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Mel with the Dog, The Blue Song

I’m with Mel at some sort of airport. He’s working as a baggage handler out at the plane. He comes to get me from somewhere, possibly off a small private charter, and takes me over to a small office. There’s a sliding glass door with a couch. He goes in and closes the door behind him and sits down in a chair near the couch. I’m outside observing him. On the couch is a large black dog that looks like a full size schnauzer. He starts petting the dog and the dog’s showing some resistance to being touched. But I know that Mel has his way with dogs and soon the dog succumbs to being scratched and eventually Mel is putting his face up the dog. The the dog sees something outside and get agitated. I’m looking at the dog very close up and can see these ape-like skinned features on the dog’s face and I realize that the dog is intense looking.

I’m on the streets of an inner city area. It reminds me of Portland. There are lots of hippy dippy people on the streets. I’m especially looking at these really buffed out shirtless men with tats all over. They have bicycles and are wearing glasses that have one dark lens. I know that they’re hustlers or cons. It’s a little weird but they’re not paying attention to me. Nearby is a group of musician. They’re playing a blues song that I can clearly hear. It’s called, “That’s Why I Sing the Blues.” The guys singing has a really deep soulful voice and it sounds pretty cool. There’s a mic, and he’s playing guitar, and there’s a bass player.

I wake up and record the song.

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