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The Education Building

There’s a school that I’m a part of that went thru some sort of sordid past. It was a school of great metaphysical learning and power, and at some point it was taken over by some people that misused the power and destroyed the school. We found the remains but there were some very old chambers or crypts where things haven’t been completely cleaned up. It’s somewhat hidden at this point. The school is functioning again, not at its former glory, but people are trying to resurrect it so that it can become great again, but it has a hard time letting go of its sordid past. I know there are secret tunnels and things that I’m curious about.

I’m in a car with a woman who’s showing me a building which I think is the school. She has a remote control and she’s able to point it at any building obscuring the view of the building we’re actually there to see which is off at a distance, down a hill, and behind at least 6 other buildings. When she points the remote at a building and presses a button, that building dematerializes. She’s able to do that for every building until we get to a very large one on the right and it doesn’t work. But I have to see this building from all angles and so we drive down the hill to get a better look. It’s surrounded by shops on the lower level, a few ponds with meandering paved foot paths and benches, lots of glass, and very modern. The building itself looks rather old but has been brought up to date.

I don’t know if I’m this person, but there’s a young man who’s chosen to not receive training and follow in the footsteps of an admiral or some very well todo family. He orders a late or something such drink from a barista who happens to be related to the family. After he makes his goodbyes to the family that he meets there, he takes an elevator down below somewhere to leave. His phone rings and he answers it. It’s the barista. She tells him that his drink’s ready and he says that he’s actually leaving. She asks, “Why did you order the drink if you’re truly going to leave?” This makes the young man cry as he knows that he really doesn’t want to leave, that’s he’s making this decision for the wrong reason and that he ordered the drink unconsciously to make him return.

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