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Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Lottery Parking LotSaturday, April 29th, 2017

I’m in a parking lot at night. There are people there and they’re really excited about the lottery because it just went up to $220M. I’m wondering if it will go up to $260M. There’s a large dark van there. I’m with a group of men that take other hostage at gun point. They’re forcing three of them, particularly one to go somewhere. Now, it’s day light and there’s a ruckus amongst some school kids nearby that distracts the man with the gun. One of the hostages takes the gun but there’s another ruckus and he drops it and the other guy gets it again. Another guy gets away and goes up to a group of police officers and screams at them and gets them to follow him. However, there’s a bank robbery nearby and police who are following him stop there to give assistance to the other officers already present there.

Jerry to the HospitalSaturday, April 29th, 2017

I’m in a sort of chamber where there’s a large hot tub or spa. I’m in it with Jerry and we’re relaxing. Time changes and we’re in the future and Mel and my mom are there with Jerry. They ask if I knew that Jerry had a spa and I confirm that I’ve been in it. Jerry announces that he’s going to need to go to the hospital ‘cos something’s wrong with him. We get in the car. My mom says something snarky to Jerry and Jerry replies with something snarky. We head out the driveway onto the road. Jerry and I end up at an altar. There are two canupas there. I can hear Nathan talking but I don’t see him. Suddenly, I wonder where Nathan’s canupa is. I see a canupa that is a carved dragon that spirals from the stem to the bowl. It’s very thick and elaborate.

SundanceFriday, April 28th, 2017

I’m at Yucca Valley and I’m near the lodge. Someone asks me to go to the drum. I go there but the drum isn’t set up. Grey, Ronan and Dave are laying under a canopy, face down on the ground with bodies erect, with their faces buried in a pile of sandy dirt. I’m like… “Ok, what does this mean?” and I hear Ronan says that they’re sticks. I notice that there are a lot of people camped. The canopies are connected together making huge rooms. There are lots of kids, colors, and shade, but they’re right over the hocoka. I’m wondering how the dance is going to take place.

Shot Thru the ThroatSunday, April 23rd, 2017

I’m standing somewhere on a road. There’s pampas grass growing on the other side and there’s a caucasian woman standing on the road. Down the road is a black man in red and blue robe and pants and he’s running toward her with his hands behind his back. As he gets close to her he whips around in front of him a three pronged ninja dagger and stabs the woman in the throat. I’m pretty shocked by this. Then she takes the dagger out and chases down a different caucasian man and stabs him in the throat. He takes out the dagger and looks at me. I’m like… uh uh… so I run down a side road near the pampas grass. This startles me awake.

Chairs and LightThursday, April 20th, 2017

I was looking at chairs supplies by the east bay guy. He was showing me the choices I had available to me. Next I’m looking at a building that seems to b on a movie set. There’s a building that s kind of like a large house barn combination. It starts to completely fall apart but I know it’s part of the script or story so although I’m concerned at first, I let it go ad it’s supposed to happen. Then I look over behind the building and there’s a light bulb that starts to spark like a Tesla coil. It’s sparking like crazy and I’m watching it.

Cal and the Other UniverseWednesday, April 19th, 2017

I’m in a room with Cal and a bunch of people. The room seems to be on a starship and this seems like a training exercise in some sort of advanced intelligence to reconfigure reality. She’s talking about something when suddenly I remember a visionary experience I had where I was moving thru dimensions or universes while being attacked by some nefarious star being. I was doing a good job of fending it off but the fact that I didn’t remember and was just now recalling it was pretty striking. I remember there being a lot of dark metal, a lot of blue light, and some sort of geometric boundary that acted like a portal or worm hole that I was traveling thru in my mind.

The Baby DeerFriday, April 14th, 2017

I’m in a room on a couch. To my left on the arm of the couch is a very tiny deer, no larger than a small chihuahua. Also in the room are adult male and female deer. I’m petting and scratching the baby deer which has taken a liking to me. A doe approaches me and shapeshifts back and forth into a mature woman with blonde hair. She says something to me that’s very demanding and forceful like, “You have a responsibility now” or something of that nature. I know that what she means is that this small deer trusts me and I’m not to let it down. I’m served a large bowl of a very colorful porridge. In fact in waking life, I will end up buying a bean/lentil mixture that looks very similar. The porridge is very hot and the little deer wants to stick it’s head in a eat some but I know it will burn itself. So I push it’s head back until I can tilt the bowl over and blow on part of it to cool it. The whole process is very endearing. <- pun intended.

Birds in a BoxFriday, April 14th, 2017

I’m walking thru a house with a little white box in hand about 4X4X3 inches. I open the box and in it are very colorful feathers. They’re absolutely beautiful blues, magentas, purples, golds, greens. I’m standing near a bird cage and a long slender blue bird reaches out and starts attacking the contents of the box. That’s when I realize that the feathers are actually birds, but they’re nearly comatose. When the bird starts attacking them, they start stirring. I lean the box away from the attacking bird and I’m observing the birds in the box wondering what’s wrong with them when another bird from somewhere starts attacking them. It’s so strange.

KotahaySunday, April 9th, 2017

A man with dark hair, large features looks directly at me and says, “Your name is Kotahay.”

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