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The Glass Ceiling

I’m at a beautiful location. It’s a very old and very sophisticated estate with a party of some sort happening. The gardens are enormous and so are the dwellings. a huge mansion with interesting walkways that are suspended above the gardens and lead you around the estate. I’m thinking that this is like heaven. I walk into what looks like the ground floor of a lighthouse. There are people there, lots of food and a nice celebratory atmosphere. I see a small family emerge from somewhere, but not from the front door where I entered. I think this is peculiar. Then, I realize that there are drops of water coming from the ceiling. I look up and realize that the ceiling is glass and that there’s a walkway, also from glass above this room. Someone exclaims that the water must be coming from the hot tub up there. I look over and realize that there’s a staircase going up to the walkway. I’m thinking about going up it but I’m distracted by the father from the group I noticed kissing his son. He has really big lips and he’s kissing his son’s mouth over and over, like a sort of game. I think it’s a little strange and kinda cute at the same time. It seems that this level of affection is not a concern for others but I can’t help thinking it’s rather sexual.

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