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Ayer’s Rock

I set the intention to go to Ayer’s Rock to meet Claire and Eileen from last night’s breakout group (I hope I have their names and spelling correct). I arrived there with my mom and two other people in a 4-door sedan. It was different than I expected. There was a lot of water there as if it had rained recently. In fact it was so abundant with water that there were streams and pools everywhere and because of this, there were animals everywhere. Lots of them. I was mostly noticing fowl of different kinds, mostly in the grey and white hues. There were also a lot of monkeys tho I’m not sure what type. We didn’t get out of the car. We drove more toward the right and came upon another area where there were giant koalas and giant ostriches. We got out of the car this time but I was a little concerned about my mother. She had her purse with her which I couldn’t figure out why and there was an ostrich that was very interested in it and was approaching her but she was oblivious to this. I had to tell her to watch out for things around her. I stayed close to her to protect her.
We came across to minivan loads of people. One group in a dark blue minivan had dogs with them that were incredibly friendly. They were beagle-like, small to mid-size dogs, low to the ground. One of them reminded me of a hound. I asked the woman where they were from and she told me Nevada. I said that we were neighbors, from California. There were others there but I don’t recall details.

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