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Once Upon A Time

I’m with Dr. Ayleen in a room in her house. I am a guest and this is the room I’m going to be staying in. She is there, and so is another guest who I believe is the African American character from Once Upon a Time. The bed is covered with things. There are many people in the house and the stereo is playing loudly. Someone is sitting in a love seat close to the stereo. Dr. Ayleen is saying that she likes quiet and solitude, but the comfort of the house is nice because all of the people there are special. I recall dumping something out on the bed but don’t recall what it is. Next thing is that we’re next to a china cabinet and taking something out of the drawer like a large key. The AA is taking. Then I’m dragging a shopping cart which is very heavy thru a large shopping complex. There’s a woman following me. I have to climb on top of trash bins to get to where I’m going but it’s the best way. I reach the shop that I want to get to which has some relationship to a wolf. This must be from the Once Upon a Time episode. I love the food here and I’m there when they’re being interviewed by a local station. I comment that I can’t wait to get there first thing in the morning and the anchor woman asks, “You mean you get here at 5am when they open?” I say, “No way. I mean just the start of my morning.” Then I grabbed some fried potato that was similarly cut to french fries off a plate and ate them.

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