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Jerry to the Hospital

I’m in a sort of chamber where there’s a large hot tub or spa. I’m in it with Jerry and we’re relaxing. Time changes and we’re in the future and Mel and my mom are there with Jerry. They ask if I knew that Jerry had a spa and I confirm that I’ve been in it. Jerry announces that he’s going to need to go to the hospital ‘cos something’s wrong with him. We get in the car. My mom says something snarky to Jerry and Jerry replies with something snarky. We head out the driveway onto the road. Jerry and I end up at an altar. There are two canupas there. I can hear Nathan talking but I don’t see him. Suddenly, I wonder where Nathan’s canupa is. I see a canupa that is a carved dragon that spirals from the stem to the bowl. It’s very thick and elaborate.

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