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The Birth Place

I’m walking thru what looks to be an old church. I’m with Mary. We’re lighting the candles on an altar. I know that Richard is nearby. The room is dark but for a faint glow and the candle light. There are beautiful stained glass windows and everything is very ornate and very old. As we light the candles on the altar, I know I have something else to do. I walk outside and I’m holding a glass and brass bowl set on a tall post. This is a very old object that looks like Tiffany glass on top. I’m looking for a hole in the ground that’s a kind of split in the earth outside the church. This split is not a well known thing but it’s actually the birth place of this church. It’s the place where the ground was initially consecrated. I take this thing I’m carrying which is on a post, and I drive the post deep into the ground in this split and claim the honor of this consecrated spot.

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