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Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Two CeremoniesSunday, December 17th, 2017

I’m at a lodge. I’m not white. There are only natives there. I’m getting ready to sweat before a dance. I’m just a participant and the protocol is a little new to me. We setting up some regalia or other things we’re wearing to the side. There’s an altar and a line created with some green sticks on the ground. I’m not to cross them but the area is tight and I accidentally do so. Someone reminds that I shouldn’t cross the line. I’m taking of beads from my neck. There are drums there, skins, other bead work, a dressing area with skins for the women. It feels like a sophisticated and rich culture.

The dream switches and I’m at a different place waiting for a lodge I believe. I have a rattle that is flat on top with three round shapes covered tightly by a skin. The rattle has a really nice sound and someone asks me if I’m going to keep it after the ceremony. I tell them yes as I set it down to attend to something else. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a girl who’s walking around collecting things pick up my rattle and walk away. I call after her but she doesn’t hear my so I have to chase her down and reclaim my rattle. As I head back to where I was sitting, right in that spot is a beautiful large drum just like how John S makes them. I start playing it. A native man walks up and sits down. He starts singing a song and then starts a teaching about it. He’s talking about the number 1, and that if you have two 1’s, you have 11. Each lung is a 1. When I awaken, Ben’s morning star song is in my head.

Sandy’s Healing RoomSunday, December 17th, 2017

I’m in Sandy’s healing room on her table. We’re going to do a session. I ask her how she’s been and she tells me that there’s a girl living out in the desert nearby. She’s surviving on roadkill and other things like a scavenger. It’s as though she has a mission. Sandy tells me she’s been working with the girl. The girl has a series of pink lights configured in a large array that point toward the sky. She tells me that they radiate everything around. She asks me if I can tell. I reply that indeed I can tell that she’s glowing with the pink light and so is her room. She takes out a handful of crystals, mostly green tourmaline and asks me to choose one. There’s one in particular that attracts me and it’s watermelon quartz. The colors are very nice and when I select it, she says that she knew I picked that one as I picked it last time, and so did Woods. There’s a tiny piece of green tourmaline that’s barely bigger than the tip of a shoelace and I say that I want that one as well.

The dream shifts and I’m standing in the front window of a house looking out at the roadside. There’s a large scrolling light sign in front, similar to what you see as freeway warning signs. I realize that I have a Google app on my phone that controls the message. I announce this to other people in the house before walking outside to get a better look at the sign which is perpendicular to the road. I’m thinking about what message I’d like to program when I notice that the lights themselves aren’t laid out in a way that gives simple word messages clarity. There are lights that have been removed and repositioned, and some are purple and in a filigree patterns.

David’s TeethThursday, December 14th, 2017

I’m standing in David’s kitchen looking toward the dining room. A man with long scraggly blond hair, in his 60’s or so walks up and tells me that David’s teeth are in trouble. I think he mentions something about traveling but it’s hard to put my finger on the memory. David comes up and his two front teeth are twisted and he’s had most of his other upper teeth removed and having work on done to accommodate a false upper teeth.
I feel a bit shocked.

Flat Tire on the DatsunWednesday, December 6th, 2017

I’m driving down the freeway in my Datsun truck. I hear a loud bang and realize that I have a flat. I’m going uphill and want to make it to the next exit but end up pulling over before it. I get out and see that my driver’s side front tire is blown but I’m thinking that I overheated at the same time. I pop the hood and there’s someone there with me that I tell that I may have blown the head gasket as well.

Deflated, let down, concerned.

White Dog AgainMonday, December 4th, 2017

I’m in a room with about 10 people. They’re waiting for my as I’m on a business call. When I finally hang up, there’s a guy talking about cars. The room is white with a white couch and sofa. Elaine and Vayana are there. Suddenly the dream switches and I’m in a mechanic’s garage. My car has the wheels off and he’s getting ready to put them back on. He had the wheel from another car there. It’s a cheap chrome mag with a really expensive tire on it which I find odd. The dream switches again and I’m in a house that remind me of my mom’s. I’m with a woman and we’re discussing business papers. A white dog comes in. It looks half yellow lab and half Australian shepherd. The hair is long but shorter than the shepherd. It has one brown eye and one blue eye. It looks and me and walks away. I’m trying to remember the dog’s name. I say, “Coco” and the dog runs over and jumps on me. As I follow it thru the kitchen to the fridge where I see that it has torn things off the fridge and been chewing on them. There’s a magnet of a chicken, two tape dispensers and some other things chewed on the floor. The woman is standing there and I feel embarrassed. I know that I need to spend more time with the dog, taking it for walks and playing with it. I pick up the tape dispenser with the fake wood sides and start snapping it back together. It looks rescuable.

It’s interesting that I’ve had two dreams of this white dog jumping on me. I’ve asked what it represents but haven’t gotten an answer so far.
Interesting about Vayana and Elaine since I’ve been thinking about them with the forgiveness exercise. I’m getting the wheels back on the car. That’s a good sign. I feel good about that.

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