, a few ponds with meandering paved foot paths and benches, lots of glass, and very modern. The building itself looks rather old but has been brought up to date.

I don’t know if I’m this person, but there’s a young man who’s chosen to not receive training and follow in the footsteps of an admiral or some very well todo family. He orders a late or something such drink from a barista who happens to be related to the family. After he makes his goodbyes to the family that he meets there, he takes an elevator down below somewhere to leave. His phone rings and he answers it. It’s the barista. She tells him that his drink’s ready and he says that he’s actually leaving. She asks, “Why did you order the drink if you’re truly going to leave?” This makes the young man cry as he knows that he really doesn’t want to leave, that’s he’s making this decision for the wrong reason and that he ordered the drink unconsciously to make him return.

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