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Black Wolf

I’m looking at a hillside and seeing an orange circle in front of the hills, thinking that this is a sunset but the sun is in front of the hills. I have to adjust my position and look again and finally see that the sun is actually to the left and behind the hills and is indeed going down. There’s a dark charcoal grey wolf up there. A man near me takes out a rifle with a scope and shoots it. I’m with Donna and she’s naked. The man looks at her and tells her to keep her mouth shut or she’ll be next. I ask her what that was all about, and I get a feeling that she’s told him off before and he didn’t appreciate it. We continue walking and want to find out if the wolf is ok.

I spoke with her about this and it seems to relate to a childhood friend of hers who is not talking with his father, whom she’s also close to, and needs to avoid getting in the middle if their quarrel.

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