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I’m with a group of people that’s going to attend a class. We’re gathered together at a facility getting ready to take bus rides to the classrooms. There’s something about healing or something that reminds me of BodyTalk. I get on a bus and am dropped off but need to walk. I’m with a dog that looks just like Shanna except that I’m calling her Shadow. We’re walking with another guy thru the busy streets and across intersections. Shadow isn’t on a leash but she stays right by my side. I’m telling the guy what a good dog she is. We get to a particular intersection and Shadow runs out right when the light turns green and almost gets hit by a truck that runs the red light. I tell the guy that I need to work with her on that because she’s too trusting of the green light. When she gets to the other side of the street, she discovers a pack of dogs and runs off with them. I’m not too worried but I do need to get to class and can’t go looking for her. I go up some stairs and at the higher location I notice a male dog humping a female but I don’t think it’s Shadow. I also can’t see her anywhere so I yell her name and whistle for her. Some guy hears and sees me and also whistles for her like that’s going to help. I get a little flustered by that because I don’t want her running to him, especially when he’s nowhere near where I am. I wonder why he’s done that.

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