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The Odd Woman

I’m in a sort of high tech facility with a woman and a man. They’re playing music. He’s a wonderful guitar player, playing a nylon string. She’s a singer. A woman walks up with blonde hair. I think I know her but I’m not sure from where. She says something about her not being alive any more and that they’ screwed up something, and leaves. I’m watching the guitar player who’s playing with both hands higher up on the neck. It’s fascinating. Then, I’m outside. I see the strange woman, except now her mouth has been sewn together in a weird way. She has a mark on her cheek from an implant, and she has a pink X that looks like it’s been sprayed across her face. I go to visit Ronnie and he’s in drag. The woman follows me. We go into a room where there’s a couch sitting against the wall in front of a large window. Ronnie sits on the left and the woman sits on the right. There’s a little girl outside the window and she starts to tear thru the screen. Ronnie tells me it’s ok. She comes thru the screen and window and is suspended above the couch. She’s sharing information with me which escapes me.

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