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Going to Ashland

I asked if I should go to Ashland and I also asked about going to Ayer’s Rock again.
I see a sweat lodge and there is a woman that’s going to run it. She looks like Ama. I’m unsure I want to sweat with her. She uses a word that I want to connect to but leave the a off the end.
I wake up a little frustrated that I can’t remember the word.
I was just talking about Ama last night.
Thinking about the singer’s lodge that Ken is trying to get me to come to. But someone else is running it and it’s not complete. The “A” is missing.

I’m standing outside and there’s a long line of people waiting to get somewhere. There a young woman rolling around on the ground and there’s a large bird antagonizing her. It’s like a giant rooster. She doesn’t want anyone to intervene, but I notice that she’s laying there and it’s standing over her and drooling. It pecks at her and she dodges it. I’m concerned that it’s going to peck her in the head but she seems to want to continue doing this. I notice that my friend is in line and I’m excited to see him. I think it’s Ralph, but it’s like Dale, Ralph and Jerry mixed into one person. I grab his left arm to say hi and realize that’s he’s injured his left shoulder and I’ve just pulled on it. I feel bad that I’ve done this but had no idea that he’d hurt himself. I’m very concerned. We’re then in a living room where there’s a TV and a sofa. We walk into the room and I tell him that we need to do some healing work on it. I want to set up an appt but realize that I don’t have my home, hence no calendar. I feel a bit stuck for a moment that I can’t schedule anything.
Frustrated, concerned.
Need to contact Ralph and see if he’s ok.
The rooster thing seems like an ostrich from the last Uluru dream.
I often have the healing feeling that I want to help Mel but don’t know what to do for him. This was similar.

I’m walking outside of a large apartment complex in a grass center street divider singing Summertime. I can hear the echo of it bouncing off apartment building walls and my voice is much better from the laryngitis I’ve had. I’m pretty happy.
This is an indicator that I shouldn’t go to Ashland. That my voice will be better in summer in time for the dance.

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