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The Dog, Rain on MeThursday, September 28th, 2017

I’m on the floor. A huge dog has come up and is standing over me. It looks a lot like Sheveyo. I hear an odd ticking sound. I’m scratching the dog’s neck. It’s owner is nearby. There’s a little bit of tension because the dog’s so big and I think others nearby are worried but it’s ok. It’s a beautiful dog and I want to play with it.

I’m walking down a city street near a park. I have a dog with me that looks like a chocolate lab. In my mind, I’m listening to a really cool bluesy jazz song in my head, or it’s playing around me. I’m thinking that it would be a cool song to cover but I can’t place the song. It sounds familiar. I’m watching my dog run ahead of me off leash. It’s getting to a signal at an intersection and I want it to stop. As it reaches the intersection, the dream changes and I’m in the air at night watching a car drive on an ocean front road. It’s going pretty fast. I’m noticing that the road is designed in a such a strange way and there are times where there’s no pedestrian route. The road turns in unpredictable ways and there’s a lot of green paint for some reason. I’m still listening to the song and I realize that it’s The Who’s “Love Reign Over Me.”

Coyote and HuskyMonday, September 25th, 2017

I’m looking up at the sky and I see two old corvettes, one from the late 50’s and one from the early 60’s. They’re made of clouds and one is following the other through the sky. I walk into a bathroom that very rustic. I know that there’s a small glass door the size of a dog door at the head of the bathtub and I’m wondering if the coyote has gotten in through there. I know that’s it’s gotten in there before. There’s a large husky with me that’s sniffing around trying to find the coyote. I walk over the shower curtain and pull it back but the glass door is closed. I hear a really loud pop. I walk outside to a chain linked fence. I’m on a little bit of a hill and I can see over a lot of farm land. Directly in front of me is an old 50’s style green trailer with a nice garden around it. The husky is really going crazy sniffing for the coyote in the direction of the farm. I’m looking at the trailer to make sure that nothing is catching on fire. I wait but I see no smoke. I start petting the husky and it starts playfully gnawing on my hand.

I love the corvettes in the sky. The husky is a friend. I don’t know why I’m concerned about a coyote. I don’t know what the loud pop is. I feel ok in the dream. Nothing seems familiar about it. I love huskies as well. Coyote keeps coming around. It seems like a deeper connection is in order.

Temple, Parking MeterFriday, September 22nd, 2017

There’s a temple that has had the same caretaker for many years. It needs an upgrade but the caretaker’s been preventing it because he’s holding onto old values. We do something and finally get him to relinquish control to a new caretaker. There’s something really important stored underneath the threshold of the entrance to the temple, something powerful but I’m not sure what it is. I’m in the kitchen area of the temple talking with a man. I’m telling him that the way the temple is constructed, that when someone standing at the entrance starts to speak, the acoustics are designed so that their voice will carry throughout the entire temple.

This feels like UCM. I feel confident about it. The voice at the threshold could be mine.

I believe that this is a related dream. There’s a place that has a woman that has incredibly powerful allergies to almost everything. She’s like Mrs. Winchester but rather than building has been preventing building in this large sanctuary she has. McDonald’s has wanted to build a small restaurant at the entrance but she’s prohibited it for ethical reasons. We’re talking about the possibility of bringing their franchise in and agree about the ethical nature of it, but also realize that there’s a lot of monetary potential to help others with the money that the give us. We talk about her allergies and what we can do about them. What if the golden arches became the emerald arches? What if they started serving organic only, using healthy oils, but keeping the same everything else? Could our problem be solved?

This feels like a client, Sarah and UCM at the same time.

I’m driving in a downtown area looking for parking. There’s someone with me and we’re going to a large business. There are metered spaces available but they’re restricted in one way or another. I’m turning on a curve and find a space and park the car. The person I’m with gets out and we’re hunting for quarters. You don’t put your money directly into the meter, you have to go to a pay station. I walk over and am trying to figure out how much I need to put in. I realize that it’s a holiday. I’m thinking that maybe I don’t need to pay on a holiday but I can’t find anything that reads so. Another man and a woman walk up as I’m trying to figure this out. The man is impulsive and I have to tell him to hold on. I’ve put in one quarter and I have quite a few more on top of the machine but I’m trying to get the other quarter back.

The quarters feel like effort. The holiday could be Mel talking to me about Columbus day. I feel like the man is being pushy like Richard in our meeting. I have a lot more quarters even tho I’m trying to get the one back. But the machine isn’t giving it to me. Is this maybe words I’ve used? Columbus say should be Indigenous People’s Day.

Mastering RelationshipsWednesday, September 20th, 2017

I’m in the location where I had a dream recently that Marcel was in. It’s the house off the road that we’d fixed up a while back. It’s been in many dreams in different ways, being run down, having vagrants there, being similar to where my dad lived, etc. Last time there was a trailer park down the road. This time, there’s a church there run by Doti. It’s really nice, lots of white and gold light, and a really positive feeling. My attention is taken to a hillside. It’s sort of inter-dimensional as I don’t believe it’s the hillside near the house, but that’s where I’m seeing it. On top of that hillside is a superimposition of the construction of what looks like The White House. As I survey the construction, it isn’t necessarily The White House but has similar construction and similar stone. It looks Greek in nature with columns and domes, but since it’s still under construction, I don’t know what it’s going to look like. It’s also on a rolling hillside instead of flat ground so it’s multi-level. I’m only seeing it as a kind of phantasm or inter-dimensional overlay so it’s not in physical reality, but then again, neither is the hillside. I seem to have a desire to run this new set of buildings, like a curator or overseer of some sort. When I try to get my consciousness into it, I’m rejected, as if I’m still too green. I have more to learn. I’m frustrated because I don’t know what it is I need to learn except a message that comes into my brain that says, “Master your relationships.” I suddenly think of Padre Pio as a gateway to mastering my relationships and I can see that I do indeed master them and become the master of this sanctuary or capital building structure, whatever it represents.

I feel good during the dream except for the part where I can’t “get in” to the building without experiencing my personal growth. It’s a beautiful dream.

Mary in the Bicycle ShopSaturday, September 16th, 2017

I’m in a bicycle shop walking with Mary. The lights are off but it’s daytime and there’s ambient light coming in through the windows. There are a lot of bicycles. I’m looking for a bicycle for Mary. She’s walking ahead of me. I’m suddenly attracted to a particular aisle to the left and walk over to a series of black bicycles, both for men and women. I find one that looks particularly sporty and seems to have some very modern contrivances on it. I bring her over to it to explore.

My first feeling when I wake up is that I’m trying to get rid of her. But my experience with bicycles in dreams is the element of balance. So many dreams I have where I’m riding wheelies is such an expert fashion. Even within the last couple weeks, I recall a dream where I’m riding wheelies, able to stop, rotate, bounce, etc. So I’m not sure why I felt that way when I awoke.

HomelessMonday, September 11th, 2017

Last night’s dreams just seemed to be littered with images of being homeless. I recall the park that sits by the freeway that reminds me of the park next to 170 that’s been in so many of my dreams. I recall Glory being there which she’s figuratively been homeless for quite some time. No details tho.
Yesterday I got pretty wiped out from TAGA. Couldn’t really function last night. Slept for over 10 hours. Wind storm in the middle of the night. Had some other dream stuff come up with morning but forgot it. I can still feel it on the edge of my consciousness tho.

HotelMonday, September 11th, 2017

I’m working with a partner and we’re watching a suspect in a hotel room, waiting for him to come out of his room so we can bust him. I’m given a clipboard that has a camera in it. I’m supposed to wait until the guy comes out and up the stairs when I photograph the guy with my my partner having a scuffle. I’m not seeing the guy come out tho. There are a number of people on the second floor and I’m checking them out to see if I recognize him. Then another guy who’s obviously proper authority asks us if everything is ok. We say yes, but it’s kind of a diverse kind of response. I’m not sure how we’re gonna get the guy.

Maybe I’m a headhunter, I don’t really know.

Mel with the Dog, The Blue SongSunday, September 10th, 2017

I’m with Mel at some sort of airport. He’s working as a baggage handler out at the plane. He comes to get me from somewhere, possibly off a small private charter, and takes me over to a small office. There’s a sliding glass door with a couch. He goes in and closes the door behind him and sits down in a chair near the couch. I’m outside observing him. On the couch is a large black dog that looks like a full size schnauzer. He starts petting the dog and the dog’s showing some resistance to being touched. But I know that Mel has his way with dogs and soon the dog succumbs to being scratched and eventually Mel is putting his face up the dog. The the dog sees something outside and get agitated. I’m looking at the dog very close up and can see these ape-like skinned features on the dog’s face and I realize that the dog is intense looking.

I’m on the streets of an inner city area. It reminds me of Portland. There are lots of hippy dippy people on the streets. I’m especially looking at these really buffed out shirtless men with tats all over. They have bicycles and are wearing glasses that have one dark lens. I know that they’re hustlers or cons. It’s a little weird but they’re not paying attention to me. Nearby is a group of musician. They’re playing a blues song that I can clearly hear. It’s called, “That’s Why I Sing the Blues.” The guys singing has a really deep soulful voice and it sounds pretty cool. There’s a mic, and he’s playing guitar, and there’s a bass player.

I wake up and record the song.

Raptor and RaccoonSunday, September 10th, 2017

I don’t remember this dream when I wake up. It’s triggered by seeing a dead raccoon in the road. I look up in the sky and see a large raptor, possibly a golden eagle and it’s carrying something. The bird is huge but I don’t think it’s a condor. It hovers above me and I see that it’s a raccoon dangling lifeless from its talons. It’s kind of grizzly.

This is the morning of Suzanne’s ceremony and I end up feeling like I don’t belong at the ceremony and do end up leaving early and not going in the lodge.

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