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Spirit Animals, The Park

I’m on the phone with MJ and someone else, and yet they’re right in front of me. They’re telling me about spirit animals that are coming up in my medicine wheel or in my life. They’re talking about a large raptor but not giving it the name “eagle”, but I tell them that I know what they’re talking about. Then they start making noises of the next animal that’s coming up. I correctly answer that it’s tatanka. I can hear him pawing at the ground and snorting. I look at the house across the street and in the front window, a beautiful iridescent blue bird is stretching its wings. I walk across the street to the house where the people I’ve been communicating with are. I knock on the door and enter and tell them what I saw. They introduce me to the bird. I think her name is Chance. I tell her how beautiful she is and I lean in and kiss her. She tried to stop me but is too late. She tells me that if I hadn’t kissed her, I would be able to see her as a child like everyone else does, but now I will only see her as a woman. I tell her that I’m fine with that.

I’m traveling on a bus with some people. We’re discussing the translation of things into Lakota yet, I’m seeing works in Spanish. We’re talking about the word ‘cha’ and it’s connected to ‘hacer.’ I say that it’s “that’s sacred” and a woman is there and say that ‘cha’ means “blue.” I said it also means “wood.” We drive by a park that’s filled with Native Americans and some white folks doing some sort of large ceremonial gathering. Everyone is wearing black with colored items on top. We get to the end and I’m walking amongst racks of beautiful clothing that almost looks like Japanese or Chinese silk. One item in particular catches my attention. A man comes to talk with me.

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