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Archive for December, 2016

Scuba Diving and Ship StayWednesday, December 28th, 2016

I’m on a large boat or small cruise ship heading out of Los Angeles Harbor. I’m going to be scuba diving and I’m concerned that I chose to scuba dive for the first time in deeper waters rather than near a reef or shore line where I wouldn’t be required to dive so deep to see anything. I’ve tried to go into deep water before and it’s been painful. As the boat moves along, I’m standing at the starboard side railing with someone, male, talking. I’m noticing that I can see the bottom of the ocean and I’m a little less worried about going deep. I’m feeling relieved and eager to get in the water.

The boat trip is ending and I’m on the phone making arrangements with someone to stay a couple nights in the harbor on another boat that’s docked, acting as a hotel. The stay is only for 2 nights, a Wed. and a Thurs., which means the prices are very affordable which is nice. I work out the details just in time and we disembark and end up in a lounge where Sting has just finished a set. It’s like a small private party because there are few people there for such a big name. Obviously it isn’t publicized. We find a spot stage right where we can perch ourselves and put our bags.

Dallas, SpiderTuesday, December 27th, 2016

I’m at some sort of water park and I meet a girl, Dallas, and some guy there. We’re going to just be playing around there. There’s a heap of old clothes near the back and they talk me into finding the most horrendous thing I can and using that as my bathing suit. I find a Snoopy nightgown with Snoopy on his doghouse over a field of blue that has lists of words in white and red/brown on the other side. I goes all the way to the ground. I also find a really strange big hat. When I show them, they love it, although Dallas and the guy go away somewhere and I feel kind of abandoned.

I’m with Dallas in a bedroom and we’re talking about drinks. A woman comes in to tell us about a drink make with tequila, milk, and some spice. She says it’s great to go to drink with and give the kids. We’re a little skeptical about the whole thing.

I’m in a room with a group of women. It has something to do with teaching a class to them. They’re near a computer talking about something I’ve told them and I notice a spider has built a large web with 6 spokes and it’s hovering in the center between them. I tell them I’ll take care of it and I detach the spider web and roll it up into a ball and take it out to the street. It’s angry and jumps out of the web. I realize it’s a jumping spider and I need to remove it from the area so that it doesn’t come back in. I’m trying to find a glass to enclose it but can’t find anything but a ceramic container with holes in it. I have a pen that I’m trying to poke at it with and keep it under the bowl. I’m screaming for George to get me a glass. He takes a long time while I’m struggling with the spider which finally gets out. George brings me another ceramic bowl with holes. I get it onto the spider which is still getting out thru the holes. I’m angry. I run to the house to get the glass I’d asked for. The house isn’t any that I’ve seen before and I think we just moved in. At this point I wake up.

Healing AppointmentsFriday, December 23rd, 2016

I’m in Iowa living and working in a healing center. It’s a beautiful old house with dark stained wood work in the walls, paneling, banisters, etc. I realize that I remember that my dad is born in Jefferson, IA and that I’m hear as well. It seems ironic. It’s going to be a busy day ahead with last minute appointments. I have a woman who comes for healing work while I’m working on something on something computer related with another practitioner when she arrives. I really want to finish it but I don’t want to make her wait. She’s a last minute appt. She tells me that she has another appt the next day at 9:15 but wants to do this now. The front room is really crowded and my energy feels hectic. I look at a collection of large stones on a coffee table and grab something among them and take her back to my room. It’s very peaceful in here. I have a large dining table with large substantial chairs made out of wood. There’s a large bed as well. I know that I use the room next to it too, but we’re starting here. Both of us comment on how peaceful it feels in my room.

Office SandwichThursday, December 22nd, 2016

I’m in an office for a new job. They’ve given me a desk in the center of a large room and it has all kinds of computer related junk on it. My system needs to be set up and I’m doing it myself. All of the equipment seems to be rather old. There’s also seems to be a party going on. They’ve brought in a vendor to make custom sandwiches for people. I have to travel back to someone else’ office which is a cubby with a curtain separating it from someone else. It’s very makeshift and I think about how strange this environment is. When I get back to my desk, it’s clear but they’ve put made sandwiches on it. I’d like one but it appears that they’re claimed already. A guy announces that there’s one with x, y, and z. I want it but someone comes to take it. I tell him that I want one with turkey and parmesan. He thinks that sounds really good. There’s a feeling of not fitting in. Also of having old equipment that I need to sort thru.

Gate, Golf, Office, TurkeyWednesday, December 21st, 2016

I’m in a sports car in the back seat. They driving is telling is about people that have made a lot of money back in the day including the guy who took care of the golf course. I see him my mind’s eye for a moment. He’s young, doesn’t quite fit in ‘cos he didn’t start with money, but he knows all the big whigs in town because of all the work he did for them at the golf course and now he’s swimming in it. The guy driving the car is driving really fast on the surface streets. Up ahead, I notice a tall black wrought iron gate closed across the road. It’s very faint because it’s dark out and I’m not even sure the guy is driving with his lights on. He goes flying up to it and careens rights thru it. I have no idea the damage to his car but it surprise him. I tell him that I’m surprised he didn’t see it. He continues to drive fast swerving in and out of traffic.

I’m with a guy who might be the same guy from the car. We’re in an office building and he’s standing at a kind of garbage shoot. It appears to be connected to his office desk and the wall’s opened up next to it where there’s a giant conveyor going by in a large tunnel that’s picking up waste of all sorts. He’s pushing an entire trash can thru the opening in the wall to the conveyor. It’s lit with lights inside the tunnel. I’m helping him push large objects thru to the conveyor.

I’m help to carve a turkey. I’m standing in front of a very large silver platter and pieces of turkey needed to be broken apart and carved are coming to me. I sent a nice chunk of breast meat aside for myself for later. Other pieces, I’m dividing up and setting aside for people to come take what they’d like. At some point, my piece is the only one left and I have to stop someone from taking it. They say that it’s enough to feed an army. It’s really not that large so I contest the accusation.

RabbitTuesday, December 20th, 2016

There’s a white rabbit on the ground near me. I reach down and start petting it and responds without any fear whatsoever.

Alex, Reflection on the BeachSunday, December 18th, 2016

I’m with this guy who knows me from somewhere and seems to trust me although I’m not sure I’ve ever met him before. He’s about 6ft. tall with long blond hair. He’s a musician and I guess is fairly well known. We’re in a room and he’s getting ready to do some drugs. He’s asking me if I’m going to do some with him, kind of expecting that I’m going to say yes but I tell him not right now. He takes a pin and dips it in a liquid and pokes it into his arm in an previously existing wound. He complains that he’s tired to of taking it this way and asks me if I can hook him up with another source. I ask him if he knows Alex. There seems to be some confusion around which Alex and in my mind I’m thinking about the Alex where Riddle came from. This is the second time Alex has come into my dreams in the last month. I think this guy’s name may be Alex as well. I ask him if he wants to get some food. He starts rummaging through a box of mini cassettes and standard cassettes and complaining that he can’t have dal anymore. I ask him if he wants Tai food and he says that he also can’t eat fish oil. He starts getting upset about these restrictions on his diet, complaining that they’re asking too much of him. I start going thru the cassette box looking for something as well but I’m not sure what.

I’m in my back yard with a big guy. We’re both in our underwear. We’re looking toward the windows of the condos next door as the scene changes and we’re on a beach and the condo is a large hotel. I take my underwear off and am naked and I’m urging him to do the same. As I’m looking at the windows of the building, I notice that there’s a naked man in one of the windows but I can’t tell which one because the reflection is captured in the other windows like a fractal. I’m trying to figure out which window he’s actually in when he realizes that I can see him. There are three clothed people with him, probably in their 60’s and he’s standing on a step stool. They let him down and leave the room and he starts to go toward a different part of the room when I figure which room he’s actually in. I walk into the hotel and all the rooms are open with no walls or doors. I walk into his room but I realize that I probably shouldn’t just walk in so I pretend that I’m in the wrong room accidentally but look around before I leave. I walk into my room and toss my underwear on the bed. I need to pee so I squat on a small garbage can so the kids won’t be offended. I don’t really understand that at all but I think I might be wearing clothes where I’m not exposing myself.

Hole in the Floor, ReaperSaturday, December 17th, 2016

I’m in a building on the second floor. It’s a bit like a loft in a large office space or hotel foyer. There’s a feeling that this is mine but not quite mine. I’m with someone else but I’m not really seeing them. There’s a hole in the floor. I see a kids head from bridge of the nose up pop up thru the floor. He has blond hair and reminds me of Bran. It’s really quite funny seeing this. Then his head disappears. Off to my left, I get a sense there’s a portal. Someone is coming up to the loft from the left as well. There’s a feeling that I want to prevent this but it’s vague.

I’m in a room fighting some sort of presence that’s harmful. It’s going in and out of physicality and harming people. I watched the movie Specter last night so this could be related. I realize that it’s coming thru a phone book. I open it and manage to find the pages for Reaper and rip them out realizing that I can prevent it now and I’m looking for a way to burn the pages.

Food RaceSunday, December 11th, 2016

I’m in an arcade with some people I know. Mel is there. There’s a track that’s laid out like you might see for slot cars. People are racing their food. You can get a rice dish or a pasta dish and then direct the mass of food around the track. I’m not really sure how someone wins and the races do end at a certain point. I start a race and I’m passing people and then the race ends. I’m sitting in front of my load of pasta with veges. I’m waiting for the employees to clear off old food and give out new food to people who want to race. There are people on either side of me and we’re pretty scrunched in. I’m looking around the room and at all the people, not paying much attention to anything in particular. When I look down, I realize that they’ve taken my food. I look at the guy next to me and ask him why he didn’t tell them that I was still racing. He just shrugs. I walk away exasperated with the people who took my food and the guy who didn’t prevent it. I walk to the front of the arcade and start looking for pinball machines. I find one that I’d forgotten about call “High Speed.” I’m pretty stoked to find it and start playing.

Present: I was at a party last night and I divided up the food for people to take home. I have been thinking a lot about pinball machines lately.
Past: I used to like to play more games.
Far Past: I used to love to play pinball.
Physically: I did like the food from the party and know that the veges were important for my body. I did want some turkey and didn’t get any.
Mentally: The aspect of who got what was a little competitive.
Emotionally: Maybe I was upset because I didn’t get the turkey so I quit playing. Probably the introverted part of me.
Spiritually: Taking care of myself after the upset by finding my healing quickly in High Speed.

Yahoo Job, RacingSaturday, December 10th, 2016

I’m with my mom and she’s taken me to a job interview at Yahoo! I’m carrying a very old towel with the old logo on it and I’m trying to fold it so that the embroidered logo is showing. For some reason I feel this is important when going into the job interview. I’m thinking about some of the things I did for the company when I worked there last. I’m also thinking about previous dreams that I’ve had about Yahoo! and they seem to be more of the content than anything I actually did there. I’m nervous that my skills have fallen by the wayside and that I may not be viable any longer. The overall feeling is trepidation and uncertainty.

I’m driving down the freeway at night. I’m taking one of those long exits that merges with an onramp. I’m in the Prius. A man in a 90’s Seville enters the freeway to my right. I’m speeding up and he’s riding alongside me which is really annoying because at some point our lanes are going to merge. He clearly has the faster car but he’s not doing anything about the situation. Finally at the last minute, he speeds up and then takes the exit that goes westward in the loop. He’s going so fast that he can’t possibly slow down in time. I take the next exit and realize that I’ve gotten lost and he’s disappeared. When I come out of the turn, I have to slow quickly because I’ve ended up in a park. There’s a huge rock formation and a little duck pond. It’s pretty but it’s not where I want to be. I end up high on the rocks trying to find the way down. I’m carrying the car because it can’t drive over most of the rocks tho some have carved in trails that is drivable. I see the man from the Seville and he’s peacefully enjoying the park. I follow a trail down to the water and can’t go any further and I’m wondering what I should do. The overall feeling is my competitiveness during driving. I’m often impatient.

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