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rhythma - sean michael imler

Music for the heart, mind, and spirit...

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Archive for February, 2018

The Odd WomanSunday, February 25th, 2018

I’m in a sort of high tech facility with a woman and a man. They’re playing music. He’s a wonderful guitar player, playing a nylon string. She’s a singer. A woman walks up with blonde hair. I think I know her but I’m not sure from where. She says something about her not being alive any more and that they’ screwed up something, and leaves. I’m watching the guitar player who’s playing with both hands higher up on the neck. It’s fascinating. Then, I’m outside. I see the strange woman, except now her mouth has been sewn together in a weird way. She has a mark on her cheek from an implant, and she has a pink X that looks like it’s been sprayed across her face. I go to visit Ronnie and he’s in drag. The woman follows me. We go into a room where there’s a couch sitting against the wall in front of a large window. Ronnie sits on the left and the woman sits on the right. There’s a little girl outside the window and she starts to tear thru the screen. Ronnie tells me it’s ok. She comes thru the screen and window and is suspended above the couch. She’s sharing information with me which escapes me.

PuppiesSunday, February 25th, 2018

I’m playing with 4 yellow lab puppies. They’re SO cute, I just adore them. Them someone tells that one’s names Tia, and that one is going to Claudia. And another is named Dawn. This one has really floppy ears. I know that there’s at least two females and one male, but I’m not sure about the 4th. I don’t know who the owner is but I see them taking them for a walk at night. I’m really wanting a male, and trying to decided what the name’s going to be. In a semi-waking state, I name it Bird. Then I think about calling it bird dog which is appropriate for a yellow lab, yet kind of strange.

The Glass CeilingSaturday, February 24th, 2018

I’m at a beautiful location. It’s a very old and very sophisticated estate with a party of some sort happening. The gardens are enormous and so are the dwellings. a huge mansion with interesting walkways that are suspended above the gardens and lead you around the estate. I’m thinking that this is like heaven. I walk into what looks like the ground floor of a lighthouse. There are people there, lots of food and a nice celebratory atmosphere. I see a small family emerge from somewhere, but not from the front door where I entered. I think this is peculiar. Then, I realize that there are drops of water coming from the ceiling. I look up and realize that the ceiling is glass and that there’s a walkway, also from glass above this room. Someone exclaims that the water must be coming from the hot tub up there. I look over and realize that there’s a staircase going up to the walkway. I’m thinking about going up it but I’m distracted by the father from the group I noticed kissing his son. He has really big lips and he’s kissing his son’s mouth over and over, like a sort of game. I think it’s a little strange and kinda cute at the same time. It seems that this level of affection is not a concern for others but I can’t help thinking it’s rather sexual.

The ArrowThursday, February 8th, 2018

It’s the middle of the night and I’m playing guitar out by a road. I’m noodling and Cheryl and some guy are there. The guy starts singing something and I immediately know the chords. I’m playing F – C – G – C over and over and Cheryl starts harmonizing with him and we start jamming out. It’s really fun and we sound great. We start walking to the left up the street and as we do it gets light out. I looked across the street to an enormous park and see a giant arrow sticking out of the ground. It’s huge, probably 80 feet long, and it’s scorched like it was shot through our atmosphere. It reminds me of a Indian arrow because instead of just having a straight shaft, it has ornamentation near the arrowhead. It freaks me out and I stop playing, asking if they’re seeing this.

Magic ClassWednesday, February 7th, 2018

I’m sitting in a classroom waiting for class to start. It’s a magic class, kind of like The Magicians, except people are a little older. I’m looking around to see if there’s anyone that I recognize, but out of the 30 or so students, there isn’t one. I’m sitting in the middle at a large stone fountain. Everyone else is sitting around the outside. I realize that I have a bottle in my hand. It’s like a small perfume bottle, round and flat. It’s clear and there’s a liquid inside. The top is a small stopper that has a string or something attached. I lift the stopper and realize that when I do, I can hear the sound of the ocean. I seem to think that it’s like a compass that will tell me which direction is west by listening, but I’m informed somehow that’s not correct, so I put the stopper back in. There’s a professor at the front who kind of reminds me of Alberto. He commands music to begin. It’s latin music that has something to do with a spell.

The BusinessTuesday, February 6th, 2018

I walk into a warehouse to do something. It’s a job that I’ve had for quite a long time that I just drop in whenever and do some work that I don’t really feel that committed to. I see someone up ahead that recognizes me vaguely and is wondering what I’m doing there. I’m looking at inventory as more and more men show up. I’m feeling like I really only do this half-assed and I could put more effort into it, but don’t really feel like it. It doesn’t feel that important to me.

This is similar to many other dreams I’ve had where I have a job that I don’t really put that much effort into. I don’t really know if I work there or not. It’s vague. I feel like I could do better or not, and I’m sometimes worried about getting fired for it.

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