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I’m in a very arid environment close to a large sand hill. I see a very large dead bird on the ground and to do look at it. It’s bigger than a pelican, and looks similar. I examine the wings to see if the flight feathers are there and intact. The wings are in really bad shape. I look over and see that there’s another bird. As I look, I notice that there are small green balls in the gullet of the bird I’m standing in front of as if it had just eaten when it died. Something causes me to turn around and I notice that there’s a lionesse coming toward me. I’m not thrilled about this and proceed up the hill. I’m concerned that I’m running away from her and that she’ll attack me from behind. I intend to turn soon but I also notice that there are others standing on top of the hill. It’s almost like a movie crew and I wonder if they’re going to help me. The lionesse is moving my direction but it seems that her attention is on another part of the hill at the moment.

This reminds me so much of Ayleen.

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