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Elevator, Field, Luggage Exchange

I need to get up to room quickly. There are a lot of people milling about near the elevators of the large building I’m in. I quickly jump into an elevator but can’t seem to operate the buttons fast enough. I have a choice between 6 and 9. I end up at the top at a casino but it’s not what I want. I’m going to have to catch the floor I want on the way down. The buttons are like those old flash push buttons with the plastic surface and they’ve been used so much they don’t function well anymore.
Frustrated and in a hurry.

I’ve ended up in the north in a location that’s sparsely populated but there is industrial business. I’m in a large field with some other people and we’re discussing living there. I don’t see a way to make money and I’m considering what skill set I could bring to a company to get a job. The field is about an acre and there are fences around it as there are other properties that butt up against it.
I’m concerned about money and that it’s remote.
It does remind me of considering moving into Oregon.

I’m somewhere traveling and there is a lot of clothing like vests and luggage that seems to get lost. The people who control these things are giving them out for others to buy and sell. There’s a lot of this sort of trading and buying and selling going on and some of the products are really nice. I’m constantly evaluating things to determine whether I like them or not.
New and old, assessing.
Feels like life right now.

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