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Sandy’s Healing Room

I’m in Sandy’s healing room on her table. We’re going to do a session. I ask her how she’s been and she tells me that there’s a girl living out in the desert nearby. She’s surviving on roadkill and other things like a scavenger. It’s as though she has a mission. Sandy tells me she’s been working with the girl. The girl has a series of pink lights configured in a large array that point toward the sky. She tells me that they radiate everything around. She asks me if I can tell. I reply that indeed I can tell that she’s glowing with the pink light and so is her room. She takes out a handful of crystals, mostly green tourmaline and asks me to choose one. There’s one in particular that attracts me and it’s watermelon quartz. The colors are very nice and when I select it, she says that she knew I picked that one as I picked it last time, and so did Woods. There’s a tiny piece of green tourmaline that’s barely bigger than the tip of a shoelace and I say that I want that one as well.

The dream shifts and I’m standing in the front window of a house looking out at the roadside. There’s a large scrolling light sign in front, similar to what you see as freeway warning signs. I realize that I have a Google app on my phone that controls the message. I announce this to other people in the house before walking outside to get a better look at the sign which is perpendicular to the road. I’m thinking about what message I’d like to program when I notice that the lights themselves aren’t laid out in a way that gives simple word messages clarity. There are lights that have been removed and repositioned, and some are purple and in a filigree patterns.

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