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I’m in my living room of a house that I don’t actually live in, and I’m standing close to a doorway with Sherry. She’s privately tutoring my in yoga. I’m doing back bends and she’s trying to get me to bend all the way into wheel and then bend back up again. It’s intense going all the way back into wheel and I can see everything going upside down. The first time she helps me and I get thru it. The second time, she lets me do it alone and I actually do it. It’s really awesome. Sherry tells me she needs to use the bathroom. She goes in and closes the door. While she’s in there, Kirby’s suddenly there with Gareth and a tall Asian guy that I guess live there also and they’re all in their underwear. I tell them that Sherry is in the bathroom as I notice a bunch of things on the floor. Gareth starts throwing a little football around to practice. Kirby tells me that it’s ok, that Sherry doesn’t mind. I start playing catch with Gareth. I’m catching the balls much better than he is but I think he’s throwing them better.

This reminds me of what’s going on with the board and that I need to be flexible. Something is exposed and it would be best to just sink into it and play with it and be clear. Something is helping me.

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