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Magic Class

I’m sitting in a classroom waiting for class to start. It’s a magic class, kind of like The Magicians, except people are a little older. I’m looking around to see if there’s anyone that I recognize, but out of the 30 or so students, there isn’t one. I’m sitting in the middle at a large stone fountain. Everyone else is sitting around the outside. I realize that I have a bottle in my hand. It’s like a small perfume bottle, round and flat. It’s clear and there’s a liquid inside. The top is a small stopper that has a string or something attached. I lift the stopper and realize that when I do, I can hear the sound of the ocean. I seem to think that it’s like a compass that will tell me which direction is west by listening, but I’m informed somehow that’s not correct, so I put the stopper back in. There’s a professor at the front who kind of reminds me of Alberto. He commands music to begin. It’s latin music that has something to do with a spell.

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